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Lvovo reveals Mampintsha’s last words to him when they were in hospital

L’vovo Derrango, a musician who was hospitalized after having a stroke, claims that the death of Mampintsha “triggered me.”

Lvovo reveals Mampintsha’s last words to him when they were in hospital

Thokozani ‘L’vovo Derrango’ Ndlovu, a singer residing in Durban, expressed regret for being unable to attend Mampintsha’s funeral due to his hospitalization for a stroke.


When the musician L’vovo experienced a stroke and had to be hospitalized in December, just days after Mampintsha, who passed away on Friday, December.

Mampintsha passed away after being hospitalized to Durdoc Hospital in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, due to a stroke he had while performing.

According to ZiMoja, L’vovo was released from the hospital on December 30 and was unable to attend his friend Mmapintsha’s funeral.

The celebrity also admits that the night before the late Big Nuz member Mampintsha passed away, he was with the him.

On Thursday night, I visited him in the hospital. He wasn’t feeling well, but we thought he would get better. Danger and I talk every day. I thus spoke with him during the funeral. Mampintsha is aware of how much I wished I could have attended his burial. I, however, watched it from the hospital due to my health. I’ll pay a visit to his grave after I’ve fully recovered, though. After being with him on Thursday, I felt weak when I went to perform on Friday.


Additionally, L’vovo informs Zimoja that he suffered a severe ache in his left arm and lost feeling on his left side.

On December 23, 2022, while he was playing at the Ndwendwe Music Festival, he suffered a stroke. When he learned of Mampintsha’s passing, he was just about to take the stage.

“His death suddenly triggered me as I was ready to take the stage. I performed, but just before my second-to-last song, I had an attack. I requested some time to relax because I couldn’t feel my left side. I haven’t been taking my medication as directed because I have high blood pressure.

“Now that I know, I won’t rush to book too many concerts. Especially considering my situation, I live better and take better care of myself. They instructed me to stay away from meat and salty meals. I was advised to drink less alcohol and to consume some fruits instead of others.

Kwaito legend Lvovo who was reportedly dead after his friend Mampintsha passed away.

L’vovo described what happened a night before Mampinstha passed away.

Mampintsha passed away on Christmas Eve after having a stroke the previous Thursday.

He was meant to execute a ritual, but he failed to do so, according to his sister Pinky Gumede.

When he failed to appear the second time, they learned about him from an emergency call that he had been admitted to the hospital.

Customers’ reviews of South Africa’s top and worst short-term insurance

According to Consulta’s analysis of the results of the most recent South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) for the sector, South African customers are getting more dissatisfied with the short-term insurance market.

According to the group’s most recent survey results, insurers’ client loyalty is declining, and businesses are finding it difficult to describe their customer value propositions and set themselves apart across all the interdependent aspects of their service offerings.

According to Consulta, the majority of customers are extremely picky about service delivery, value, and price, and very few competitors, if any, have improved their positions in this area after two years of the pandemic.

The association stated that the (short-term insurance) market faces “some substantial challenges ahead to meet customer demands while shifting customer views of value and quality.”

The most recent SAcsi for Short-Term Insurance (2021) demonstrates a sector with intense competition between operators, as just two insurers achieved an industry-par score for overall Customer Satisfaction, with all rest performing below par.

In terms of overall customer satisfaction among all participating insurers, there is no leader.

Although the index distinguishes between direct and intermediated insurance models, it’s vital to remember that all short-term insurers, regardless of their distribution schemes, compete for the same clients. Over 3,600 clients of short-term insurers from the following brands were surveyed for the 2021 SAcsi for short term insurance during the second half of 2021:

Absa, Auto & General, Momentum, Nedbank, Old Mutual Insure, and Standard Bank are intermediated insurance.
Virseker is a direct insurer.
The only two insurers that fall inside the industry average (81.2) in terms of total customer satisfaction are Virseker (82.5) and Momentum (81.5). No one took the lead. Other insurers all fall short of industry standards.

Momentum has exhibited steady improvement over the last three years, from a score of 77.8 in 2019, while Virseker showed a minor improvement compared to 2020.

With the exception of Absa, which will enter the SAcsi for the first time in 2021, Old Mutual Insure (77.1), Auto & General (74.8), Standard Bank (74.7), and Nedbank (67.9) all scored below average in 2020 and showed a drop from those scores.

“Nedbank is considerably underperforming the industry by almost 13 index points and has been declining for the past three indexes. Considering that both Old Mutual Insure and Standard Bank had been on an upward path for the previous three indices, the dips of roughly 4-index points on 2020 scores merit notice, according to Consulta.

“It appears that any goodwill the sector accrued during the early stages of the epidemic in terms of payment holidays, premium discounts, and client portfolio restructuring at a time when millions of South Africans found themselves in financial trouble are now moot,” the author writes.

In the pressured economy even more so, consumers regard insurance as a grudge buy rather than an enabler and safety net, the study found.

According to Abigail Boikhutso, CEO of Consulta, the general rise in customer complaints throughout the business and a corresponding drop in complaint processing and resolution are concerning. Customers are more likely than ever to take their business elsewhere if they are not satisfied, so short-term insurers will need to identify and address any service and product delivery deficiencies, she said.

According to Boikhutso, the playing field is exceedingly difficult to play in because it is heavily tilted toward placing price above all other considerations.

“Legacy, brand sentimentality, and track record are proving to be secondary in a fiercely competitive market with little to no client base growth. Customers would increasingly make their judgments on factors including service quality, product advantages, value, and price as they believe there to be little true differentiation and a bad customer experience, she said.

Disputes and commitment

Momentum (61.5) and Virseker (60.7) have the highest complaint resolution scores, well exceeding the industry average (55.2), which shows a great capacity to address consumer issues.

The lowest score for complaint resolution belongs to Nedbank (35.8), while all other insurers are either at or below average.

Because of this and a high complaint incidence score, a considerable portion of customer concerns are not satisfactorily addressed, which has a negative effect on their overall customer satisfaction and loyalty scores.

All insurers perform below average (73.5%) in terms of customer loyalty, with Nedbank scoring the lowest (54.3%). Customers who are most devoted to Momentum (73.1%) and Virseker (72.8%) are on par.

Claims, product and cover information, premiums and expenses, payments and debit orders, and response time were the main topics of complaints in the industry.

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