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Gomora actress reveals what she did when she cheating boyfriend 

Velile Makhoba, better known to the general public as Gugu on Gomora, took to her Tik Tok account in order to have a storytime with her fans in which she discussed personal aspects of her dating life. It has come to light that Velile is, in actuality, every bit as insane as she appears to be on screen.

The famous actress began the video that she uploaded by inquiring about the responses of her admirers when they found out that their boyfriends had been seeing someone else in their bedrooms. After that, Velile declared that she would go first and tell her story during storytime.

Gomora actress reveals what she did when she cheating boyfriend 

She made reference to the man she had dated before she became famous, but she did not provide his name. She stated that everything was going well, or at least it appeared to be going well, until she had to move out of the neighborhood where they were residing, and she started hearing rumors that her man was having an affair with another woman. One day, she woke up with the strange idea to go to the man’s house, where she was taken aback to find the girl dozing off in the bed that normally belonged to her boyfriend.


Velile pulls a knife on the girl when she tries to confront her, but she doesn’t intend to hurt her; she’s just trying to scare her. The girl has an attitude when Velile tries to confront her, so Velile does it to scare her rather than to hurt her.

After coming to the conclusion that she deserved better, Makhoba eventually broke up with that guy. The fact that she didn’t end up hurting the girl was a source of relief for some of her followers, while others couldn’t contain their mirth at what she’d done. Others have voiced their shock at the fact that, despite her beauty, she must still contend with the hostility of men.

On Gomora, Velile has been playing the role of Gugu, the late Mbongeni Ndaba’s daughter, from an extramarital relationship to absolute perfection on screen. Gugu was involved in a scandal involving her father. Her upbringing in the Eastern Cape was provided by her grandparents and her uncle Phumlani. She did a wonderful job, especially considering that this was her very first acting role. Gugulethu displayed her mastery of her craft by ensuring that Gomora viewers were captivated by what she had to show them.

Gomora actress reveals what she did when she cheating boyfriend 

Velile became a member of Gomora after she disrupted Phumlani and Thati’s wedding in the second season and accused Thati of robbing her father of money and flaunting it on social media. Velile’s accusation was that Thati had stolen the money from her father.

Even though the budget for Gomora is relatively low in comparison to that of other telenovelas in the country, the showrunners have been able to pay their actors a competitive wage. As a beginning actress, Velile Makhoba was given the reasonable amount of R25.000 per month, which is standard for a working actress. However, she quit the program just recently.

Velile is a well-known dancer and choreographer who is famous for her moves that are based in real life. The Phakama Dance Academy and the Ekhaya Multi Art Center were her primary places of instruction throughout her career. In contrast to the majority of beginning actors, Velile already possesses a skill that can be utilized outside of acting, which is to her advantage. In her spare time, Velile created Gomora videos of herself dancing that were both entertaining and impressive. Because she now has more time on her hands, Velile plans to devote it to developing her many other professional skills.

Velile Makhoba, who played Gomora, says her goodbyes.

Playing a hit song by Burna Boy, bubbly actress Gugu “Velile Makhoba” said goodbye to Gomora while singing the song “Last last.” Gugu first met the Gomora clan approximately seven months ago, at the wedding of Phumlani “Buyile Mdladla” and Thathi “Katledgo Dankie.” Gugu did an excellent job in her role as Phumlani’s daughter on Gomora. After her father passed away, she stayed with Mam Sonto’s girlfriend, Connie Chiume. Because of the incredible talent that she displayed for Mzansi, particularly while she was a student at Gomora High, Gugu quickly became a fan favorite.

A fan was required to write an emotional farewell letter to Gugu as a token of appreciation for the fantastic work and talent Gugu displayed on Gomora. Despite the fact that she had been maintaining her silence on the matter, Gugu has now confirmed that she will be leaving Gomora. She did so by posting a farewell message on her Instagram story. In spite of how kind Gugu had been on Gomora, she eventually left, and she did so crying. Velile is at a loss for words as evidenced by the fact that she only attached emojis depicting love and gratitude to the video; however, Burna boy’s final lyrics did the job for her.

Without a doubt, Gugubrought positive vibes to Gomora both on and off the screen, and despite the fact that she was only there for a little over nine years, she won the hearts of fans. In addition to Teddy “Sicelo Buthelezi” and Tiny “Stella Dlangalala,” she was regarded as one of the most talented dancers in the ensemble. She was impressed with her as she developed a strong relationship with Sibongile, who played Nandipa Khubone, and Tshiamo, who played Lerato Mokoka, on the show.

The tragic news that Gugu could no longer reside with Mam Sonto, her end to Gomora, was recently received. On the day that she was leaving for KZN, her emotions took over, and the Mofele family was reduced to crying the entire time. Both Sizwe “Amanda Daweti” and Sibongile came to wish her a good trip, and Sizwe “Amanda Daweti” brought a lunchbox for her to eat on the way. She stated that it was true, despite the fact that it appeared to be abundantly clear that Gugu would not be returning.

After leaving Gomora, what are Velile ‘Gugu’ Makhoba’s plans for the future?

Velile, in contrast to the majority of actors who have only a limited talent set, possesses another talent outside of acting that enables her to put food on the table. Velile is a well-known dancer and choreographer in the real world, and she gained her fame as a result of her impressive moves. The majority of her training was completed at the Ekhaya Multi Art Centre as well as the Phakama Dance Academy. During her free time while she was on Gomora, Velile created a number of dancing videos that were both entertaining and impressive. Velile is going to put a significant amount of effort into further developing her career now that she has more free time.

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