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Musa Mseleku reacts when Mpumelelo appears with two girlfriends at granddaughter’s birthday

We witnessed Musa Mseleku celebrate his granddaughter Mhlophekazi’s birthday on the most recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu, which was shown on DSTV channel 103. The granddaughter to whom I am referring is Mpumelelo’s daughter with Vuyokazi, who is originally from Cape Town.

The birthday celebration for Mhlophekazi, granddaughter of Musa Mseleku, was attended by the entire family. Mhlophekazi was turning two years old, and this was the first birthday party she had ever attended. The party was also attended by Musa Mseleku’s spouse’s family members.

When Musa’s son Mpumelelo was introducing him to his girlfriends, it appeared as though Musa was a little humiliated or more uncomfortable than anything else. When Mpumelelo continued with the introductions, it appeared as though Musa did not know what to do, how to react, or what to say. He simply appeared to be at a loss.

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Some people would claim that Musa gave off the impression that he was not interested in what Mpumelelo was saying since he believes that Mpumelelo might have told this information to the elderly people instead.

“It is not appropriate for him to just show up with his girlfriends, especially considering that my spouse’s parents are in the room…

I also don’t want either of my wives to point the finger at me and say that I was the one who inspired this conduct “, added Musa.

Musa said this because he could tell that his in-laws were present, and he knew that they would assume that he was the one who conceived of all of this, and that he is the one who is advocating for what Mpumelelo is doing. He said this because he was aware that the in-laws were present.

It appeared as though the other Mseleku spouses either did not welcome the new arrivals or just did not feel anything related to the events that were taking place. MaNgwabe was the only one of the husband’s wives that gave the impression of being friendlier. She was a little more outgoing than the other wives, and in contrast, she even engaged in light conversation with the other family.

Even the other Mseleku spouses gave off the impression that they had little interest in continuing Mpumelelo’s polygamous relationship.

They do not approve of Mpumelelo already getting into polygamous relationships because they believe that he is still too young and they know what polygamy is like. In my opinion, I feel that the reason why they looked not so interested was because they do not approve of Mpumelelo already getting into polygamous relationships. It’s possible that they don’t want Mpumelelo and his two girlfriends to have to deal with the difficulties of polygamy while they’re still too young.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section on how you feel about Musa Mseleku celebrating the birthday of his granddaughter as well as his reaction when his son Mpumelelo presented him to the ladies he was seeing.

MaCele indicates Mseleku children are abnormal

Uthando Nes’thembu is a show that airs on Mzansi Magic and chronicles the life of Musa Mseleku, a successful businessman and reality television host. He isn’t afraid to talk about the struggles he faces being a polygamist, and doing so frequently provides plenty opportunities for laughs. However, viewers were given the opportunity to delve into a fairly challenging subject this week.

Since Sne announced her most recent pregnancy, there have been rumors circulating that something is not quite right with her. However, the fact that MaCele spoke for herself surprised everyone, and this led viewers to speculate about the possible meanings of her comments. They had all observed that there was an excessive amount of variation among the Mseleku children.

This was remarked by MaCele in direct reference to Sne, but it is also applicable to MaNgwabe’s youngster who has a difficulty speaking as well as MaCele’s oldest son who is rarely able to contribute anything to the conversation. It’s possible that there is something else to learn from looking into what she said.

On Twitter, viewers were debating the significance of what this revelation meant for them.

One commenter remarked that “There are a lot of abnormalities in his genes MaCele is most certainly not lying” in reference to the hashtag “Uthandonesthembu.”

While still another person added, “When MaCele spoke about Abnormalities, I totally understand first it was Sne, now it’s Mpumelelo introducing two ladies # Uthandonesthembu,”

A user stated as follows: “”His genes have a lot of abnormalities,” which is also known as “ku ma-genes akhe ave emaningi ama abnormalism.” The entire week I’ve been anticipating the arrival of this scene. Thank you very much, #Uthandonesthembu, MaCele”

One last commenter commented, “I don’t know what Macele was talking about when he mentioned the irregularities, so ey Angazi, guy. I am curious as to whether or not they are taking any action on this #Uthandonesthembu.”

It was not evident whether or not MaCele had conducted a thorough investigation into this assertion; yet, she appeared to be fairly adamant about it, and viewers agreed with her.

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