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Mamkhize comments on Phindile Gwala’s Picture

Phindile Gwala is a well-known name in South African media and is also an actor. It was on Muvhango that she made her first professional appearance in 2012, but she announced her departure from the show five years later. In December of 1986, she was born in Eshowe, which is located in KwaZulu Natal.

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She is most known for her roles in the popular soap operas Imbewu, Uzalo, and Zaziwa, all of which originate from South Africa. Despite this, she was well-known in Muvhango due to the fact that she played the role of Nonny Nkosi there. Only lately did she begin posting images of herself on Instagram in which she posed with her legs exposed to show off her new look.

MaMkhize further remarked on this photo, and her response turned out to be a complement to Phinde Gwala on the shot’s subject’s legs. MaMkhize is a South African entrepreneur who is most well-known for proudly owning the DSTV choicest league team Royal AM Soccer Membership. He is also famously known for owning the team.

Despite this, there have been a great number of people on social media who have complimented her on this snapshot. If you look at this picture of her, you might get the impression that she has a lot of beauty.

The following is a selection of the responses, or comments, that people on social media platforms left after viewing this photograph:

MaMkhize Explains Why She and Ex-Husband Sbu Mpisane Separated Despite Having a “Great Marriage”

Reality TV star and businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize, better known by her stage name MaMkhize, is getting ready to talk about her split from ex-husband Sbu Mpisane.

In her future book My World, My Rules, MaMkhize plans to discuss her split from Andile Mpisane’s father. This is the first time she’s going to talk about her life and divorce from her ex-husband in such detail.

Her tight bond with her late father, Sipho Mkhize, and the reasons for her breakup with Sbu Mpisane are said to be detailed in her forthcoming book. Public knowledge suggests that the couple broke up because of infidelity on the part of Sbu Mpisane toward MaMkhize.

According to a preview of her forthcoming book, MaMkhize persevered through the difficulties of her marriage. She admits that she was blinded by her own want for the marriage to succeed, and that this prevented her from seeing that her husband also wanted to work on the marriage.

From her forthcoming book, which has not yet been published:

Despite some rough patches, I thought we had a beautiful marriage. I thought I was happy in my marriage even when we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in 2011. That’s why I needed 25 years to conclude that the only person who benefited from this make-believe love story was me. He was the lucky recipient of all the affection.

Andile Mpisane, Andile’s son, took to social media this year to discuss what he claims are the real reasons his dad and MaMkhize fell out of favor. He said his father had four extramarital affairs and had fathered children with all of them. Andile claimed that Sbu Mpisane supported his extramarital children with his wife’s income.

The ex-husband of MaMkhize has never commented on the rumors.

MaMkhize’s acting career divides Mzansi; she’s accused of taking jobs from deserving actors.

Flamboyant businesswoman and social media personality Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize has polarized the South African internet community. Reports have surfaced that MaMkhize was set to make a cameo appearance on the popular faith-based series Umkhokha, broadcast on Mzansi Magic.

This has prompted rumors that the multimillionaire is contemplating a move into the entertainment industry. After making her acting debut on Uzalo last year, MaMkhize was set to make her second appearance on Umkhokha if the cameo didn’t fall through.

MaMkhize is also the star of her own reality show, Kwa Mam’Mkhize, which airs on Mzansi Magic.

Many people have expressed their admiration for MaMkhize and expressed their willingness to back her in her pursuit of a career in acting. Others, though, were less kind. They said that great performers were being passed over for roles, while those with more connections got the roles anyhow.

Some have claimed that MaMkhize’s money is the sole reason she keeps getting cast, and that this is unfair to those who have dedicated their lives to acting and theatre training but have yet to find success. Others in the Mzansi online community have made similar claims about MaMkhize being a “opportunity hogger.”

A lot of our brothers and sisters have gone to school for these professions, and now they’ll have to start over.

January 24, 2022 — Mchabo (@Mchabo5)

You’re very welcome, sisi; it’s unusual to find a receptive comment on this site.

January 25, 2022 — Sduduzo Qwabe (@SduduzoQ)

Real Reasons Why Phindile Gwala exited Imbewu

Imbewu’s Phindile Gwala, who plays Fikile, reportedly lost her job at eTV.

The actress allegedly failed to impress with her performance, forcing the show’s producers to fire her.

A source close to the production claimed that Phindile’s on-screen persona was being demoted due to her superior skill at her craft.

Her abilities reportedly fall short of what the show’s producers had hoped for. But it turned out the new producers weren’t all that impressed, so they didn’t want to keep her.

As Nonny, Phindile has become well-known on SABC 2’s soap opera Muvhango.

In addition, Muzi Mthabela, who plays Menzi, is rumored to be leaving the program.

Mthabela is a devout Christian who feels uneasy playing a player due of his faith.

Thapelo Ramatsui, a spokeswoman for Imbewu The Seed, has disputed the rumor that the two performers have been dismissed, but has confirmed to City Press that they will be leaving the soap opera.

There will be no further episodes of the show for the foreseeable future since “they are on hiatus” to “explore other routes,” which could include other employment options. While Durban is a long shot, we’re willing to allow them some wiggle room so that they can explore other opportunities in Johannesburg and perhaps return. We didn’t lay anyone off,” Ramatsui declared.

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