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Khwezi And Lehasa Will Get Back Together

Khwezi is a woman who has requirements, and she feels hopeless about her situation. Lehasa will continue to keep a close eye on her at all times, making sure that she is accomplishing something of value in the process. Since Kgosi was planning to take Lehasa’s place, all that is required of him is to provide proof that he is still the biological father.

Lehasa receives encouragement from Khwezi to pursue their individual goals in order to best support their child. Being on her own with her man will assist the youngster in remaining sound, which is exactly what Lehasa needs for his child and what he wants for her. In the event that Lehasa is amenable to it, it will fortify the connection between them.

Another time, Lehasa will find herself developing feelings for Khwezi. Khwezi will once more inform Pretty that she will have Lehasa all to herself during this time. Because Khwezi holds respect for Lehasa, she did not comply with the request to hand her over. Considering that Khwezi is driving everyone crazy with her numerous requests, there ought to be an appearance on their part.

Moshe Ndiki is in Hospital

Moshe Ndiki has not been a topic of discussion in recent news stories. Since his altercation with the controversial entertainment commentator Musa Khawula, the television host and actor has been keeping a low profile, which explains why this is the case. Even more so now that it has been established that he has been fired from the telenovela Gomora that airs on Mzansi Magic.

However, despite the fact that he was kicked off the telenovela, the personality has continued to maintain his bookings and stay busy. This is because his most recent brand endorsement was for the popular alcoholic beverage Savanna, which was recently promoted. However, after his most recent post promoting the brand, Ndiki then surprised his followers by bringing up the subject of his hospital stay.

Moshe Ndiki in hospital

Moshe recently posted an image to Twitter in which he revealed that he was currently receiving medical treatment at a hospital. On the blue app, he did not provide any specifics regarding the cause of his hospitalization or his stay there. On the other hand, he did hold a live session on Instagram, during which he discussed his experience of spending the night at the medical facility in greater detail.

Ndiki, on the other hand, never wavered from his comical stance as he insinuated that he was approaching the stay as if it were a break from work. Ndiki would later in the day confirm that he was officially discharged from the hospital and that he is going home. This was in spite of the fact that he did receive get well soon messages from his fan base.

Ndiki is not the first member of the ZAlebs family to confirm that they were hospitalized after reporting that they were feeling better. Pearl Thusi is the most recent member of the Zalebs to pull the same move. Recently, the lead singer of Queen Sono went on Twitter to express her gratitude to God for allowing her to be discharged from the hospital following what she referred to as a “short hospital stay.”

When taking into consideration how active Thusi was on social media in terms of posting what was assumed to be “real time” stories, the post on her brief hospital stay came as a complete surprise. In addition, she had given an interview to Hype Magazine not more than a few days before she posted about her time spent in the hospital.

Pearl Thusi is planning to make her debut in the music industry, as was mentioned in a previous interview.

Hype Magazine recently published an in-depth and thought-provoking interview with Thusi, who was recently featured on their cover. The interview was intended to serve more as a life and wellness update on Thusi’s life and times as she continues to be a mother of two to her biological daughter Thando Mokeona and her adopted daughter Okuhlekonke. In addition, she discussed the process by which she has been working toward accepting the death of her father.

Despite the fact that the interview was enlightening. For example, when Thusi talked about an encounter with the controversial Twitter personality Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi after the controversial Twitter personality recently dragged her for filth on the blue app. This is due to the fact that Nota implied that Thusi was a negligent mother who cared more about other things than her children.

A stance that Thusi asserted Nota did not mean in a sincere manner, but rather, as many people assumed about Nota, he was just saying whatever would get him to trend while sticking it to Thusi. Thusi’s accusation was based on the fact that Nota’s alleged intention was to stick it to Thusi. This is because Thusi was there to support her friend and fellow ZAlebs whenever Nota was trolling Nyovest on the timeline. This is how this came to be.

However, the news that Thusi is planning to make a career change into the music industry came as quite a shock to everyone. During the last few minutes of the interview, she offered a brief confirmation of this fact. This is in light of the fact that she has stated that her first single will be released in January of 2023.

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