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IdolsSA judge Thembi Seete has quite a reputation

Idols South Africa made headlines when they announced that Thembi Seete would be serving as one of the new judges for season 18. The stunning actress and singer rose to fame at a young age and has maintained her prominence in the entertainment industry ever since.

The musician, who was born in Soweto, was a member of the well-known girl band Boom Shaka from 1993 until the group broke up in the year 2000. Boom Shaka was a band that played kwaito, and they were very successful. As a result, it should not come as a surprise that a great number of people in South Africa were dismayed when the band broke up.

IdolsSA judge Thembi Seete has quite a reputation

Soon after the band broke up, Thembi Seete embarked on a solo career and began appearing in films.

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After it was revealed how much of an age gap there was between Collen Mashawana and Thembi Seete, the two became quite popular. Mzansi was preparing to celebrate Collen Mashawana’s birthday in September, as is customary, when the revelation came to light. Collen’s birthday falls in that month. The fact that Thembi Seete is older than the man who is going to be her baby daddy, Collen Mashawana, demonstrates that age is nothing more than a number when it comes to love.

Collen started an investment firm that is now known as Afribiz Invest Pty and serves as the company’s executive chairman. Collen Mashawana is rumored to be one of the wealthiest men in Limpopo. He is also well-known for his generosity in addition to his wealth. According to the reports, he has started a number of community projects in both Limpopo and Gauteng.

It is not clear whether or not the two are still together; however, some unconfirmed reports claim that although Thembi and Collen have gone their separate ways, they are co-parenting their son together. This information cannot be confirmed.

Shortly after Thembi Seete’s engagement to her now-ex-fiancé ended, she and Collen began seeing each other romantically. They confirmed to the world that they were dating when they were seen together at Lebo Gunguluza’s wedding in Mauritius. Prior to this, there had been a lot of speculation about whether or not the two were an item.

Collen Mashawana, who is now a successful entrepreneur and philanthropreneur, was born on September 6th, 1981. In the year 2022, he will have reached the age of 41. On the other hand, Thembi Seete was born on March 25th, 1977, which means that she will turn 45 years old in 2022. Collen appears to be much older than Thembi, despite the fact that they have a 4-year age gap between them. However, no one would ever guess that from looking at them.

Because she was afraid it would be detrimental to her career, the Gomora actress preferred that the public not be aware of the romantic connections she maintained. The wedding of Lebo Gunguluza took place in 2018, and photographs of the couple attending were published online by journalists. Their relationship was brought into the public eye, and there were rumors going around that the two of them had become engaged and were living together at Mashawana’s house.

In the same year, Thembi Seete announced that she was expecting a child and displayed her growing baby bump for the world to see. Even though she posted a picture of herself while pregnant, she remained mum about the identity of the father of her unborn child. Mzansi speculated that Mashawana was the father of her child, but neither Mashawana nor Thembi came forward to confirm the rumor.

Dakalo is the name of Thembi Seete’s son, who was born in April 2018, when Thembi was 40 years old. Dakalo was the first child for Thembi Seete. On April 11, 2022, Thembi’s son celebrated his fourth birthday, and Thembi took to social media to share her joy over her son reaching this milestone age.

Because it appears that Thembi Seete is very interested in keeping her son away from social media, it is uncommon to find photographs of her child posted anywhere on the internet. The former member of Boom Shaka.

Collen was previously married to the Legacy actress Lerato Moloi, with whom he shares another son named Prince Mashawana, who was born in 2012. Prior to beginning his relationship with Thembi, Collen dated Lerato Moloi.

Thembi Seete is not married at the present time, and it is highly likely that she is a single mother.

Thembi was previously in a committed relationship with the well-known musician Bobo “Bo” Seritsane before she began dating Collen Mashawana.

According to the rumors, the couple had been together since 2006 and announced their engagement in 2012. Sadly, they never tied the knot and ended their relationship in 2017, after having been together for approximately ten years prior.

When their relationship was at its peak, many people thought of them as the ideal couple. In the year 212, Seritsane made her an engagement proposal, and he was prepared to finalize their relationship by getting married right away.

Thembi Seete preferred to take things slowly and forge a deeper connection with the person who would be her life partner rather than getting married soon after becoming engaged. She did not want to get married right away after becoming engaged.

After being engaged for four years, the couple decided to end their relationship. The Gomora actress did not disclose the breakup until well over a year later, while she was working on the set of Massive Metro. At the same time, she disclosed that she had recently begun a romantic partnership with another person, a partnership that, according to her, possessed a greater potential for achievement and stability.

It is not entirely clear whether the actress and judge on Idols SA has any plans to get married in the near future, but if and when she does get married, we will make sure that you find out about it first.

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