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Gogo Skhotheni’s Consultation Fees

Patricia Motsoeneng, well known by her stage as Gogo Skhotheni, is not ashamed to live her truth as a sangoma by doing things in an unorthodox manner.

She is a respectful individual who has assisted a large number of people with the challenges they face in their lives. She was involved in a significant number of the effects that you can accomplish to assist yourself. You have to put in the work to get a better existence in this world. You have to put up a struggle if you want to keep your life. Some individuals choose not to indulge in their impacts since they are aware that other others place too much importance on talking. They don’t want other people to have a negative opinion of them. Some individuals have the misconception that you are a witch if you attend a Sangoma.

There are still many people who do not know about conventional impacts. People ought to stop speaking negatively about Sangomas since, like everyone else, they are mortal people who have a redundant gift. Gogo Skhotheni revealed the news that she is be relocating to Harrismith on the runner of her Facebook page. This location is going to become a healing sanctuary.

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Everyone will be able to communicate with her. Her ancestors have been urging her to save those in need for some time now. Additionally, she engaged in the fact that the debate was worth R200. “People were stunned, and some of them conceded that it was possible that she had made a mistake.” According to what she mentioned, 0732607834 Consultation

When they saw the price, it took them by surprise, and they just couldn’t believe it. She made the decision to explain everything via a live video recording. She stated that the pricing is not a special but rather the true price, and that it will not alter in the future. When did she say it? “When she began providing consulting services, she charged R200 per hour. People were taken aback, and some of them cautioned her to exercise caution because others might not appreciate it.”

Gogo Skhotheni in a difficult situation

It’s possible that by this point, viewers of Gogo Skhotheni’s reality show are simply growing tired of it. After yesterday’s broadcast, which infuriated fans, they flocked to Gogo Skhotheni’s Twitter account to accuse her of engaging in witchcraft.

A well-known sangoma who goes by the stage name Gogo Skhotheni has gotten herself into some hot water recently. Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng Shange is better known by her stage name. The audience members of her reality program, which is named Gogo Skhotheni, have made it abundantly clear that they do not want another season to be aired.

The backlash is a direct result of the reunion program from the day before, which caused many viewers to feel upset. The audience members of the show get the notion that it is making witchcraft more acceptable on contemporary television. Viewers took to Twitter to express their disapproval of the program and make it clear that they do not want it to be picked up for a second season.

“We do not want Season 2 of Ubufebe and Witchcraft,” commented Joy Zelda on Twitter with the hashtag “gogoskhotheni.”

According to what maMtshali ka Shandu wrote, “Ubuthakathi abusafihlwa it’s becoming normalized on TV.”

“Proud witches,” was a phrase written by Lungi Gabi.

“I have no respect for women like #gogoskhotheni she’s really turned African spirituality to a mockery all in the name of content and clout this doesn’t make her seem powerful at all Monde is literally a zombie a prisoner,” Ntokozo Mthembu wrote on Twitter. “I have no respect for women like #gogoskhotheni she’s really turned African spirituality to a mockery all in the name of content and clout

The portrayal of Gogo Skhotheni’s polyandrous relationships in such a way that has infuriated the audience is clear evidence of this. In this presentation, the audience is given a look into the unique way of life that Gogo Skhotheni leads, which is accentuated by the fact that she is married to multiple men at the same time.

Since then, people on Twitter have expressed their outrage at the abuse of Monde, who was Gogo Skhotheni’s second husband. People on Twitter do not appreciate or cherish Monde in his role as a husband, and as a result, they want him to break his relationship with Gogo Skhotheni and move on.

Because of that idiotic love potion, Monde is powerless to stop this sthembu silliness no matter how vehemently he protests it, which is a very tragic development. Now he lives with should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve and it’s difficult because he was warned,” wrote Tshegofatso. “Now he lives with should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve.”

“This country is in the midst of a crisis, and these gogos are unable to cooperate in order to address the nonsense that we have been forced to endure. Whatever it is that they are occupied with, it is nothing but a publicity stunt. “#gogoskhotheni” was the hashtag that was written.

Vusi Thanda, a veteran actor who has been through a lot, is currently struggling.

A video of renowned actor Vusi Thanda, flashing his card and pleading for help, went viral this week in South Africa, touching people to tears online.

Nozuko MaRhadebe Habe posted a Facebook status update requesting for a R10 loan for The Queen star Vusi Thanda.

In her letter, she stated;

In other words, he has a tough time of it in life. You’ll inevitably have occasions where visiting the clinic is required. To protect his account from fraud, I plan to have him record a video showing his account number.

The dearth of acting jobs contributed to the actor’s financial difficulties. In 2020, he made an appearance on The Queen, and in 2021, he was seen in the Moja Love production of Ikhaya Labadala.

Vusi Thanda then read his financial information in a separate video pleading for aid. It broke the hearts of many South Africans to see one of Mzansi’s greatest actors essentially “beg” for money.

Supporters of the actor, moved by the videos, have been and continue to be kind with their donations.

Thanda expressed gratitude to the people of Mzansi for their financial support when contacted by Sowetan Live.

For example: “Ndifuna ubulela abantu bonke nge ncebakazi engaka. [I’d like to express my gratitude to those who contributed. They’ve helped me to the tune of R100,000 with their contributions. I don’t give a damn about the naysayers who said I was weak for appealing to the masses for financial support. Some of these so-called pals abandoned me at a crucial juncture. Others were aware of my plight but did nothing to help.

Thanda’s health is also deteriorating rapidly because of diabetes. A year ago, he was sick and needed the money badly, so he shot Ikhaya Labadala.

He owes money from late last year’s rent of R5,000 each month, and he also has a lot of other expenses.

There was no other option for me but to appeal to South Africans. On Tuesday, as I sat on my bed, I was startled by a harsh knock at my door. Upon opening it, I found it was my landlord requesting payment for rent.

As of late last year, I had stopped being able to afford my rental fee. Approximately R45,000 is what I owe the landlord. My monthly pension of R1,985 is not enough to cover the cost of food, my son’s school fees and transportation, and my own diabetes medication. To be honest, I haven’t even bothered with auditions this year because there aren’t any parts available for folks my age.

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