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Musa Mseleku celebrates his kid passing matric with flying colours

Musa Mseleku celebrates his kid passing matric with flying colours. The results of the matric examination have been released, and Musa Mseleku is overjoyed that his daughter Abongwe was one of the students in the class of 2022 who achieved a pass rate of 80.1%.

Although Abongwe looks exactly like a boy, well she is a girl and we are sorry for the confusion caused. But I think you and me we can both agree that she indeed looks like a gentleman.

Mseleku, who has four wives and 10 children, lauded his daughter on his Instagram timeline for achieving three distinctions in mathematical literacy, life orientation, and isiZulu. Mseleku is married to four women and has 10 children. Local man is loaded!

The daughter who looks like a son says, It was her goal to receive four distinctions, but she only received three, and we are very proud of her. “Having been committed in sports and her academics is everything that a parent would want from a child,” Mseleku said in an interview with TshisaLIVE. “I’m excited about her getting a distinction in isiZulu because that’s what I always maintain at home…. having a distinction in isiZulu is everything that a parent would want from a child.”

The well-known polygamist imparted some of his life lessons to his daughter as she gets ready to make the transition into the world of young adulthood. Because she is such an independent woman, he believes she is capable of meeting any challenge head on.

“She takes her responsibilities seriously. I am overjoyed that she has requested that I permit her to live an independent life. I am being considerate of her preferences. She informed me that she will look for accommodations on her own, make sure that her registration is in order, and other similar tasks. Thats what the father said, we hope she is not looking forward to be in a polygamous marriage.

“I warned her about certain things she should not do or people she should not associate herself with due to bad behavior or succumb to peer pressure. I told her that the world is a big place and that there are certain things she should not do. She is aware that she has a prestigious family name, but that this does not prevent her from engaging in activities that are typical of a young girl. I count on her to maintain the respect she has always shown for other people and to uphold the principles that were instilled in her by her grandmother.

In a WhatsApp text message that was viewed by TshisaLIVE, Abongwe’s mother shared with her daughter some words of wisdom in addition to expressing her pride in her daughter’s accomplishments.

“Abongwe, words fail me when I try to describe how happy I am. Attend a four-year college or university and het yourself a degree. The opportunity that has been presented to you is not one that comes easily to most children your age. Just keep in mind that you have a responsibility to your younger siblings who look up to you while you are there. Set a good example for others. When you have completed your education, every single thing in this world will still be here. She wrote that you should “rush for your success, but don’t rush the world.”

Musa Mseleku is proud of his polygamous family

Musa Mseleku is proud of his polygamous family

Musa Mseleku is honored for his journey thus far because polygamy is about the pride and vision of a man building a legacy, and he is building a legacy through polygamy.

At the age of 23, the Mnakwethu host married his first wife, Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku. After that, he went on to have a second wife, Nokukhanya Mayeni Mseleku, a third wife, Thobile MaKhumalo, and a fourth wife, Mbali MaNgwabe.

Mseleku has been open and honest about the fact that he practices polygamy as a result of his desire to have a large family. He has also revealed that he discussed this desire with his late grandmother, Florence Mseleku, when he was a young child.

On Sunday, Mseleku posted on his Facebook page a picture of himself with each of his wives, along with a caption expressing his elation at having finally realized his lifelong ambition.

“When the time comes for my grandmother Flo and I to finally meet in heaven, there are a few things that I plan to give to her. Nangu umuzi wakho (Here is your family). Flo ngiwakhile. (It is I who have constructed it),” he wrote.

Mseleku mentioned in another post how he had delegated important responsibilities to his sons Mpumelelo, Lwandle, and Mniniwezintozonke so that they could carry on his legacy.

“I am more confident and hopeful that Lwandle Lethokuhle Mseleku is going to take over as the head and CEO of the family and the Mseleku legacy, Mpumelelo Musa Mseleku will take over our business legacy, and Mniniwezintozonke Musakawukhethi Mseleku will be a link in both roles. I am more confident and hopeful that Lwandle Lethokuhle Mseleku will take over

“Mpumelelo and Lwandle have taken on the crucial role of jointly managing one of our most important businesses so that I can observe them and direct them. I can’t wait for you to become more successful as I become less so.

Mseleku has expressed to TshisaLIVE in the past that he is self-assured that he will be successful in realizing his vision, despite the fact that his wives appear to have rejected his attempts to take a fifth wife.

“I have organized a number of gatherings for us to attend, both as a group and on an individual basis. My impression is that the request will not be granted, and I’ve conveyed that to you. Because I wouldn’t want anyone to leave me because of that decision, my strategy is to keep presenting the same thing in a different way or trying to persuade people until I get a collective agreement in the sense that everyone is happy about it, he said. “My plan is to keep presenting the same thing in a different way.”

Mseleku acknowledged that living a polygamous lifestyle is not without its challenges.

“When I first started, I thought that I was going to fail, but now I believe that I can stand on the peak of the mountain and say, ‘yes, I’ve made it.’ It’s been more than 20 years since we last spoke. At any time, any vision can be reaffirmed, regardless of whether it is still adhering to the form it was originally intended to take or not.

“The challenges of polygamy are to maintain [the relationships] and to demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that you love the person you are with, because if that person believes that a second, a third, or a fourth spouse was taken because of their shortcomings, you will never have a peaceful life. ” You will never have a peaceful home if those who are coming believe that they are coming because they are better than the first wife. The goal is to get to a point where it feels completely natural for them to accept each other as sisters.

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