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From riches to rags: Robert Marawa almost losing his car

It was rumored that an exact financial authority has taken Henry Martyn Robert to the national capital court over an impressive balloon payment towards his automobile. It was reported that Robert Marawa is reportedly on the verge of losing his Mercedes-Benz AMG that he purchased in November 2018.

There is a possibility that Robert’s Mercedes would be repossessed because, according to the reports, he failed to make a payment on December 2021.

According to a story that was circulated in a publication, the individual “paid R28,982 in monthly installments for thirty-six months and was left with a once-off balloon payment that was due on one December last year.”

Robert Marawa
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A copy of some court documents was obtained by the publication, and they read as follows:

“An order authorizing the complainant [Mercedes-Benz monetary services] to apply to the court on identical papers, supplemented to that degree as could also be necessary for judgment in respect of any damages and more expenses incurred by the complainant within the retrieval of the aforesaid vehicle, that quantity will only be determined once the vehicle has been repossessed by complainant and has been sold.”

On the other side, according to the papers, Marawa purportedly defends himself by using the following language:
“The litigator argues that the higher than honorable court does not have the authority to decide on this topic and puts the complaint in the position of having to prove their case.”

The litigator asserts that there was no infringement of the loan agreement’s contract and challenges the complainant to provide evidence to the contrary.

Biography of Robert Marawa, including the story of how he became a sports guru

Robert Marawa is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest sports masters.

In addition to that, he is regarded as one of the most successful radio and television personalities in the country.

Robert always wanted to pursue a career in law, so in 1992 he enrolled at Wits University to begin his studies for a law degree.

However, destiny had other things in store for the star.

Read more about the unraveling of the R5 million contract with Robert Marawa here.

A glance into Robert Marawa’s biography can be found here.

Robert Marawa Age

On March 1st, 1973, Robert Marawa entered the world. He will be 48 years old this year.

The Early Life of Robert Marawa

He spent his childhood in the Vryheid village of KwaZulu-Natal. Before moving to Gauteng, Robert had already put in the majority of his formative years in the province. He attended Hilton College, which is located close to Pietermaritzburg, to complete his secondary schooling.

Robert Marawa Family

Robert Marawa has two sisters: Vanessa Marawa, who rose to prominence after competing in Survivor South Africa, and Gugu Marawa, who has also established herself as a prominent figure in the world of athletics.

Frank Marawa, Robert’s father, passed away in the year 2016. During an interview with the Sunday Times in 2018, he stated that his own father was a great source of knowledge for him on fatherhood.

“It was always vital in the time that I spent with him… to truly get as much as I could from him, to see him as that role model, that leader, that parent… I’ve never been away from my house during the month of December… “I hope to kind of carry on what he advocated for because I believe it to be important,” Robert said. “So the whole essence of family is what he was all about; that’s what he espoused; and that’s what I hope to carry on.”

Robert has referred to his mother, Phumlile Marawa, as a powerful woman on more than one occasion. Her resilience in the wake of his father’s dying was something he respected in especially about her.

“We were all present when my father passed away… At the hospital, Vanessa held my father’s right hand while I held his left hand and vice versa. My mother informed us that my father had passed away, and we must come to terms with this. She turned off the oxygen and expressed her gratitude to the caregivers for their care of my father. “It was a difficult time, knowing that my father had passed away, but my mother was incredibly resilient and comforted us,” he shared with The Sunday Tribune.

It had been 52 years since Robert’s parents had tied the knot.

Robert Marawa’s Professional Life

The year 1996 marks the turning point in Robert Marawa’s professional life. On South African Broadcasting Corporation 1, he is now working as a continuity presenter. After that, he decided to try his hand at sports broadcasting, which was the beginning of his meteoric journey to the top of the business.

On Topsport, Robert hosted a show called “Laduma” that was centered around football. His expertise of football, which he displayed while covering the 1998 FIFA World Cup for the show, was very impressive to the audience.

Robert has also presented a number of soccer shows on SuperSport, including Soccerzone, Blow by Blow, and others.

In addition, he has established a strong reputation in the field of radio broadcasting. On Metro FM, Robert hosted both the Discovery Sports Centre and the Sports @6 program.

