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Gogo Maweni has a strong word for slay queens

Controversial traditional healer, Gogo Maweni has warned her followers of the dangers of dating wealthy men. She cautioned women to not be impressed by a man’s riches especially when she does not know how he acquired them.

Taking to Instagram Gogo Maweni warned women to not be a taken by rich men saying they might ruin their lives.

“I’m happy to see women happy, dating, in love [and] kumnandi and they want a rich guy. There are men who are told to look for specific girls to steal your shine, to steal certain things from you,” she started off.

Gogo Maweni has a strong word for slay queens

She said there people who come into your lives and things fall apart all because they are stealing from you spiritually.

“There are people you date and your life just becomes upside down, but because he gives you money, you don’t want to leave that relationship. When you sleep with him you get cramps, you’re no longer a good person at work, your friends no longer get along with you, your family is upside down because they are stealing from you spiritually,” she continued.

She concluded by saying, “You need to learn to protect yourself. We’re not saying don’t date guys with money but protect yourself because these guys with money, they know exactly what they want from women and you might be the target.”

Gogo Maweni is known for being controversial. The last time she trended was when she alluded that she would use witchcraft to keep girls away from her man.

“There’s no one who doesn’t know that Sabelo is in a relationship with me. Just like you guys, people know who you are dating. Don’t fight with the girl now. We’ve got social media, we’ve got your pictures, name and surname. We deal with you at 12 o’clock, we don’t fight with girls.”

” I am telling you that I don’t have time to shout. I don’t have time to fight for a man in 2022, I will deal with you at 12 o’clock. I will deal with you with the use of voodoo, social media has made it very easy. All I need is your name, surname and picture,” she said.

She said her house is full of exotic animals in an interview with Podcast and Chill with MacG. “My house is full of snakes, we have 5 snakes, one owl, two rabbits and we have two tortoises and three beautiful dogs,” she said.

“I don’t use these animals for anything. I love animals,” she said. ” If uthwele with something, another person can’t see it( the snake) with their naked eyes. If ngithwele ngenyoka, you cannot see it, but I can see it, because it’s mine,” she added.

The cost of finding love in South Africa vs the rest of the world

European moving company, Movinga, has published a new Cities of Opportunity Index, which looks at the 100 most in-demand cities in the world, and how welcoming they are for those who are looking for love.

According to Movinga, its research has found that the top reason for people to move to another city is to pursue employment opportunities – however, in a lot of cases people are moving to be with their families or even to find love.

Using data from InterNations, Spark Networks and its own polls and surveys, the group looked at “love infrastructure” in cities, to determine which best lend themselves to provide the best opportunity for love.

Movinga looked at the distribution of singles across different age ranges; male to female singles ratios; marriage to divorce ratios; LGBT laws; the cost of dating; and more abstract concepts like s.ex positivity, online dating and romance.

The group even included data on the main thing that men and women want from a relationship in each city, based on dating profiles.

Finding love in Joburg

Joburg was the only city represented on the index, ranked as the 54th best city to look for love in.

The city is estimated to have 3.4 million single people (about 61% of the population – the 11th highest on the index), with an almost even 1:1 ratio of single men to single women. Joburg’s single men are looking for honesty from their partners, while the single women want loyalty, the index found.

Joburg’s singles are also fairly young, with 70% of the people aged 15 to 29 being single. This drops to 26% after 30, and just over 5% after 50.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the city is fairly welcoming to expats looking for love (5.2), and mildly romantic (5.5) – but scores really well for online dating (8.3).

Overall, though, the city is more conservative, with a se.x positivity score (which tracks things such as sxual activity, experimentation, se.x toys, p**n consumption, adult clubs and gender equality) of just 4.6.

Joburg ranks as the 24th most affordable place to date – with the average price of a date in the city at $52 – or R710.

Joburg vs the world

On the overall index, Miami in the US was found to be the best place to look for love out of all 100 cities assessed. The city scored high on most of the indicators, though didn’t top any of the categories.

Miami is followed by London (UK), Gothenburg (Sweden), Paris (France) and New York.

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