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Gospel star Lusanda begs for financial support: “I’m broke!”

Gospel legend Lusanda Mcinga claims that she is unable to pay her bills and is begging the general public for financial assistance.

The celebrity, who broke her silence about the situation in a video that was just released, claimed that all of her possessions, including her cars, have been repossessed.

The video of Lusanda crying over her financial situation placed many of her followers on social media in a state of astonishment.

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You can hear the lead member of Lusanda Spiritual Group asking with her followers and the wider public to provide a helping hand in the video because she is struggling to make ends meet and can hardly afford to keep herself fed and clothed.

Mcinga stated that after the arrival of Covid-19, she began to progressively lose all of her things, and she was unable to secure bookings because gatherings were outlawed.

“I have a problem. Since we’ve been dealing with Covid in 2020, 2021, and 2022, I haven’t been able to record anything or book any performances. I’m having a hard time getting food right now, but happily, my youngster Betusile is helping me out by purchasing food for me.

“He is the only person in the household who brings in money, and he occasionally donates to me. However, he is finding that it is becoming too much for him. I cannot bear the weight of his responsibility,” wrote Lusanda Mcinga.

“During the course of Covid 19, all of my vehicles were repossessed. Since I was unable to make the payments to the bank, they were taken back. I am fortunate to have people who are willing to lend me money on occasion.

Because of how terrible things currently are, even R200 seems like a million to me. In addition to that, my health suffered as a result, and it has never been the same since,” Mcinga stated.

In the video, Mcinga continues to discuss some of her plans for the foreseeable future in relation to her music. And reveals how difficult it is for her to travel to Johannesburg to record what will likely be her final album before she hangs up her microphone.

“However, in order to record, I require a significant amount of money, which I do not have. I don’t think I’d like it if I suddenly vanished without a trace. As a result, I am making a request to anyone who might be able to help me financially. It can be as little as possible, yet even that will make a significant impact on how I feel about things. Mcinga expressed their desire to record in Joburg by stating the following:


She is a member of the gospel ensemble Lusanda Spiritual, which is based in South Africa, and Lusanda Mcinga is a gospel vocalist.
Willowvale (kuGatyana), South Africa is where Lusanda Mcinga was born, however she currently makes her home in Mthatha.
The music of Mcinga has in some strange way managed to touch the hearts of many people.

1995 marked the beginning of the gospel dynamo’s career in the music industry. She released her own recordings up to the time that Gallo Records wooed her to join their stable, where she continued to fly.

The recording of Ungababek’ityala in 1998 was the beginning of her successful career at Gallo. Mcinga was awarded her first gold disc for the album.

Mcinga remained in Eastern Cape at a time when many musicians were making the move to Johannesburg in search of better opportunities.

South African is the homeland of Lusanda Spiritual Group.

This award-winning quartet is incredible, and they play uplifting gospel music that is led by guitarist Lusanda Mcinga. The majority of their songs are sung in Xhosa, with some English.

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