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Kelly Khumalo in trouble as innocent people die

Kelly Khumalo, a Mzanzi gospel musician, is currently trending on Twitter, but not for the right reasons. Many Twitter users believe the performer has terrible luck as a result of an event that happened close to her billboard.

Kelly Khumalo in trouble as innocent people die

The gospel singer is currently trending on Twitter following an accident that happened directly in front of her roadside billboard.

Many Twitter users now think the artist is connected to bad luck because the image of the accident site went viral online. This comes after her ex-boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa was murdered a few years ago in front of her.

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Kelly Khumalo in trouble as innocent people die

These are South Africa’s most hazardous provinces and roads.

These are South Africa’s most hazardous provinces and roads in December.

Long-awaited holidays and celebrations take place during the festive season, but it is also known for seasonal increases in traffic accidents due to increased holiday travel and drunk driving. As a result, certain major highways and provinces are more accident-prone than others during the December holidays.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) reports that there were 15% more fatal wrecks during the holiday season of 2021/22 (1,395 incidents compared to 1,209 in 2020/21).

Last December, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape came in second and third, with 255 and 184 fatal accidents, respectively. Gauteng had the most fatal accidents, with 261, over that time period.

However, when comparing the rise in fatal collisions between 2020–21 and 202–22, the Western Cape witnessed a 62% rise in accidents whereas the Northern Cape saw a 58% rise.

The table below shows the total number of fatal collisions across all nine provinces.

The graph below also shows the percentage distribution of fatal crashes during the two holiday seasons.

According to the aforementioned figures, the three provinces with the highest accident rates are:

KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng (KZN)
Southeast Africa
The RTMC analysis also noted that the majority of fatal incidents occur on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; last year, these three days accounted for 54% of all fatal accidents over the holiday season.

Additionally, the majority of these collisions happened between 19:00 and 22:00, which has continued to be the most hazardous time to be driving over the previous two years, according to the RTMC.

The chart below shows the percentage of fatal crashes by hour throughout the holiday season.

South Africa’s riskiest highways in December

South Africans who are traveling during the holidays should be mindful that some roads are riskier than others, particularly when motorists are in a celebratory mood.

The following routes are among the highest accident rates in the nation throughout the holiday period, according to MasterDrive, a company that provides advanced driver training and has its headquarters in Johannesburg:

Additionally, MasterDrive identified additional routes as possible hotspots between December 2022 and January 2023, which drivers should take note of if they want to travel through these regions. These are the routes:

Roads will be busier, which always increases the risk of incidents happening. Examples include KwaMhlanga, on the R573 in Mpumalanga, Mankweng, on the R71 in Limpopo, Mbizana, on the R61 in the Eastern Cape, and Potchefstroom, on the N12 in North West. Whether they are motorcyclists, pedestrians, drivers, or passengers, all users of the road must be as alert as possible and concentrate on the road.

We must emphasize that, even though our nation’s traffic law enforcers are working extremely hard to keep everyone safe during this time, road users still have a big responsibility to themselves, their passengers, and other road users. Without a concerted effort from everyone on the road, any measures to lower our country’s horrifying road death rates will be ineffective, according to the AA.

MasterDrive also cautioned that people who had just started driving would not have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle difficult situations on the road.

As a result, these drivers should exercise caution when operating a vehicle, and for parents of freshly licensed children, it may not be a good idea to give them the keys while you sit in the passenger seat, particularly during the most hazardous hours of the evening.

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