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Gogo Skhotheni‘s hut gets people talking

Tumi, who is a sangoma, has opened her Ndumbas, which are sacred huts, and viewers were unable to prevent themselves from noticing something in the main hut.

Each new episode of Gogo Skhotheni reveals new details about her and her personal life to the audience. There are a few strategies that viewers of Gogo Skhotheni feel the show should change that they are unhappy about.

Gogo Skhotheni‘s hut gets people talking

Tumi, a South African sangoma and a healer, opens the new sacred huts that she built for her ancestors in the most recent episode of Gogo Skhotheni, which can be seen on MojaLoveTv channel 157.

Gogo Skhotheni‘s hut gets people talking

Tumi has been accused by Mzansi of being self-centered and of being someone who does not care about the way other people feel in order to make her husband Monde feel more special. When viewers see the statue that Tumi placed in the primary sacred hut, they are convinced that she is engaging in the practice of witchcraft.

Tumi did mention at the beginning of the show that she is constructing Ndumbas, which are sacred huts, in an area that is remote from people so that they won’t see anything unexpected that happens there. Within each Ndumba (sacred hut) that she constructs, she inscribes the names of her ancestors, including the name of her grandfather, whom she carries with her.

Tumi has cautioned the initiates that she trains not to enter the sacred huts, and if they do enter the huts, they are not to discuss what they see on the inside of the huts with anyone else. Tumi has stated that sacred huts contain a room for her as well as for those consultants who do not wish to be observed when they enter.

If you are on your period, you are not permitted to enter other sacred huts, and you should not take any of the money that you see because doing so could cause you to go insane. Each of the sacred huts that she builds serves a unique function.

The statue has sparked a lot of conversation, and many people are curious about the reason why it is located in the main Ndumbas (sacred huts). After Tumi mentioned that the ancestor in question is her male grandfather, some people began to speculate that the ancestor in question is the Gogo Skhotheni himself.

Gogo Skhotheni‘s hut gets people talking
Gogo Skhotheni‘s hut gets people talking

Gogo Skhotheni‘s hut gets people talking
Gogo Skhotheni‘s hut gets people talking


While she was still in the honeymoon phase of her marriage, she began having dreams in which her ancestors advised her to marry another man.

Now that she has, she says that she prays every day that she won’t have a dream in which she is instructed to take a third.

Since the addition of her second husband to her family approximately eight months ago, there has been a significant period of adjustment.

A member of the cast of the reality show Moja Love, Gogo Skhotheni’s real name is Patricia Tumi Motsoenemg. Due to the fact that she has always been a one-man woman, she never imagined that she would have more than one partner or that she would be involved in a marriage that involved polyandry.

Even her husband is aware that he wed a devoted wife who has nothing but admiration and affection for him. However, along with her gift comes a multitude of dreams and visions that have an effect on their marriage.

She had only been married for two years when she had a dream in which she was told to find another husband. This prevented her from fully enjoying the honeymoon phase of her marriage.

Gogo Skhotheni revealed in an episode of her reality show on Moja Love that her first husband was not pleased to learn that she was going to marry someone else after they had been married for a while. But he ended up understanding.

Her second husband is not an acquaintance she had never met before but rather someone she had known in the past. When she was in the eighth grade, they dated for one year before breaking up the following year when she was in the ninth grade. After school, she would have recurring visions about this particular person. She tried to ignore them, but they continued until she finally realized that she needed to take action.

She cherished her relationship with her first husband and fought against ending it. She says that despite the fact that this situation has put their marriage to the test, she had to remind him of the reasons why they first met and why they are still together in order to come to an agreement. She goes on to say that her husband is aware of her affection for him.

According to Gogo Skhotheni, the request took her by surprise because her second husband was not the kind of person she would have expected to be sent to her by her ancestors. Nevertheless, she was obligated to comply.

He is not like my husband or someone I would go for, but he understands that my ancestors want him to be in my life. Even if you can check him out, he is not someone I would go for.

She claims that she never in her life imagined that she would be married to two men because she has always been someone who places a high value on family, and even her current husband was taken aback by the fact that she needs to take another husband.

She says, “I didn’t see myself where I am today, at first it was a bit weird but I am enjoying it because I do not have to hide anymore and it is not like I am cheating, what I am doing is there, it has a name, it is polyandry, I am not cheating anymore.” “I am not cheating anymore,” she says.

“I’ve known this person for a very long time, and I fell in love with them. Then, after the visions, the dreams, and the confirmations, this person and I started seeing each other more frequently, and then I cheated on him with them.

“But because of my gift and how it prevents me from participating in vat en sit, I told him that we need to get married and that I couldn’t continue to cheat on my husband,” she said. “But because of my gift,” she added.

She claims that explaining the situation to her husband was a difficult task, but that he was eventually forced to comprehend it. “Neither my husband nor I are going to go through with the name change that we had discussed. “The wedding has already taken place; however, I am unable to post pictures at this time due to the fact that it has not yet been shown on television,” she explains to Drum.

“Each of my husbands has their own home, and it is up to me to coordinate visits with them. They are aware of my location even when I am not with the other person. “At this point in time, we are in a good place, and we do not discuss this anymore,” she states.

According to Gogo Skhotheni, her first husband’s only concern is what will happen if she has another vision in which she is instructed to marry a third man. Then, what does that imply for them moving forward?

“They feel as though I am humiliating them, but at the end of the day, my husband explained that he still wants to be with me and he stayed.” “They feel as though I am humiliating them.”
“He has the impression that this will occur once more. Because I saw how the news about the second husband devastated him, I pray that it doesn’t happen. However, if it does happen, it happens; there is nothing that I can do to prevent it from happening. I believe that if there is a third one, he will not be able to handle it, so I will pray for that to happen. “Even though the third one isn’t a problem for me, I will still do it if it occurs,” she says.

Her first marriage is still registered, while her second marriage took place according to custom when her second husband paid the lobola to her family. Everything that was agreed upon between the two parties is documented on paper. She claims that the family of her first husband objected to her having a second husband and that they did not react positively to the news.

“Until today, my husband’s family continued to get together for get-togethers. They have the impression that I am making a fool of them, but in the end, my husband made it clear that he still wants to be with me, and he remained in the relationship. “There have been some difficulties because he has to explain to everyone including our six kids, and it hasn’t been easy because we have old kids who can see what is happening at home,” says Gogo Skhotheni. “There have been some difficulties because of the fact that he has to explain to everyone including our six kids.”

Eight months into her marriage to her second husband, she is savoring every moment of her life with her current partner. She has stated that the second season of her reality show will include full coverage of her second marriage.

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