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‘I don’t kill people’, Nelisiwe Sibiya cries out

I’m not a killer!

Even though it’s been a month since Nelisa Mchunu last appeared on television in a villainous role, people are still labeling her as a murderer in public.

On the Mzansi Magic show Isifiso, Nelisa played the role of Bazothini, a character who is responsible for the murder of her sister in order to marry her wealthy husband.

‘I don’t kill people’, Nelisiwe Sibiya cries out
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Daily Sun was told by a woman in her 30s that strangers were approaching her all the time.

“This is something that other people have consistently done to me. People believed that I was my character on Uzalo when I was actually living my true life,” she claimed.

“It’s funny how it turned out to be not so horrible since, despite the fact that people call me a murderer, they really did love Bazo. It’s odd because people shouldn’t have a positive reaction to a character who acts like that. Therefore, interactions with fans don’t necessarily have to be negative.”

Nelisa mentioned that although though portraying the role was challenging, she had fun doing it.

“I won’t lie to you, she was a really compelling person. Throughout the course of the season, she experienced such a wide range of feelings. It was both entertaining and difficult to do. It was a lot of fun acting the part of a murderer.

During her five years on Uzalo, Nelisa became famous for her role as Fikile. She said that the role she played on the soap opera broadcast on SABC1 was distinct from Bazo.

“The manner in which I performed was, for the most part, consistent; nonetheless, it is evident that I needed to channel different things because the roles are distinct.”

“Channeling different energies was the only change,” she said. “That was the only difference.”

“Other than that, I always use the same mantra, and I always do the same thing to get into character. I needed to be able to convey a lot of feeling through the character of Bazo, so I had to dive deep.”

Fikile mentioned that she will soon have a new movie out.

“I just finished shooting a film, and it’s probably going to come out next year,” she said. “I just wrapped up shooting a film.”

Everything You Need To Know About Nelisiwe Sibiya’s Husband, As Well As Her Past Relationships, Is Presented Here.

Nelisiwe Sibiya is a musician and award-winning actress who has quickly risen to fame to become one of the best actresses in South Africa. She is best known for her role as Dr. Mbali Mthethwa in the popular medical drama telenovela Durban Gen. Her performance in this role has earned her numerous accolades.

People are naturally going to be curious about whether or not the actress is married or in a relationship given the increasing prominence of her career. It is only natural. Find out everything you need to know about Nelisiwe Sibiya’s marriage, her past relationships, and her dating tastes, all of which will blow your mind, in the following paragraphs.

Who is Nelisiwe Sibiya’s husband?

The talented actress Nelisiwe Sibiya is not currently married, despite the fact that she plays a character who is married in the television show Durban Gen. According to some sources, the role of Nelisiwe Sibiya’s husband has not been filled because the beautiful actress is not currently in a relationship.

Due to the fact that she has been very secretive about her personal life, it is also unknown whether or not Nelisiwe is now in a romantic relationship. This has not, however, stopped internet users from making assumptions, and up until a few months ago, the actress was said to be in a relationship with another actor named Mike Ndlangamandla, who is known for playing the part of Dr. Zulu on the television show Durban Gen.

Even though her marital status is unknown at this time, it is interesting to note that Sibiya came dangerously close to tying the knot with a gospel musician named Ayanda Ntanzi.

The star of Durban Gen disclosed this information about her relationship with Ayanda during a recent interview at Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM. The conversation took place at Engineer Your Life, and it was conducted by Lungelo KM. As a result of the realization that they adhered to disparate worldviews in 2019, they decided to break off their engagement and end their relationship.

Nelisiwe Sibiya and Robert Marawa

Nelisiwe Sibiya and Robert Marawa

A report that well-known sports journalist Robert Marawa was romantically involved with Nelisiwe Sibiya surfaced online a few months ago, according to a rumor.

Musa Khawula, a celebrity tea master, is the one who started the dating rumor after posting a photo collage of the two media celebrities on Twitter with the statement, “Robert Marawa (49), purportedly in a relationship with Nelisiwe Sibiya (26).”

During her interview at Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM, Nelisiwe Sibiya laughed off the claim that she was dating Marawa. This was despite the fact that both Nelisiwe Sibiya and Marawa did not immediately respond to the dating rumor. In spite of the fact that he praised Marawa as an incredible individual who was also a loyal friend, he insisted that the two were not an item.

Nelisiwe Sibiya discusses the type of man she is interested in dating.

Nelisiwe continued to talk about her childhood while she was being interviewed by Lungelo KM for the show Engineer Your Life. She explained how her upbringing contributed to the person she is today. Sibiya disclosed that the challenges she faced as a child helped mold her into a strong woman, and that as a result, she would never date a man who lacked strength.

The background of the actress in KwaZulu Natal was not particularly privileged. Her mother took care of her and her sister after her father was killed in front of her when she was only eight years old. Her father had been shot to death.

Someone who was connected to her family was the one who sexually assaulted her, but her abuser was able to prevent her family from speaking out or pursuing justice since he was wealthy and powerful.

Nelisiwe Sibiya put in a lot of effort because she was adamant about changing her future and the future of her family, and the fruits of her labor are clear to all of us now. She was recently honored with the Zikomo Award for Best Actress in Africa for her work in the acting industry.

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