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Look at what Babes Wodumo wrote in a heartbreaking letter to her husband

The passing of Mampintsha has affected the majority of us, but Babes Wodumo is the only one of us who is suffering more than the rest of us as a result of this. Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo were wonderful and an inspiration to the majority of us, despite the fact that they had disagreements from time to time like any other couple would in a partnership. Mampintsha was the center of Babes Wodumo’s universe.

On her Facebook page, Babes Wodumo published the image that can be seen below.

A very heartfelt letter that Babes Wodumo had written to her late husband, Mampintsha, and titled “Letter for My Husband in Heaven,” was published online by Babes Wodumo. In the letter, she conveyed her distress about his passing, writing as follows:

The writings of a woman with a shattered heart, who writes new messages every day, show how excruciatingly painful her suffering is; there are too many words to communicate how badly she hurts, but not quite enough to adequately depict it. It is important for everyone to be aware of Babes Wodumo because her most recent photographs are quite moving; her face was swollen and her eyes were burning.

Babes Wodumo has come a long way since the days when she struggled with substance misuse, but it wasn’t all that long ago. Because she has put in so much effort to get to where she is now, my greatest fear is that the misery she is experiencing will cause her to relapse and begin abusing substances. Following the funeral, everyone will be returning to their respective homes, leaving her to confront the loss on her own. No one else can do anything but pray that she won’t make choices that will negatively impact the rest of her life.

You might not have known that these South African actresses were lesbians. No. 5 will blow your mind

In years gone by, homosexuality was regarded as a major transgression that frequently led to a person losing their allegiance with a particular religious group. Even in this day and age, her roommates had to deal with harsh treatment from either the residents of the area or from their own parents. Make it extremely challenging for them to cooperate with one another. In this essay, we will talk about five South African actors whose sexual orientation may have come as a shock to you. These actors come from both film and television.

  1. Slindile Nodangala

The actress who goes by the stage name Slindile is most known for her performances in television dramas such as Rhythm City’s Mam Blossom and Scandal’s Nomvula Kubeka, in which she played the part of a devoted wife. On the other hand, she identifies as a lesbian in her real-world relationships. The fact that the famous person in issue had a romantic relationship with the KwaZulu-Natal actress Pumelele Mthombeni became public knowledge. It is widely assumed that Slindile quit her work before relocating to Johannesburg in order to explore professional opportunities in that city. According to the memo, he had sexual encounters with other women in the city as well. These women were not named.

2.Buthelezi Nomsa is an actor who identifies as lesbian and works in the entertainment sector.

When the actress and TV personality’s devoted followers found out that she had posted pictures of the woman she was dating on social media, they were taken aback. Fans of the actress and TV personality were shocked. When it was revealed that She had dated Nomsa and had fathered a child with her, many individuals were taken aback by this information. In the end, she made the decision to marry Zandile Shezi and exchange wedding vows with him. She is still legally married as of the present day and has not divorced her husband.

It was via Unathi Ndondzwana, who suffered a stroke and passed away in 2013, that she made her first acquaintance. She identifies as a lesbian and recently married Zandile Shezi, the woman she has been dating for a very long time, in a ceremony that took place on September 28, 2019, in the neighborhood of Alexandra in Johannesburg. She is a mother to two young children, both of whom go by the names Olwethu and Lindi.

  1. Mandisa Nduna.

Mandisa Nduna is a South African actress who is best known for her role as Thuli in the South African television series eKasi+ Hustle. Mandisa Nduna is a member of the South African Actors Guild. It was in 2011 when the second season of the reality show The Collective Act on SABC1 aired, and she was one of the final four candidates. As a direct result of her participation in the show, she rose to prominence very quickly.

In addition, the vast majority of individuals were under the assumption that the actor was gay. There have been whispers that the actress is gay, and many people seem to believe them. In addition to that, a connection has been established with Thishiwe Ziqupu.

The two individuals enjoyed tremendous success throughout South Africa, which at one point earned them the title of cutest pair in that country. But nothing went according to plan, and on October 2, 2020, the couple told their friends and family the news that they were expecting a child. According to the statements made by the couple, they had been residing in separate locations for a lengthy amount of time. Despite this, they were of the opinion that it was now a suitable time to preach. in order to guarantee that they do not mislead anyone.

4.Thishiwe Ziqubu

It has been reported that the actress’s father told her that she did not need to explain either who she was or her sexual orientation to him in order to have a relationship with the family.

“Every time I tried to pay a visit to my father, she talked me down and offered me something to drink to soothe my nerves. Why are you even going through the trouble of explaining this, bro? I adore you and I adore your girlfriend, so Angela, if you could just hand me a dash, that would be wonderful (ungdluliseli dash). You, dear mother, have my gratitude for the gift of this young man who “left me in my hands.”

Thishiwe stated in a different tweet that her experience of being accepted and open by her father demonstrated that people do not have a reason to fear homosexuality and that one should not be blamed for their background or ignorance simply because their father limited opportunities and education without discriminating against them. She said that her father’s acceptance and openness demonstrated that people do not have a reason to fear homosexuality. She stated that the acceptance and openness shown by her father about her father’s homosexuality was evidence that people should not be afraid of homosexuality.

“Because homosexuality does not belong to you and has no influence on your life, there is no valid reason for you to be concerned about it. There was never a circumstance in which I needed to train my father on anything.

  1. Latoya Makhene

The most well-known individual in recent times to come out as a lesbian is the actress Letoya Makhene. The South African singer, actress, and television personality made the announcement to the rest of the world that she is presently in a romantic relationship with another person via Instagram.

Miss. Following the publication of an article on Sunday by World Weekend with the heading “Letoya’s lesbian lover uncovered,” this comes as a result. Letoya attached a photo of the front page of the newspaper to her message, which read, “To tell the truth, it’s probably just a matter of time before the rest of the world discovers @lebokeswa. This is where our future lies, my sweetie, in each other. Letoya’s girlfriend’s name is Lebo Keswa, and they’ve been seeing one other for a while now. despite the fact that all of this seemed to be good news to her, she was nonetheless upset about it. She took to the internet to defend herself after being mocked on social media by a troll who claimed she became a lesbian because men had broken her heart so many times. The troll said she became a lesbian because men had broken her heart so many times. She claims that she just made the decision to dismiss the arguments that were made in that section.

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