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IdolsSA struggles to get viewership

It would appear that Idols South Africa is not quite meeting expectations in terms of viewership. If the reporting by Phil Mphela is any indication, the show consistently receives low ratings, which begs the question: What could the issue be?

In spite of trending every Sunday on social media, those numbers have not translated into viewership. Experts in the field of television have pointed the finger at a variety of factors, including a lack of originality in the way the show is produced and a failure to produce musicians who become famous all over the world, as the cause of its waning popularity.

IdolsSA struggles to get viewership

Thinus Ferreira, a well-known social commentator and the proprietor of a popular TV blog, stated that he has “noticed that the show’s viewership has been decreasing since last year.” The reason for this is that some viewers stopped watching the show after Somizi was fired, and they have not come back since. What is occurring with Idols South Africa also occurred with American Idols in the past.

The reality competition show American Idol went off the air for a few years because its ratings were falling. When it first aired, it was the show with the highest ratings, and when it returned, the cast appeared to have been given a fresh start.

“I believe it is time to think about pausing Idols South Africa for a while and then bringing them back again. The number of people who watched it cannot be compared to how popular it was on social media. It only takes a certain number of people retweeting a post for it to become popular across various social media platforms.

Since Randall Abrahams and Unathi Nkayi left the show, there have undoubtedly been a number of significant developments behind the scenes.

Idols South Africa had an impressive viewership, but after Somizi Mhlongo was suspended due to abuse allegations, that viewership drastically decreased. It’s possible that viewers followed through on their threat to stop watching the program altogether. However, despite his return to season 18 alongside fresh faces Thembi Seete and JR Bogopa, it has been reported that viewership numbers have not increased.

A few months ago, Phil Mphela made the announcement that when the new season premiered on July 17th, the viewership numbers dropped to an all-time low of 744 000.

The numbers are still low at this point, which is the month of September. According to Phil Mphela, Idols South Africa has lost more than 100,000 viewers. “Back in July, the new season reached its highest number of viewers with 744 thousand, which is a significant drop from the previous debut. The month of August did not fare any better for the new show, which was moving into its LIVE shows but only reached a peak of 662 thousand viewers.

The downward trend that began in August has carried over into September, with the show losing more than 100,000 viewers for their most watched episode of the month. The show also reached a disappointing peak of 542,000 viewers,” he went on to say.

He believes that load shedding may also be a contributing factor to the issue. “With load-shedding, Eskom is also dealing a major blow to the television industry! In light of all this, it would be irresponsible of us to just blame the show’s monotony on the fact that viewers are getting tired of the show alone.

Idols South Africa has recently been accused of being pointless and of producing winners who are not talented enough to have a promising career but who will instead become Tik Tok stars.

Mzansi drew parallels between the contestants of the show’s 18th season and those of the 16th season. Idols South Africa winners, according to Mzansi, are “useless stars” who are not making waves in the entertainment industry. This is in contrast to the Qwabe Twins, who did not win the competition but are now super stars.

The comparisons did not stop with the Qwabe Twins; instead, Mzansi also brought up Mmatema Moremi, who was a contestant on the eleventh season of Idols South Africa and won the hearts of many people during her time there. Although Mmatema Moremi was never a winner, she is now well-known for her work as a gospel singer.

Even though they were unable to win the competition, many of the Idols South Africa contestants are currently making waves in the entertainment industry with their beautiful singing.

On the other hand, they are genuine vocalists like Yanga Sobetwa, who won the 14th season of Idols South Africa and went on to end her career without ever abandoning her original music.

There are rumors circulating that Yanga is having trouble making ends meet, and that the medal she won from Idols SA is not enough to cover her expenses. She has recently become a Tik Tok star despite having fewer than 120.000 followers.

Another illustration is that of Amanda Black. Amanda, who competed under her given name Amanda Antony at the time, came in seventh place in season 11, but just two years later, she won three South African Music Awards (SAMAs) for her album “Amazulu.” Among them were “Most Promising Newcomer of the Year” and “Best Female Artist.” She was nominated for a BET award and a DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Award in addition to winning two Metro FM awards in the same year.

Amanda claims that nobody enjoys coming in second place, and despite the fact that she was extremely disheartened, it was not the end of her journey in the music industry.

“If I had won American Idol, I would not be in the position that I am in now. The fact that I did not win the competition turned out to be a significant blessing in disguise. To tell you the truth, if you look at some of the people who have won American Idol, they are not even close to reaching the pinnacle of their careers, and some of them have already faded away.

Noma Khumalo, the winner of Idols South Africa in 2016, is yet another illustration of this. It was much better for her to return to her teaching career rather than sell her album for R5, as doing so would have been a huge embarrassment to the music and showbiz community.

It was once said that Noma was suffering from depression, with the speculation being that this was due to the fact that her music career was not going very well. She refused to discuss the reports that her debut album was seen being sold at R5, insisting that the matter is already in the past.

The Qwabe Twins, also known as Viggy and Virginia, were catapulted into the public eye after participating in the 15th season of Idols South Africa. After putting on jaw-dropping performances every time they were on stage, the identical twins were eventually split up to perform solo songs, which brought the level of the competition down to a more manageable level.

The fact that they were physically apart did not prevent them from continuing to bring fantastical elements to the stage. Things took an unexpected turn, though, when Virginia was eliminated from the competition for the top five spots. After twenty-four hours, Viggy withdrew from the show due to allegations of bullying and vote rigging on the part of the other contestants.

The Qwabe twins were unable to advance to the finals of the competition; however, fortune smiled upon them when they were signed to Afrotainment Records, which is owned by DJ Tira. After getting signed by DJ Tira, a musician who has won multiple awards for his work in the music industry, the Qwabe twins recorded their first song, Hamba, which quickly became a popular song.

Mpilo, Noxolo, Nozi, Thapelo, Ty Loner, and Zee have finished in first through sixth place, respectively, this year. In his initial report, Phil stated that the producers of the show have reason to be concerned. “To be fair, ratings have declined for the vast majority of shows across the television landscape, particularly for programs that have been on the air for a considerable amount of time. Having said that, it is noteworthy that Idols SA has not been able to return to its previous level of over one million viewers for each episode. IdolsSA ought to be worried about this.”

Following the allegations of abuse, Somizi held a press conference in which he stated that he would maintain his innocence until he was proven guilty. “To tell you the truth, and as some of you may have noticed, I haven’t said much about anything. My professional life stays at work, and I don’t discuss what goes on in my personal life. I have the impression that I am unable to say anything at this time, and I do not wish to say anything. He stated, “All I can say is that it was one of the most difficult times in my career, but we move on because it is said that you are innocent until proven guilty.”

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