When Robert and SABC went their separate ways in 2021, that was the end of his tenure at Metro FM. The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) announced in a brief statement that Robert would be departing the media organization since the run of his show Marawa Sports Worldwide was coming to an end.

Relationships involving Robert Marawa

Pearl Thusi
Although Robert Marawa has been very close to getting married in the past, he is not married to anyone at this time. He has dated a number of famous women, including Pearl Thusi, and has been in relationships with other prominent women. Robert and Pearl had wedding plans in the works when they broke up in 2017, but they ultimately decided to go in different directions instead of getting married. Robert was also romantically involved with the actress Zoe Mthiyane.

Robert Marawa Baby Mama (Zoe Mthiyane)
Robert Marawa and his exe-girlfriend, Zoe Mthiyane, are parents to a child together. Awande, their first child, was born in July of 2011. The co-parenting dynamic between Robert and his baby mother was fraught with tension and difficulty. Zoe leveled accusations of neglect and failure to pay child support against Robert, claiming that Robert had abandoned their son. In 2015, Zoe sent an open letter to Robert in which she addressed herself to Robert over the baby mama drama involving Robert.

“My lawyers and I will proceed with all legal options available to us in order to make you take responsibility for your son’s mental, emotional, and financial well-being,” you will be told. “My lawyers will assist me in this endeavor.” This duty has now been placed on the shoulders of my partner, while you continue to live a life of luxury in the full glare of the public,” she stated in the letter. Robert dismissed the allegations as false.

Since then, they have reconciled their issues and are now co-parenting their son without any additional conflict.

The Controversy Regarding Robert Marawa

Robert Marawa VS SuperSport
In May of 2019, Robert Marawa made waves after he was reportedly sacked from his job at SuperSport through text message. The sports channel issued a statement saying that it has opted not to renew his contract because it was “in the process of an exciting refresh of its local presenter line-up,” and the statement further explained that the decision was made.

In his response, Robert alluded to the possibility that he was fired as a result of exposing sexual harassment in the workplace. The charge was rejected by SuperSport.

Robert made the announcement of his plans to launch an internet sports program on YouTube not long after he left his position.

Robert Marawa VS SABC (Metro FM)

It appears that Robert Marawa had a difficult time leaving his last job, since he also claimed that he was fired from SABC via a message sent to his WhatsApp account. Robert alleged in a tweet that he was terminated from his job by an individual who was merely “acting” in the role. Kina Nhlengethwa, an acting station manager at SAfm Radio, was ultimately determined to be the individual who terminated Robert’s employment.

Robert’s employment was terminated the day after the South African Sports Awards, which he had won for his show Marawa Sports Worldwide in the category of Best Sports Show Commercial. This was not the first time that Robert’s employment with SABC has been terminated; in 2017, he was let go from his position at SABC, but the company later hired him back due to popular demand.

Attack of the Heart, Robert Marawa

The year 2019 marked the third time in the past decade that Robert Marawa had experienced a heart attack.

“I literally drove myself away from home after realizing I wasn’t feeling well, and I said, ‘Let me go and admit myself, because there is a pain that is not making sense.'” “Within a couple of hours, I was sent to the intensive care unit, and that is where I have been for the past six or seven days,” he stated in a video that he uploaded to Twitter and shared with his followers.

The sports announcer experienced his first heart attack in 2008, and he went on to suffer a second one in 2017.

Wealth Accumulated by Robert Marawa

Robert Marawa is not a flamboyant star, despite the fact that his earnings are very substantial. He has not yet released any images of his home or disclosed any information about the structure itself.

Robert Marawa is one of the broadcasters in South Africa who makes the most money. It has been claimed that in 2018, he secured a contract with the SABC that will pay him more than R5 million over the course of three years. It was reported that he made approximately R154 000 per month in pay.

After further examination, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) determined that officials had not adhered to the appropriate internal procedures and revoked the contract as a result. At the moment, he is operating solely on his own and managing his YouTube TV channel known as Marawa TV.

Robert brings in money from a variety of other sources, and it has been estimated that his monthly aggregate earnings are somewhere in the neighborhood of R300 000.

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