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Mondli Makhoba reveals how his wife responded to the scene he acted with Khanyi Mbau

Actor Mondli Makhoba, who plays Nkosana Zulu in The Wife, discusses how his real wife helped him prepare for the bedroom scene he acted with Khanyi Mbau.

With their steamy bedroom scene from “The Wife,” actresses Mondli Makhoba (Nkosana Zulu) and Khanyi Mbau (Zandile) threw social media into overdrive at the beginning of this year.

Mondli Makhoba reveals how his wife responded to the scene he acted with Khanyi Mbau

Even though it was all acting, viewers couldn’t help but speculate about how their real-life partners reacted to or felt about the sexually explicit action that took place in the bedroom.

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During an appearance on MacG’s Podcast and Chill, Mondli Makhoba discussed how his wife felt about the bedroom scene he shared with Khanyi Mbau and other actresses. Khanyi Mbau was one of the actresses.

Bhut’ Omdala, as he is fondly referred to by his friends, admits that he had a conversation with his wife before filming the scene with Khanyi.

In spite of the widespread perception that his wife might not have approved of the incident, he reported that she had actually given him the go-ahead and urged him to not be shy about expressing his emotions.

“She gave me a message telling me to push myself to the limit. Don’t hold back, go all the way, and I think it helped me a lot because you know when you’re doing something and you’re thinking, “eish, I’m going to be in trouble when I go home… ” etc. I didn’t have that, and I got the all clear from my family, so I was able to proceed,” he explained.

On the other side, once the sxual scene became widely distributed on the internet, Khanyi Mbau revealed that her boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga had no problem with her including him in the bedroom scene.

Khanyi Mbau expressed her gratitude to her boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga on Instagram, praising him for his unwavering support and praising him for enabling her to pursue her aspirations.

She expressed her gratitude for the love and support that Kudzai continues to show her in spite of the racy scenes that appeared on the original Showmax series The Wife.

Khanyi Mbau referred to Kudzai as her “silent cheerleader” who is rooting for her to achieve success in everything that she undertakes.

Your level of support, sweetheart, the way you allow me to pursue my ambitions and the way you want to see me become the greatest at all I do is wonderful, and in all honesty, you are the wind that blows in my sails.

My unseen supporter and defender, my family and my compass all rolled into one.

How you do it? It just baffles me.

My affection, my husband, my beating heart, I want to thank you for being consistent.

The role of Nkosana on The Wife, being an author, and being a family man, as discussed by Mondli Makhoba

They are able to keep their audience captivated week after week.

Mondli Makhoba reveals how his wife responded to the scene he acted with Khanyi Mbau

In addition, in Showmax’s melodrama, The Wife, he plays the role of the eldest of the Zulu brothers, which has helped him establish a unique place in the viewers’ hearts.

The brothers’ antics continue to win over viewers each and every Thursday as the show continues to trend.

Mondli Makhoba has been working hard for many years in order to get to this position, and he is relieved that he is at last receiving the recognition that he has been striving for.

Initially, he was interested in working with computers in the field of information technology; however, his family did not have sufficient funds to pay for his tuition and other expenses.

He was fortunate enough that while he was participating in a community choir, someone told him about a play called Shaka Inauguration. He then participated in an audition for the role of Shaka, and he was cast in the role.

And it wasn’t long until he was performing all around the world as Shaka, at which time he fell in love with the art form. And when he observed the reaction of the crowds, he felt that this opportunity was meant for him.

Before returning to his native land, Mondli had spent the previous six years living away.

“I didn’t want to look back on my life with regrets, so I chose to pursue acting. As a result, I got the opportunity to tour the UK and play in some of the largest theaters in that country. I desired to make the most of every ability that the Lord had bestowed upon me.

He has had starring roles in a number of programs, including Molokazana on Mzansi Magic, Uzalo and Generations on SABC 1, and more. In spite of the fact that South Africa has always respected his work on television, it was his recent performance as Nkosana on The Wife that brought him the acclaim and attention that he so richly deserves.

Nkosana is the oldest of eight Zulu brothers, and his parents were tragically killed by a community vigilante in Mbuba, KwaZulu-Natal. Nkosana is the eldest of the eight brothers. The novel written by Dudu Busani-Dube served as the basis for the telenovela.

The Zulu family has adversaries everywhere, including the Majola brothers, who have been deceiving the Zulu family by seeming to be “frenemies” while taking more than they can bear from the Zulu family.

Nkosana suffered the tragic loss of his son, and he must now carry on with the great duty of caring for his other children as well as his brothers.

“I am a family man, and having to play a role about family feels like it is a natural extension of who I am.” Playing Nkosana sends the message that we can have a healthy black family despite the fact that our black families have been torn apart and we do not currently have any families that are unified. I take pleasure in the connection that I have formed with the other performers; I have long desired to collaborate with them, and the opportunity to become further acquainted with them has been a privilege.

The emotional connection that viewers of “The Wife” feel to the show is palpable, and many of them are in awe of the relationship that the brothers share, both on and off screen. Through the use of Instagram Live, the cast members of the show regularly involve the audience in the day-to-day production of the show, providing the audience with a more in-depth look at what takes place behind the scenes.

Although we have all participated in a variety of plays in the past, we have never been as prominent as we are right now. Previously, in the parts that we played, we were only ever in a supporting capacity for other actors; but, now that we are starring in The Wife, it is finally our time to take the lead. We also respect one another, which makes it simple for us to fulfill the functions that are expected of us.

He has been working as an actor for more than 20 years, and he claims that the only requirements for success in the entertainment sector are perseverance and diligent effort.

“The progression of my career has been quite sluggish, but I actually prefer it that way since it has allowed me to adequately prepare for each new milestone.” I want the actors to have faith in the procedure. The support that I have received from the fans has been incredible, and I am grateful for it; nevertheless, putting in a lot of effort has been beneficial since it has allowed me to perform effectively in the roles that I have performed.

Mondli is also a writer, and he has compiled 77 poetry written in Zulu into an anthology that is currently available. The name of this thing is Imizwa Nemi Cabango (words and thoughts). He has stated that one of his goals is to promote an appreciation for the Zulu language.

“I wanted to make a contribution to the language and ensure that it is preserved for future generations. I feel more than I speak, and I’m currently working on another book that I plan to publish around the middle of the year. I’m hoping that people will be able to read my work.

He attributes his success as Nkosana to the fact that he is a father to his five adoring children. He also believes that being a father has helped him become a better actor.

“Having children is the most rewarding experience of my life. They have taught me a lot because our culture teaches us that men aren’t supposed to cry, but my children don’t care about that and they push me to all emotional corners. Additionally, the role that I play on The Wife helps me be honest with my feelings.

As a direct result of his role on The Wife, he has been approached with a number of exciting new opportunities, and he is excited to share details about some of the upcoming projects he will be participating in.

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