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Jub-Jub has been caught red-handedly deceiving the South African people.

Word in the streets is that the famous Uyajola9/9 presenter JubJub was once again shown the exit door after he and his crew in the last episode filmed a man’s private parts. Although Mojah Love hasn’t confirmed the grapevine yet, there is no smoke without fire. Therefore it is likely that we will miss Jub Jub we hope he will come back just like what he did when he was last fired because we can all agree that he is good at what he does.

Opinions have been split ever since the show Uyajola 9/9 caused a commotion in the streets of South Africa, particularly regarding the authenticity of the show and whether or not it has been staged.

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Some people argue that it is real because they know people who have appeared on the show, while others believe that it is fake because there has never been a wealthy person on the show or someone who looks like they are struggling to make ends meet. Both of these groups believe that the show is a fabrication.

“It is imperative that Jub Jub recruit more talented actors. These ones are so bad at acting that they aren’t even embarrassed to be caught on camera acting awkwardly after being caught in a potentially embarrassing situation. Someone loves their partner very much but doesn’t cry when they see their partner treat them in such a way, which is a fake cry “one user of a social media platform posted a tweet.

The predicament became even more serious after one user, acting in error, stated publicly that the show had been given to a couple that she was familiar with.

This is not the first time that the nation has raised concerns or suspicions about something. There have been many occasions in which individuals, such as Blondie, Tk Nciza, Nontuthuko Gumede, and many others, have started complaining that the show is fake.

The list keeps growing with each new instance, which raises the question of whether or not it is still worthwhile to watch when it is fabricated to give the appearance of a reality show.

They actually paid me to act! Blondie reveals that Uyajola’s “cheating drama” was all an act

Blondie reveals to Uyajola that the Cheating Drama Was Fake… Alleges That She Was Compensated For Playing The Role

A woman who has featured on Uyajola 9/9 has claimed that the show filmed her in inappropriate situations when she was there.

Blondie, or Nothando Gumede, as she is more commonly referred to by fans of Uyajola, stated that she is currently in issue with her family as a result of appearing on TV while competing for a man’s attention.

Blondie has stated that during her appearance on the show, she was under the impression that she was merely performing, and the producers even provided her with a script for what to say in front of the camera.

She asserts that she was given R1,000 in the form of hush money so that she would keep quiet about what was really going on during the reality show.

Blondie claims that she is familiar with the couple she confronted while filming her episode in Ntinyane at Mbumbulu. She also claims that the couple does not experience any difficulties in their relationship.

“The location of the shooting is the residence of the person for whom we were meant to fight; he lives there with his girlfriend. This is where the incident took place. They gave me R1000, and they gave this other couple R2000 in exchange for them being silent.

Even the condoms that were present, which were placed there by me since I was instructed to do so in order to make the episode appear more authentic:

Blondie claims that the sum of R1000 that she was given as hush money is not sufficient for her needs and that she had hoped for more.

Now she says that she is arguing with her family because they are ashamed of her for embarrassing herself on TV over such a small amount of money.

Blondie claims that the producers of Uyajola tricked her out of her hard-earned money and even forced her to delete her Facebook account so that people wouldn’t look for her or try to get in touch with her through social media. Blondie said that she was cheated out of the money that she had worked so hard to earn.

She claims that she has contacted the Moja Love spokesperson, Lindiwe Mbonambi, via two emails and one SMS, but she has not received a response from her.

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