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MaYeni cries on National TV

Mzansi was left in a state of emotional turmoil as MaYeni shared her tears on national television. The manner in which Musa Mseleku has been treating her has left Mzansi feeling moved. We know that MaYeni is having a lot of difficulty with this marriage, and we wish that she would make her decision already.

Her supporters and admirers have been showing their affection for her in various ways. It’s a shame that no one can understand the anguish she’s going through but it’s happening to her anyhow. It broke my heart and caused me a great deal of anguish to witness her sobbing on national television.

Dishonesty on the part of Musa Mseleku is the primary factor behind the spouses’ opposition to number 5. He is currently manipulating MaCele in order to get his way. We have faith that number 5 is keeping an eye on things from wherever she is.
We had no idea that MaYeni and MaNgwabe knew each other prior to Musa’s decision to marry them; this was the first time we had heard this information. It would appear that MaYeni has requested that the meetings be terminated since there are further answers that she is unable to provide.

Mbali (Mangwabe) did say that when she came into the Mseleku marriage, Mayeni was the only wife who did not give her a warm welcome. Mayeni was the only wife who did not give her a warm welcome. However, since she did not explain why, I will assume that this is the case.

Her relationship with MaYeni goes back a long way and involves a number of other people.
We have never been huge fans of MaYeni, but after watching today’s episode, we have to admit that Mseleku was wrong. The fact that she stood by his side the entire time and never really entertained the idea of leaving him makes it even more upsetting that he said those things. Mseleku should have a great deal of respect for her.

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