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Jub Jub’s last episode sparks controversy

If you can consider the events that take place on Uyajola9/9 to be normal, then last night’s episode was a typical exposure of a cheating partner.

When Jun Jub encountered a woman who was upset about her cheating boyfriend, the two of them engaged in the typical back-and-forth that occurs in all of the other shows.

When Molemo pulled the blankets that the man was covering himself with, he exposed the man’s complete nakdness in front of the camera and his security detail, which consisted of women. This is when the problem began.

To add insult to injury, he continued to make comments about the size of this man’s manhoood and completely embarrassed him in front of an audience watching national television.

People who watch the show believe that Masrohanye has gone too far this time and are outraged as a result of the act that she performed.

The show had to play loud music in order to cover up the explicit visual, but this did not help reduce the shock that the audience felt when they saw it in person.

Since the show returned for its ninth season, it has been the subject of intense analysis and criticism.

Concerns have been voiced by audience members regarding the high level of bloodshed that has been depicted on the show.

Although the show airs in the late-night slot on Mzansi Magic, and the channel does not give out an age restriction warning before the performance begins, the channel has recently taken the shock value to dangerous heights, but this is a given.

The episode from last night left viewers with the impression that Molemo had overstepped his bounds and infringed upon this man’s rights.

When he got out of bed completely naked and attempted to put on his clothes, the camera crew did not even bother to move out of the way.

Even when the man went to the restroom to attend to himself, the crew accompanied him and watched him.

The comments section descended into chaos, in which users ridiculed Jub Jub and demanded that the show be canceled.

Maarohanye was given a severe slap by one of his victims, which caused him to take a leave of absence from one of his episodes. Additionally, in one of the episodes, a woman threw a brick at her boyfriend’s car, which caused the windshield to shatter.

The show has been trending ever since the episode aired the night before, and fans of the show are concerned that it is going in an inappropriate direction.

Maarohanye, who calls himself “Jub la maswidi amazing,” is responsible for making sure that the current season of the Uyajola 99 series is the most scandalous one in the show’s entire history.

Watch the video of this obscene episode below:

From behind bars to the forefront of South African reality television: the Jub Jub biography

South African hip hop musician Jub Jub rose to prominence before having his career cut short by a drag race accident that also resulted in the deaths of four children. The accident happened while Jub Jub was competing in the race.

He served his time and then returned to society a different man with the intention of growing his brand after completing his sentence.

Jub Jub was able to land a job as the host of one of Moja Love’s shows, which was called Uyajola 9/9, and he won the hearts of a lot of people. Because of his skills as a host, he has the streets at least once per week.

Even though the show has gained Jub Jub a few critics, he does not have time for them because he is too busy uncovering cheaters on the show.

Jub Jub Ndikhokhele Remix

As soon as Jub Jub was released from prison, he made it known that he was a new man who was ready to prove that he had truly changed by achieving great things and proving that he had become a better person.

One of the performer’s most well-known songs is titled “Ndikhokhele,” and it became an immediate success shortly after its release in 2007. The song was released in 2007. Fast forward to the year 2020, and Jub Jub has just released the remix to his hit song, and he has not let anyone down. Tens of thousands of people have watched the video and listened to the official soundtrack on YouTube, and positive comments haven’t stopped coming in since then.

The track features a number of different artists, including the Afro-soul singer Nathi, gospel heavyweights Rebecca Malope, Lebo Sekgobela, and Benjamin Dube, as well as the musician Mlindo The Vocalist, Tkinzy, Judith Sephuma, and Blaq Diamond.

It came as a big surprise to a lot of people when they found out that Samthing Soweto, who is famous for his high-range vocals, was left out of the remix. Samthing Soweto was nowhere to be found, and Jub Jub asserted that this was because Samthing Soweto did not wish to collaborate with him.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding its creation, Samthing Soweto is an excellent song. Please, Jub Jub, lead us to the church.

Shots Fired at Jub Jub

After posting a picture of a shattered car window on social media, the controversial host of Uyajola 9/9, Jub Jub, has caused concern among his devoted following. Cheaters are constantly harassing Jub Jub, who gets himself into trouble by exposing infidelity on the show. These cheaters yell hatred at him and threaten to retaliate if he continues to expose them. Jub Jub frequently gets himself into trouble by exposing infidelity on the show.

After seeing an image of shattered glass caused by a bullet, many people wondered if he was okay or if cheaters were out to get him as a form of retaliation for what he had done.

While some of his fans were concerned for his well-being, others cautioned him about the dangers of his line of work and predicted that there would be more incidents in the future.

The All-New Jub Jub Show

Even though he has received threats from followers, there is still a chance that everything will turn out okay because he is working hard to fix the country while also making the ladies happy. The audience’s attention was immediately drawn to a trailer for Jub Jub’s new program when it appeared on the screens during a tense episode of Uyajola 9/9 in which Jub Jub’s life was in danger. This captured the audience’s attention immediately.

