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Meet SA Singer Master KG’s look-alike

One can be fooled into thinking that they are long-lost siblings.

The online community in South Africa is in fits of laughter after discovering a Master KG lookalike who is an exact replica of the deejay.

Facebook users were amused by the doppelganger, whose true name is Pako Mahlathini Motsatsing, when he sought out to the hitmaker behind Jerusalema. On his profile, Motsatsing pleaded for “Master kg” to provide him with “money here for marketing.”

He made this statement while holding up a photo montage that featured both him and the internationally renowned producer.

Pako Mahlathini Motsatsing was born in Lobatse, which is located in Botswana. At the moment, she is employed as a law enforcement officer by the Botswana Prison Service.

Before changing directions in his professional life and enrolling in the Botswana Mahalapye Prisons College to pursue a career in the security industry, he received his education at the Botswana College of Agriculture.

Motsatsing made the decision to mimic the appearance of the deejay Master KG when he realized that he bore a strong similarity to the DJ.

The lookalike wears the same transparent eyeglasses as Master KG typically does in the photographs that have been uploaded to his Facebook account.

In addition, he imitates the Jerusalema hitmaker’s signature look by donning a black headband. Motsatsing, like his “long lost brother,” has a space in his front teeth, and he also shaves his head regularly.

People from South Africa and Tswana are laughing their heads off online, especially after Motsatsing urged Master KG to sell his business. Look at some of their responses down here in the comments.

Tebogo Zodwa: “Hey, let him pay you😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

Mofenyi NT:

You would have been better off shaving this beard… You could have easily become Master Kg Jr. if you had tried.

Maatla JayBird:

“Wanitwa mos😂😂😂😂😂”

Oshi Plies:

“Man, let me be your manager. We shall consume the money that people give us.”


“Even the heads are the same,” the speaker said.

Thabiso Tej:

“Oh, by the way, I didn’t realize that this individual was PK until a very late hour. I was curious about where Master KG acquired the prison t-shirt he was wearing.


How did you manage to put on so much weight so quickly, Master KG?

A look at the history of one of the most Shazamed songs ever, “Jerusalema” by Master KG.

In the year 2019, on one particular evening, DJ Kgaogelo Moagi, also known as Master KG, called up singer Nomcebo and invited her to come to his studio in Johannesburg to record a song.

Nomcebo recalls telling him, “But it’s extremely late,” as the response. You want me to come right now?

The music that Master KG played when she arrived gave her shivers, and she absolutely adored it. In the end, it would culminate in the form of the international smash hit “Jerusalema.”

But Nomcebo wasn’t confident that she could think of lyrics right now, so she requested if she might work on it in the comfort of her own home. Even though Master KG instilled in her the self-assurance she required to pull it off that night, she nevertheless asked him to leave the recording studio so that she could have some privacy and space to herself.

After giving it a few more goes, Nomcebo finally had an aha! moment.

“When I opened my mouth, something came out. And I was like, “Master KG, come back, come back,” over and over again. Where exactly are the earphones? After that, about twelve in the morning, we started recording “— I quote her.

Even though the song is sung in Zulu, “Jerusalema” has quickly gained popularity all around the world. At the time of this article’s publishing, the song is the second-most Shazamed song in the world, trailing only “Dynamite” by BTS, and the music video has over 185 million views on YouTube and is still growing.

The song has already earned Master KG nominations for five African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) and numerous shout-outs from celebrities, in part because of a global dancing competition that was inspired by the song.

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