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MaYeni thinks Musa Mseleku doesn’t care about how she feels about things

In the premiere of Uthando Nesthembu, MaCele inquired among Musa Mseleku’s wives about their happiness with their husband. MaYeni is one of the ladies who answered “yes” to the question, but she did not appear to be as pleased as she claimed to be with Musa Mseleku in the second episode that aired on Friday.

MaYeni seems quite upset and hurt by her husband Musa Mseleku’s actions. Musa continued by saying that MaYeni was not pleased to learn that he had married MaNgwabe without knowing that the two women were acquainted.

“Though I knew MaNgwabe and MaYeni were acquainted after we started dating, I had no idea that I would end up marrying someone she knew before we met. That’s probably what sparked such a major issue “and Musa added.

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While Musa was talking, MaYeni began crying, and it was clear that the fact that Musa had married MaNgwabe, someone she knew, had not yet healed her wounds. It’s clear that Musa’s marriage to MaNgwabe hasn’t made MaYeni happy, which suggests that a lot of drama has unfolded since the wedding.

The second episode of Uthando Nesthembu included MaYeni saying she did not want to continue the diary session since there were several questions she did not feel comfortable answering. Her husband Musa Mseleku, she said, would be very unhappy if she did.

“Please end this diary entry. I mean, it’s not like I can’t reply right here in my diary entry… Musa would be upset if I brought those up “, MaYeni chimed in.

I can’t say that I blame MaYeni for being upset by the idea that Musa doesn’t care about how she feels. Everything began when Musa Mseleku mentioned a fifth wife.

The people of Free State hear the good news from Makhadzi, see here for more information


The citizens of the Free State are fortunate to have Macufe, as it draws visitors from all over South Africa to Bloemfontein to enjoy performances by a wide range of talented musicians and performers.

Makhadzi is one of the musicians fortunate enough to perform at this event; she promised her admirers in the city of roses that she would be returning to see them and make them happy only yesterday.

As a result of her meteoric rise to fame, she is in high demand as a performer at special occasions, where her high-quality tunes are sure to leave a lasting impression on guests.

She’ll be performing with acts like Mafikizolo, Mdu Masilela, and Lerato Kganyakgo at today’s festival.

There are still tickets available, and everyone is pumped to experience once-in-a-lifetime performance.

After having his accounts frozen, Nzuzo Njilo, the husband of Faith Nketsi, appears in court on fraud charges

The family’s financial difficulties are getting worse as a result of Faith Nketsi’s husband’s mounting debt, and the situation is not improving.

Nzuzo Njilo, who just just gave birth to a baby girl with the Have Faith singer, had an appearance in court for fraud.
During the time that the affluent businessman was apparently dealing with the situation, his bank accounts were reportedly stopped.

On social media, Faith Nketsi tries to give the impression that her family is doing well, but the reality is that a lot is going on behind the scenes. Allegations of fraud have been made against the media personality’s husband, and his accounts have reportedly been suspended as he deals with the allegations.

On Tuesday, October 4, the businessman who allegedly owes some wealthy business tycoons close to R1 million appeared in court. His court appearance took place on a Tuesday.

According to Intarez news, the new father came before the Randburg Magistrates’ Court; however, the matter was postponed to November since the court is waiting for statements from important witnesses.

According to another report from City Press, the court has halted the processing of Njilo’s accounts while it awaits additional information regarding the alleged misconduct.
This comes a few weeks after the reality TV actress addressed the rumors that her husband was up to his knees in debt in a statement that she released to the public. The stunning woman explained that she isn’t bothered by the gossip about her husband because she adores him. In her writing, she stated:

“I still love him in the same same way that I used to love him, and that is by protecting our privacy, regardless of what claims or things are said about us. When things of this nature become public knowledge, it doesn’t really concern me too much because, at the end of the day, I am aware of what is occurring in my family, and I am also aware of how things are stored in my household.”

Nota Baloyi asserts that he was offered R100 thousand to fight Cassper Nyovest, but he declined the offer. “I don’t want to get charged with assault,” the defendant said.
In a separate piece of entertainment news, it was reported by Briefly News that Nota Baloyi is currently screaming on Twitter once more. The controversial media figure who is known for providing his honest view without sugarcoating it made some outlandish allegations on social media.

The former music executive stated that he was promised a lump amount to fight Cassper Nyovet in the boxing ring, but he declined the offer and continued his career in the music industry instead.

Nota Baloyi revealed in an interview that he had been paid R100,000 to fight Cassper Nyovest, but he had declined the offer despite being completely convinced that he could put an end to Cassper’s career with a single knockout punch.

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