The title of the show is “You Promised To Marry Me,” and it follows individuals who have been promised marriage but have not actually tied the knot.

The trailer suggests that the movie is about women who are sick and tired of waiting for their turn to walk down the aisle, or about ladies who never got to have their dream wedding because their fiance decided otherwise. Alternatively, the film could be about women who are sick and tired of waiting for their turn to walk down the aisle.

Fans’ interest in the show has been piqued because it has the potential to be a ratings winner and features a significant amount of drama.

The Early Years of Jub Jub’s Life

The 29th of June, 1980 was the month and year of Jub Jub’s birth. He is 41 years old and was born and raised in Soweto, which is located in Orlando East.

He was given the name Molemo Maarohanye at birth, and both of his parents were responsible for his upbringing in a large family.

After completing his Primary Studies, Jub Jub was awarded a scholarship that would allow him to continue his education in the United States.

Education provided by Jub Jub

Jub Jub attended La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts in Manhattan, New York, thanks to the generosity of a scholarship that he was awarded.

Relationships of the Jub-Jub Type

Prior to his incarceration in 2010, he was involved in a romantic relationship with Kelly Khumalo.
The couple eventually had a son, and they named him Christian.

A turbulent relationship existed between Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub, which came to an end when Kelly Khumalo asserted that Jub Jub had been emotionally and physically abusing her throughout their time together.

Kelly’s comments on an episode of Behind the Story, in which she stated that she doesn’t need Jub Jub’s assistance in raising their son and that she doesn’t want anything to do with him, caused a sensation and made headlines.

In a conversation with News24, he revealed that he has a wife, but he did not disclose her name or any other personal information about her. Upon being questioned, he disclosed that he had been married for a considerable amount of time and that his wife had supported him through the toughest years of his incarceration.


The first studio album released by Jub Jub was titled The Rare Breed and was released in 2006. The album was met with favorable reception all over the country.

On his album was the hit song “Good Time of Your Time,” which was played more frequently on the radio and was shown on television music channels.

At the 2006 Metro FM Music Awards, Jub Jub was asked to perform the song that was nominated for an award.

My Shine was Jub Jub’s second studio album, and it was released in 2007. The album was an instant hit, thanks in large part to the massive success of the song “Ndikhokhele,” which translates to “lead me Father.”

Ndikhokhele is a gospel song that was written by Jub Jub and the Jaziel Brothers in collaboration. This song featured musicians from a variety of musical traditions and genres. It’s a song that takes a contemporary approach to gospel music while also incorporating elements of hip hop.

The musician has already made a name for himself as one of the country’s most well-known gospel rappers. Ndikhokhele is being considered for several different music awards this year.

The Jub Jub Sentence in Prison

On March 8, 2010, Jub Jub and his friend Themba Tshabalala were passengers in a vehicle that was involved in an accident. According to the report prepared for the court, they were under the influence of powerful narcotics when they participated in drag racing on a public road that was located close to a school. The ensuing accident caused the deaths of four schoolchildren and left two others with permanent brain damage.

On December 5, 2012, Jub Jub and his friend were each given a sentence of 25 years in prison for attempted murder and three related offenses, one of which was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

They filed an appeal on February 7th, 2014, exactly two years after they had completed their service. Later on that year, on the 8th of October, their appeal was granted, and the murder conviction was reduced to culpable homicide. Additionally, their sentence was reduced to 10 years, beginning with their arrest in 2012, which was a significant reduction from the original sentence of life in prison.

Following the completion of more than four years of their respective sentences, Jub Jub and Themba were each granted parole in the year 2017.

Jub Jub Abuse Allegations

Kelly Khumalo, a well-known musician from South Africa, gave an interview to MTV Base in 2016, during which she claimed that the South African rapper Jub Jub had physically abused her.

She asserts that she was there when Jub Jub was taken into custody in the year 2010.

“Dealing with a partner who [was] going through a very serious case, who was also very abusive,” both emotionally and physically. “Dealing with a partner who [was] going through a very serious case.”

On the other hand, Jub Jub denied the allegations. [Citation needed] Kelly Khumalo disclosed in 2019 that she does not allow Jub Jub to see her child in order to spare him the anguish of witnessing his mother’s suffering.

The Philanthropy of the Jub-Jubs

According to Jub Jub, the Jub Cares Foundation was established in 2017 so that he could give something back to the local community.

He asserted that his release from prison had instilled in him a renewed sense of purpose, and that purpose was to make a constructive contribution to the lives of young people.

Through the nonprofit organization, he travels to schools and delivers inspiring speeches.

Within the realm of television, he is persistently working to expand both his brand and his reputation. He is committed to showing others that change is possible through his actions.

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