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MaMkhize will never forget happened in Congo

Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize, the CEO of Royal AM and a socialite, reveals the mistreatment and “Congo muti” that her soccer players experienced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) this past week.


According to Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize, the manager of Royal AM, the match between her club and TP Mazembe, which took place in Congo this week was overshadowed by the ill-treatment by the Congolese club. This was said by Mkhize after the match.

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According to City Press, Royal AM has requested that the CAF administer severe punishment to TP Mazembe as a result of the “inhumane and unfriendly” treatment they received at the hands of their DRC hosts.

“For far too long, CAF has been babysitting Mazembe, and it is time that they were kicked out until such time as they treat everyone in an appropriate manner.”

“It was like a movie. How the CAF could approve anything like this is beyond my comprehension. There were people that looked like bushmen but were naked, and they would get on the ground and try to strangle our players.

“People were sprinkling stuff on our players, and there was no way we could have won that game after what we went through, on and off the field,” said Mkhize. He added that when they engaged with the match commissioner from Cameroon, he said there was nothing he could do. “There was no way we could have won that game after what we went through, on and off the field,” Mkhize said.

MaMkhize adds that it is now up to CAF to act because they cannot let actions like this go unpunished as football is about sportsmanship. MaMkhize says that it is now up to CAF to act.

“Mose Katumbi, the president of the club, was present, which came as a complete shock to me. He seems like a respectable businessman, but he lets things like this go place while he is in charge,” said the witness.

This week, the South African reported that Royal AM suffered their first loss in the CAF Confederations Cup, losing 2-0 against TP Mazembe. This was the team’s first match in the competition.

A player for Royal Ascot has been accused of being a sangoma.

Reality TV celebrity and actress MaMkhize said to City Press that one of her Royal AM players, Menzi Masuku, was accused of being the sangoma for the squad “simply because he has isiphandla tattooed on his arm.” Imagine!”

In addition, according to the general manager of Royal AM, their medical staff was mistreated as well. Richard Makhoba made this statement.

“We had heard a lot of different things about how guests are treated there, but we never believed it was that horrible. In that place, even if you were victorious, you stood a good chance of having your life taken from you since the odds were stacked against you and you were forced to submit and give up. Even the referees in charge of the game were put in a difficult position, and they couldn’t wait to get out of the arena.

“What action is the CAF taking in response to all of these complaints? It is not the first time that clubs from other cities have protested, but nothing has been done to address their concerns.

It was clear that they were frightened, as they were unable to do their duties well. Because our cameraman was also assaulted and forced to stop filming, we were unable to record everything that was going on at that location.

Mamkhize gives tips to become rich

Mamkhize gives tips to become rich

Shauwn ‘MaMkhize’ is a businesswoman as well as a reality TV celebrity. Mkhize has over two decades of experience in the property business, which is a male-dominated industry. She figures that the prospect of taking on a challenge in such an industry would cause some people to shake in their boots or not take it on at all.

MaMkhize discussed some of the difficulties she has faced in an interview that aired on a special program on the Mzansi Magic Music channel. The interview was conducted by media personality LootLove. The entrepreneur mentioned a number of other things she picked up very fast, one of which was that she was responsible for conducting her own investigation into matters pertaining to real estate.

“If you are going to enter a field that is dominated by men, I believe that the first thing you need to do is learn a strategy. You have to realize that no matter what you are doing, you have to know it better than anyone else does in that field. You are aware that women, once we master a skill, are able to perform it more effectively than males.

Because of her ongoing conflicts with the tax collector, MaMkhize’s personal life has been brought into the spotlight. The intention behind her participation in the reality show Kwa MaMkhize, in which she invited members of Mzansi inside her home for each episode, was to improve the reputation that she had been earning over time.

“My life was invaded before I could even give permission for it to be invaded, but what has occurred is that they invaded it and produced a perception, and people felt the perception was true. “My life was invaded before I could ever give permission for it to be invaded.

“By nature, I’m a strategist, and the reason I entered the media was to shift people’s perceptions of what’s actually happening.” I am aware that they have previously invaded my privacy; however, I have previously given them permission to do so. After doing so, I sat down and said, “OK, how can I make this thing work for me?” As a result, the perception no longer matches the reality. I believe that the majority of people know MaMkhize for who she is now rather than for MaMkhize the tax problem and so on.

The star of Kwa Mam’Mkhize has stated in the past that she wishes black women will continue to demonstrate their brilliance to the rest of the world and that they will continue to shine brightly.

She brought to the attention of those who were reading the importance for them not to let the actions of others obscure their brilliance, regardless of the challenges they faced.

“Dear girl with dark brown skin,

“Remember that your glitter is the gift that you give the world on a daily basis. Never allow them the opportunity to put a damper on your brightness; instead, continue to shine brightly and serve as a constant reminder that black is a lovely color. The power color is black! “Black is the color of perfection, and black is the color of magic!”

Shauwn has a high value on family, and she makes sure to take the time to show her appreciation for them on her TL.

She uploaded a picture of herself to Instagram along with one of her son Andile, and in the caption, she raved about how wonderful her family was.

“God will always serve as the chief executive officer of both my home and of this family. My family is the only thing that has remained the same throughout my life. I began my journey with them, and it is with them that I intend to come to a finish.

“Oh, how I like spending time with my family. She wrote, “I will be forever grateful for what it has done in our lives. Business, like life, has its ups and downs, but I will always be thankful for what it has done for us.”

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