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Musa Mseleku and MaNgwabe Finally Discussed Zenande

Musa Mseleku was shown on the most recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu accompanying MaNgwabe and their daughter Zenande along with the other children as they went out to lunch.

MaNgwabe’s phone rang with a message from Zenande’s physician just as they were getting to the main course of their meal.

Zenande was born with a cleft palate that had not fully grown. MaNgwabe indicated that the illness is related to a form of underdevelopment in some way.

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According to MaNgwabe, when doctors are asked to explain it, they reply that it has something to do with women having a certain level of underdevelopment.

MaNgwabe also revealed that Zenande had undergone two operations, the first of which was unsuccessful but the second of which, thankfully, was successful.

MaNgwabe received a phone call from the doctor because Zenande was scheduled to have another scan to see whether or not her condition is improving, and Zenande was pleased with the results she had received.

Zenande’s ability to communicate was a source of great joy for her. Even though it will be some time before she can speak normally like the other children, the fact that she can finally speak is a huge step forward.

During one of his diary sessions, Musa Mseleku discussed his experience as a parent of a child with special needs. He admitted that he was frightened and anxious at first, but that he is now overjoyed that his daughter Zenande is able to communicate with him.

Musa Mseleku remarked, “It was my first time having a child like Zenande…there are many things that made me love her more.” “It was my first time having a child like Zenande.”

It would appear that having to care for a child with unique requirements like Zenande increased Musa Mseleku’s love and appreciation for MaNgwabe. This, then, is what transpired on the day that Musa Mseleku and MaNgwabe took the children out to lunch and told them about their extraordinary kid Zenande, as related by the children:

MaNgwabe contemplates leaving Musa Mseleku

MaNgwabe Mseleku

Mbali “MaNgwabe” Mseleku, a star of Uthando Nesthembu, kicked off the new season by addressing her intention to leave Musa Mseleku over wife number five.
The new season of Uthando Nesthembu has begun airing, and as expected, it is packed full of high-stakes drama and exciting new content. Something that has kept viewers of the program hooked for all five seasons, bringing even more fans on board along the way as the show has progressed.

The first episode of the sixth season of Uthando Nesthembu began with each of the wives discussing their position on who should be the head of the household. Musa Mseleku also expressed his desire to take on yet another wife at this point.

The majority of the wives appear to be on board with the decision; however, the youngest wife, MaNgwabe, has drawn a line in the sand and stated that she will leave if he continues with his decision to marry a woman who is currently referred to as “number five.” Other wives appear to be on board with the decision.

The following scene in the episode of Uthando Nesthembu features Musa having a meeting with his first wife, MaCele. MaCele requested the meeting because she wanted to talk to Musa about his unsuccessful attempts to get his wives’ buy-in to the idea of adding a new member to the family.

Musa eventually stood his ground and told his wife that he has nothing or anyone to be afraid of, and that he “would not be controlled.”

He continued by saying, in reference to one of his wives who had passed away in the past, “MaCele forgets that I lost a wife that I loved yet I am still standing today.”

The patriarch of Uthando Nesthembu was quoted as saying, “I will not stand in the path of anyone who wants to go.”

After they had finished talking, MaCele asked for another meeting to be scheduled so that they could talk about “number five” and the discomfort that this chat had caused the other wives.

MaNgwabe is considering getting a divorce.

MaNgwabe had a talk with her mother in order to have her blessing before the meeting in order to end her marriage.

Because of the fact that she had herself been a part of a polygamous marriage, her mother’s reaction to her daughter’s request was rather obvious. On the other hand, she shared with MaNgwabe that she could not bring herself to suggest that she leave.

She closed their conversation by offering some words of wisdom, which were as follows: “If you are no longer happy in love, I won’t force you to stay in that fire.”

Mbali’s mother also voiced her displeasure with the fact that despite the fact that Musa had not completed all of the traditional marriage rites that were required of him for his marriage to MaNgwabe, he was planning to enter into yet another marriage. She expressed her disappointment with this fact.

A gathering between MaKhumalo and her father

The conversation that MaKhumalo had with her father was very different from the one that NaNgwabe had with her mother; however, in the end, MaKhumalo and her father came to the same conclusion about whether or not Musa should take on a fifth wife. The response that MaKhumalo’s father gave him was that he didn’t see a problem with it as long as his daughter was content in her marriage.

She went on to tell her father that she is fine with the prospect of her husband having another wife so long as it does not compromise the level of ease and safety she currently enjoys.

The get-together with the family

The much-anticipated family meeting, which took place at the end of the Uthando Nesthembu episode, did not appear to result in any kind of resolution.

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