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Here is what happened to the Qwabe Twins after Idols

One of the most popular and successful talent-searching reality series in Mzansi is called Idols SA. The objective of the show is to find up-and-coming musicians and then help them mature into successful professionals through training and mentoring.

The administration of Idols SA typically provides a big prize package consisting of cash, vehicles, electronic devices, and tokens in an effort to pique viewers’ interest in the reality talent program. Idols South Africa has been under fire from Mzansi for generating winners who aren’t talented enough to have a promising career and will instead become stars on TikTok.

Here is what happened to the Qwabe Twins after Idols

Mzansi makes fun of Idols South Africa for spawning pointless stars.

The insults were aroused when Mzansi compared the show’s season 18 participants to the one from season 16. Idols South Africa winners, according to Mzansi, are “useless stars” who are not making waves in the entertainment industry. This is in contrast to the Qwabe Twins, who did not win the competition but are now super stars.

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The analogies did not end with Qwabe Twins, but Mzansi also referenced Mmatema Moremi, who captured the hearts of many during her reign as an Idols SA participant in season 11. Moremi was never victorious, but she went on to become a well-known gospel singer. Even though they were unable to win the competition, many of the Idols South Africa finalists are already making waves in the entertainment industry with their beautiful singing.

On the other side, there are real vocalists like Yanga Sobetwa, who was the champion on Idols SA season 14, and her career stopped there without losing her own compositions. Rumours have it that Yanga is struggling to make ends meet, and the medal from Idols SA is not clearing her debts. She has recently become a Tik Tok sensation despite having fewer than 120.000 followers.

The Qwabe Twins, often known as Viggy and Virginia, were catapulted into the public eye after participating in the 15th season of Idols South Africa. After putting on delicious performances each time they were on stage, the twins were eventually split up to sing solo songs, which brought the level of competition down to a more appropriate level.

Their separation did not badly effect them as they maintained bringing fantasy to the stage. Things took an unexpected turn, though, when Virginia was removed from the competition for the top five spots. After twenty-four hours, Viggy withdrew from the competition owing to allegations of bullying and vote rigging on the part of the other contestants.

The Qwabe twins were unable to go to the finals, but they did receive a stroke of good luck when they were signed to a record deal with Afrotainment Records, which is owned by DJ Tira. After getting signed by DJ Tira, a singer who has won multiple awards for his work in the music industry, the Qwabe twins produced their first song, Hamba, which quickly became a popular tune.

Since the identical twins got it big in the music world, they have been producing hit after hit after hit ever since. In just the first three years of their career, they have already won two awards and been nominated for a further two awards. This is despite the fact that they are currently at the pinnacle of their career.

2019 saw the following events take place. Okay, let’s go back a little bit.

It has come to light that there was far more going on behind the scenes of the Qwabe twins’ departure from the 15th season of Idols South Africa than the general audience was initially lead to think.

After Mzansi Magic stated earlier this week on Twitter that “THERE WAS NO BULLYING or any physical altercations among contestants in the house,” it has now come to light that there was in fact drama behind-the-scenes that led to both Viggy and Virginia Qwabe leaving the show. This news comes after Mzansi Magic tweeted earlier this week that “THERE WAS NO BULLYING or any physical altercations among contestants in the house.”

Mzansi Magic made the announcement on Monday that Viggy had withdrawn from the competition after her sister Virginia did not receive enough votes to get her a spot in the top 4. Viggy denied any “bullying” or “physical altercations” that may have occurred during the competition.

In spite of the assertion made by the broadcaster, individuals of the audience have related an alternative account of the occurrences.

There was a tumultuous fight behind-the-scenes of the program on Sunday between the Qwabe family and Mzansi Magic production, which is the latest scandal to plague Idols SA. One of the show’s publicists was allegedly threatened by members of the Qwabe family.

Things reportedly got so heated behind the scenes that the South African police service was called in and arrived at the show to intervene. They did this because things got so heated behind the scenes.

Independently, Channel24 attempted to contact the Qwabe family for comment on the allegations; however, no response had been received prior to the time that this piece was published. The current version of this article will be revised as soon as new feedback is provided.

Laurence Qwabe, the twins’ father, was quoted in the Daily Sun as saying that he cautioned his daughters against interacting with the media. He went on to say that both of them were safe and sound in their native province of KwaZulu-Natal, where he “kept them in a safe spot away from everyone, including the media.”

He went on to assert that the voting system for Idols South Africa was corrupt and that the family believed they were “wasting money” by continuing to support the twins in the competition and by casting their votes for them. He stated that they had come to the conclusion that both of the sisters should be eliminated from the competition “They were on the verge of going completely insane.

Laurence has also declined to comment on the commotion that occurred backstage in a statement that was given to Sowetan Live.

The head of publicity for M-local Net’s entertainment channels, Philly Kubheka, stated that “the Qwabes are not available for interviews as we do not currently have access to them.”

Kubheka was asked to comment on behalf of Mzansi Magic regarding the alleged showdown that took place behind-the-scenes and the intervention of the police, and he provided the following response: “During the course of the live broadcast, the Qwabe family and some of the audience members displayed aggressive behavior and demanded that the twins be taken away.

Because this is a public event, we had no choice but to call the police because they made threats of violence, and it is our responsibility to make sure that everyone is safe.

In response to assertions made by the family that Virginia’s departure was influenced in some way, Kubheka stated: “Mzansi Magic has reached a conclusion about the credibility of the voting process for Idols South Africa Season 15. Deloitte & Touche independently calculated the vote tally and ranked the contenders, and then validated their findings by comparing them to the results of the vote count obtained by M-Net.

“Although the judges offer their opinions and make predictions throughout the show, they are unable to influence the way the public vote is tallied or the results it produces in any way. Mzansi Magic is also content with the fact that the show is managed in a way that shows respect for its cast and crew members and that there is zero tolerance for bullying.

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