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Kagiso Modupe reveals how he squandered millions of dollars in order to pursue his ambitions.

It’s possible that you’ve seen Kagiso Modupe in one of the many roles he’s had on television over the years.

The role of Mangaliso Nyathi on the television show Scandal brought him the most notoriety. Despite this, Modupe has been a fixture in the South African film industry for decades and is widely regarded as one of the most sophisticated actors in the country’s history.

Kagiso Modupe has had some problems behind the scenes, including the fact that he squandered millions of dollars trying to produce a film, and while you may have seen him on TV a handful of times, he has had some difficulties.

What led to Kagiso Modupe’s departure from Scandal?

When he left Scandal, he had the intention of gaining some independence and working to improve the business as a whole. According to Modupe, one of the reasons he decided to leave Scandal was due to the unreasonable rivalry for roles on the show. He had grown weary of competing with others for roles. However, that wasn’t all; he also wanted to create parts for himself, therefore he didn’t want to fight for positions in the first place.

As a result, he embarked on a mission to improve the working conditions and possibilities available to women in the sector. In any project he was going to be involved in, he was going to hire a large number of women and find roles for them. This is due to the fact that the individual’s own wife had a difficult time finding employment when she completed her postsecondary education. Since his wife is not from South Africa, the situation was made even more challenging for her.

What exactly did Kagiso do with his millions?

A few years ago, Kagiso Modupe began a campaign to encourage the circumcision of men. He did this because he believes that having sex with an uncircumcised man increases a woman’s risk of developing cervical cancer, and he wanted to protect those women. During the course of his campaign, Modupe was successful in persuading one million men in South Africa to undergo the circumcision process in just one day.

That is to say, as a direct result of his campaign, one million men had their circumcisions performed in a single day. Kagiso Modupe was able to amass millions of rands as a result of this campaign, all of which he squandered within a year or so.

How exactly did he squander his millions of dollars?

Before we blow this situation out of proportion, it is important to note that Mr. Modupe did not actually waste the millions of dollars in any literal sense. That is to say, he didn’t waste it on meaningless activities or purchases.

In point of fact, he put the money to use in order to carry out the plans that he had formulated before receiving the money. Therefore, when the money arrived, everything that he had planned for it just sort of fell into place since he already had everything that he had prepared for it.

Some of the items that he had placed his money in

One of these things was him purchasing properties, a house, and investing in certain businesses that would give him his money back. Also included in this category is the phrase “giving him his money back.” Therefore, this wasn’t truly a case of frivolous expenditure in that sense.

He was merely acting on his ambitions at the time. Due to the passage of time, however, he ended up with nothing since his investments remained stable throughout the process. They eventually had to part with some of their possessions in order to raise money to continue their endeavors.

Modupe was able to recover his money back and even more after it took him some time to get back on his feet. It required a significant amount of self-sacrifice and perseverance on his part. And because of the ethics he upheld and the affection he had for others, Modupe missed out on a great deal of opportunity because he insisted on doing things his way. However, it was eventually successful, and the lesson that we can all take away from this is that perseverance is rewarded, while financial success comes and goes. So does fame.

#Imbewu: Meet John Lunga Radebe, aka Mr Clive

John Lunga Radebe

Lunga In addition to his acting and singing careers, John Radebe has also published a number of songs and books. Known primarily for his role as Mr. Clive Masemola on Imbewu the Seed. As well as contributing to Skeem Saam, he has written for other publications. Therefore, Lunga Rabede’s entire life will be discussed here.

Lunga John Radebe’s complete biography.

Lunga is the full form of the name. Dr. John Radebe
In the public eye as Lunga Radebe
Birth Date: Unknown
About 46 years old
I was born in Soweto, a township of Johannesburg in the South African Republic of South Africa.
Honours in Dramaturgy from Witwatersrand University, M.A. in Dramaturgy from Columbia University, and a Diploma in Filmmaking from AFDA Film School (scriptwriting)
Performer, songwriter, author, and dramatist.
Clive Masemola on Imbewu, a show he’s famous for.
I am 1.88 feet tall (estimate)
Acquaintance: Mystery
Parents: Mystery
Investment capital between R5 and R7 million
South African as a nationality.

How Lunga Got His Start of the TV show Imbewu, where he played the character Clive Masemola.

Though a lot of people are familiar with his work history. Nothing much happens in his personal life. The actor was born in the township of Soweto in the city of Johannesburg. He is still a resident of Johannesburg, although he has moved out of Soweto.

If Lunga Radebe has any other relatives is unknown. What’s more, we have no idea about his upbringing or what inspired him to pursue Drama. Even more so, his girlfriend or wife! For the performer, such information is more precious than diamonds.

A Lunga Schooling Dr. John Radebe
Concerning his academic training. The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg is where John earned his BA in dramatic art. Additionally, an MFA in Dramaturgy from Columbia University in New York City. In the theater, he has studied with some of the best. In addition to the aforementioned Gregory Mosher and Arnold Aronson, other greats include Anne Bogart.

Lunga has also been active in the theater and television industries as a performer and writer. Indeed, his resume is quite lengthy in the realm of theatrical experience. A graduate of AFDA Film School, he also took courses in screenwriting.

Private matters

Identical to his formative years. Almost all of his private life has been kept under wraps. A large portion of his personal life is, in reality, unknown. Every one of his social media profiles, including his Facebook, contains a single post. That leaves us in the dark as to whether he is married and/or has kids.

Never mind assuming his sexual orientation. Currently, our knowledge on Lunga Radebe is insufficient. As far as we can tell, he is still in Johannesburg. Moreover, he has secretly been the creative force behind many of our favorite shows.


Someone as tall and massive as him would have caught your eye on Imbewu. I was curious as to Lunga Radebe’s stature. And that’s despite the fact that his reps, assuming he has any, didn’t mention his stature. The images he took of persons whose heights are known allow for an approximation of this. That would put his height anywhere between 1.75 and 1.88 meters. In other words, he’s a tall man.

It has never been revealed how much Lunga is worth. Estimates, however, tend to center around R5 million to R7 million. His acting and writing careers are the primary focus of their attention. And some of the wealth he had collected by that point in history. Then why are we here? This estimate is highly suspect yet nevertheless useful for planning purposes.

Vocational Pathway in Writing

Lunga is a prolific playwright whose works include the likes of The Trumpeter, Lucid Inverval, Blues for Tsheleng, and Avalon: A New Township Play. It had a run in New York and toured the UK in 2014. To sum up, Lunga is a major player in the world of literature. To add to that, he has also contributed to the scripts of the TV shows Zone 14, Rhythm City, and Skeem Saam. Now you say he’s inexperienced, and he’s been doing this for a while.

Lunga’s Profession as an Actor Dr. John Radebe

When it comes to stage work, though, Lunga has been very productive. There’s “Love, Crime, and Johannesburg,” “I Need a Gun, Mampatile,” “Armed Response,” “Much ado about nothing,” “The Dead Politician,” “The Seagull,” and “Avalon: A New Township Play,” among others.

Thus, he is just as involved as others we don’t see on TV, despite the fact that he doesn’t make many public appearances. Lunga, on the other hand, prefers the stage when it comes to acting. Many, however, think that his portrayal of Imbewu’s chief has a fair degree of acting sophistication and finesse.

The soap operas Backstage and Muvhango, as well as the dramatic series Zero Tolerance, Mtunzini and Izingane zoBaba, are among the television shows he has appeared in. When Jet Novuka left the lead role of Mongezi Ndamase on the second season of the SABC1 drama series Ingozi in 2018, he secured his first starring role in television.

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