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etvScandal former actor Hungani Ndlovu in hot soup over pit bulls

Hungani Ndlovu, who previously appeared on Scandal, has received criticism on social media in response to a series of posts in which he supported Pitbulls.

The actor has become well-known for his performance as Romeo on the television show Scandal.

Hungani Ndlovu’s tweets defending pit bulls garnered a lot of criticism and seemed to come at an inopportune moment because they were published just a few days after a pit bull killed a child who lived next door to them in Vista Park, Bloemfontein by mauling him to death.

etvScandal former actor Hungani Ndlovu in hot soup over pit bulls

After the dangerous dog escaped from its confinement and leapt over the fence into the neighbor’s property, where it mauled the 8-year-old to death, the authorities had no choice but to put an end to the animal’s life and put it down.

This event poured fuel to the fire of anti-pitbull activists who have been advocating for years that these dangerous canines be made illegal.

etvScandal former actor Hungani Ndlovu in hot soup over pit bulls

Hungani Ndlovu published a series of posts in which he defended the Pitbulls and pinned the blame for the incident on the owners of the dogs instead. It appeared that he had failed to read the room properly.

The actor who formerly appeared on Scandal! tweeted,

It’s a common misconception that Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous dogs. The owner is accountable for the manner in which the dog is shaped by his or her actions. You all want to outlaw pit bulls, yet you’re fine with keeping rottweilers, bull terriers, german shepherds, and many other breeds. That can’t be the dog at all! It’s the boss!!”

In a subsequent post, Hungani Ndlovu made a comparison between owning pit bulls and operating fast cars. In his writing,

“This Pit Bill predicament is the same as blaming fast automobiles for people getting into accidents instead of blaming the driver!!! You’re not capable of driving at speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour, therefore if you get into an accident and everyone points the finger at the vehicle, the owner is to blame, not the pet.

The Romeo actor equated blaming pit bulls for accidents caused by people who drink and drive to blaming alcohol for accidents caused by those who drink and drive. This comparison was made in yet another post in which he defended the hazardous dogs.

“This PIT BULL issue is similar to blaming alcohol for the drunk drivers on the street instead of the drinker who was driving.” It’s not the dog’s fault; the problem is with the owner!
The post made by Hungani Ndlovu did not go over well with the majority of South Africans who are active on social media due of the high-profile occurrences of pit bulls mauling small children.

They made the accusation that the actor was tone deaf and indifferent to the scenario that was taking place on the ground.

When defending Pitbulls, several people thought the actor’s logic was flawed, and they accused him of using false equivalences and faulty arguments to make his case.


“Wait a minute, sweetie, they put you on Scandal with THAT line of thinking? What do you have to say about the fact that pit bulls are responsible for the deaths of children?


“Sana, you’re not cut out for deep thought; stick to what you’re good at, entertaining others.”


“Let’s just presume that your early morning Tweets are not going to be the pinnacle of your contribution to society at any point in the foreseeable future.”


“Hebana! Gatsheni, if it’s the owner who’s doing the biting and not the dog, uOwner ulume bani: have owners bitten people before? A person drives a car, but a dog is its own being with its own set of instincts and reasons for doing the things it does.


“So, does this indicate that everything that we saw about you on television was definitely staged?” You weren’t the one who came up with those incredible ideas, were you?

“So this is the really you, and this is precisely how you feel about yourself?”


“Let’s not forget that a car can’t drive itself and that it is controlled, but a pit bull may make decisions on its own and can’t be controlled,” the speaker says.


“Do not ever, under any circumstances, communicate your thoughts to any of us ever again!”


“Let’s just say that the social issues parallel you provided isn’t exactly the pinnacle of your contribution to society…”


It’s crazy to defend animals while children are being attacked by them. If the dogs so much as look at my yout in the wrong way, I’ll be all on them.

However, a relatively small number of people attempted to defend Hungani Ndlovu, and they found themselves caught in the line of fire as a result.

Who is more to blame, the dog or its owner when it comes to the pit bull ban?

It’s common knowledge that dogs are man’s best friend, but what happens when some breeds of dogs, like the American Pit Bull Terrier, become aggressive toward people? Relationships between humans and dogs can sour for a variety of reasons, just like any other kind of relationship.

However, Pit Bulls are the predominant breed that are consistently reported in the news for mauling humans to death or leaving them with severe injuries. The fact that this breed of dog is not dangerous to humans or other animals is less well known than its reputation for being aggressive and fearless.

In general, they are referred to as power-breed dogs since they are larger and more powerful than other dog breeds. They are also capable of causing a significantly greater amount of damage than what is typically observed in instances of dog attacks. Recently, there have been numerous reports in the media concerning Pit Bulls attacking individuals and mauling them.

Mlungisi Nketshisa, 46, was severely injured in Crystal Park, Benoni, in February of this year when he was attacked by three Pit Bulls that belonged to his employer. When Nketshisa returned to his employer’s home to continue working in the garden for his boss, he was attacked and killed. Neighbors attempted to help, but it was too late; he had already been injured too severely.

As a result of the growing number of occurrences, calls have been made in South Africa for the American Pit Bull Terrier breed to be prohibited. Dogs were responsible for the majority of the 76–94% of animal bite wounds that were reported in the country in 2017. Now that the prohibition is getting closer, everyone is curious about the answer to the most pressing question: who is the bad guy between the dog and its owner?

The owners of Pit Bulls contend that the prohibition is unwarranted and that not all dogs are vicious. They are of the opinion that an owner’s personality may be seen in the actions of their dog.

“I do not understand why a whole breed should be endangered when the members of that breed do not all share the same characteristics. Just like any other dog, if they are taught from a young age to be aggressive and cruel, it is all they will ever know. According to Simone Awvince, who owns the dog, “my dog has been brought up with love and affection, therefore that is all she exhibits.”

Awvince has had her Pit Bull, who is now seven months old and has been with her since it was two weeks old. She claimed that her dog had never attacked anyone, but she swore that she would put her down if she ever became a danger to other people.

Tebogo Motaung, who is in favour of the ban on Pit Bulls, has stated that he does not understand why owners of Pit Bulls have to wait for their dogs to bite someone before they realise that their dogs are just as deadly as any other animal.

Because of the danger they pose to humanity, breeding of canines like these should be prohibited. The proprietors are merely being unreasonable. “It is best for them to realise how harmful these canines are as quickly as possible,” Motaung said.

Inspector Keshvi Nair, who serves as the public relations officer for the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA), stated that owners of Pit Bulls had done an excellent job of persuading the general public that the problem lay in the manner in which owners cared for their dogs; however, this is simply taking the path of least resistance. She maintained that the manner in which owners care for their pets does play a part to some extent, but that there are other elements that influence a dog’s behaviour.

“We also need to realise that in addition to training, other factors like as the environment, the owner, heredity, and so on also have a role in this. Pit bulls have a long history of being bred specifically for the purpose of fighting and being aggressive against other animals. They were purposefully designed to be more aggressive, have a very low threshold, and get readily aroused in order to fulfil the desired characteristics of the breed. Because of this, we have advocated that only people who have the appropriate amount of experience and knowledge should be allowed to keep these animals, as Nair explained.

She explained that the fact that people are not the only victims of dog attacks is something that is frequently forgotten when discussing the topic of dog attacks. She stated that other animals, when they are mauled to death, also become victims of these attacks, and that there is also suffering on the side of the aggressive pit bulls. According to Nair, it is regrettable that there is now no legislation that regulates the care of animals or the reproduction of animals.

This is probably the primary reason that people find themselves in precarious situations in which they risk the lives of their loved ones as well as their pets when they walk their dogs.

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