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Famous Prophet has a message for Kelly Khumalo

Since the beginning of the previous week, the name Kelly Khumalo has been one of the most frequently mentioned. This is due to the ongoing senso meyiwa trial that is currently taking place. It has been years since Meyiwa was murdered in front of a large crowd, but there is still no evidence that can point to who was responsible for his death. Because of this case, a lot of people hold Kelly Khumalo in contempt because they believe she is involved in some way with her boyfriend’s murder.

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As a result of the ongoing trial, there is a sangoma who has left a message for Kelly Khumalo on one of the social media platforms. Before that, Kelly is going through a spiritual journey, which is why a lot of people have been commenting on this sangomas post and asking her what her opinion is on Kelly Khumalo’s implications on Meyiwa’s passing away.

She wrote on her post that the ancestors of Kelly Khumalo would not protect her if she was the one who pulled the trigger. She continued by saying that the spiritual world does not become involved in activities that are against the law. Someone asked, shortly after she posted this, whether or not the ancestors could save her in the event that she accidentally killed him. Gogo responded by stating that if it is a mistake, then they are required to tell the truth. The circumstances surrounding this case are so murky that even some professionals are no longer sure what to believe, but it would appear that many people are under the impression that Kelly is aware of everything.

You need to pay closer attention to what Sangoma has to say because they are able to see things that the rest of us cannot see with our bare eyes, and they communicate this information in a roundabout way. I have a strong suspicion that this sangoma has witnessed something, and that she is posting this in order to convey to Kelly Khumalo the message that the ancestors will not come to her aid if she is lying.

A woman won a game of chance that would change her life by £2.3 million continues to experience the same nightmare every time she goes to sleep.

The Australian lottery awarded Esther Mboneye and her partner Aristide Nininahazwe a £1.5 million mansion and roughly £700,000.

The couple wept as they were given the keys to their new home on Beck Street in Henley Beach, Adelaide; they had fled war and refugee camps in Africa.

Before moving in, Esther, Aristide, and their daughter Tiffany, aged three, were given a tour of their new four-bedroom luxury home.

Their second child, a son named Cairo, was born on the day they finally finished moving in.

An emotional Esther expressed gratitude for her position, calling herself “privileged.”

The mother of two, however, claims that ever since she came into her inheritance, she has been plagued by a recurring nightmare.

She told, “Every time I went to sleep I kept on having nightmares…like someone was going to come and knock on the door and say they made a mistake.”

We realize that not everyone has this opportunity, and the weight of that realization is heavy on our shoulders.

“That’s the hope of every human being. For me, this is the realization of a lifelong fantasy.

Aristide described the last few months as “wonderful and scary at the same time” for his family.

Although they intend to continue working, they hope to use their windfall to strike a better work-life balance.

For the future, Esther and I only care about preparing ourselves.

There were times when we both worked two or three jobs and hardly had any free time to spend together.

“Children these days mature at such a rapid rate. Having the chance to do something like that while they’re still young is incredible, in my opinion.

Accordingly, “being able to put on the brakes is a wonderful thing.”

Aristide continued, “We used to create memories even before we won. In other words, now is the time to act on our deepest desires.

“Money can’t buy happiness. I place a high value on memories, and I think most people would agree.

7News reports that the couple won the lottery after purchasing the only winning ticket from the Hospital Research Foundation’s Group Home Lottery.

They worked in healthcare and said they donated because they wanted to support the organization’s mission.

It is mind-boggling to be in this position, and we are aware that not everyone has the fortune to be here.

The couple received the life-altering news in a live call from a radio station, to which Aristide responded, “You’re joking.”

Having fled persecution in her home country, Esther’s family sought asylum in Australia in 2005, where Esther has since established a successful nursing career.

Esther’s parents fled conflict in Burundi in the 1970s, and they eventually settled in the Congo, where Esther was born.

However, they fled to Australia when civil war broke out in their homeland.

Aristide, a worker for people with disabilities, escaped the violence in Burundi in 2011, and he and Esther first met at a wedding in 2014.

He won enough money to go see his family for the first time in 20 years.

As Tiffany showed the couple around their new place, they were overcome with emotion.

As Esther explained to Intarez News, “we’ve been working hard for us to have a better life,” since they had to constantly relocate from country to country due to constant war.

In addition to a pool, a game room, and a built-in barbecue, their new home features four spacious bedrooms and an open floor plan.

In the luxurious master bedroom, you’ll find a vanity, a walk-in closet, an en suite bathroom, and skylights.

The house is completely furnished, from the high-tech kitchen appliances to the pool table, so the couple won’t have to spend a dime on decor.

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