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Diepsloot Residents Raid Zimbabwean Church 

It would appear that those of Zimbabwean descent hold the most influential positions in South African society. At the majority of crime situations, there is almost always a foreign Zimbabwean engaged. In addition to this, they are bringing their faith and culture with them to South Africa.

People have voiced their concerns to a significant number of others that there are an excessive number of Zimbabwean churches in Mzanzi, and that those churches are being utilized for witchcraft. These churches are referred to as masowe. They look like angels and wear white garments from head to toe.

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Earlier this month, there was a video that went viral showing members of Operation Durula chasing foreigners after they had stormed one of these churches during a raid. After all of that, there comes yet another viral story about a newly established church in a distant country.

Items such as Muthi bottles, people’s underwear, wrist watches, knives (okapi), bras, killed hens, and various other gruesome items were discovered on various sites after residents of Diepsloot went on a rampage and destroyed and burned Masowe church buildings belonging to Zimbabwean nationals today. The buildings belonged to Zimbabwean nationals. The people living in Diepsloot went on a violent rampage.

Today, fires broke out in more than four different buildings belonging to the Masowe church, which were dispersed over Diepsloot. The residents of Diepsloot are of the opinion that the church is another aspect that has contributed to the problems that have surfaced in the neighborhood as a whole.
The citizens of Diepsloot were preparing to march in a parade to the local police station in order to hand in a petition for protection. They claim that they have been the victims of significant crimes committed by Zimbabweans in their township, including homicide, rape, and armed robbery, amongst other offenses. These crimes allegedly took place in their township.

When individuals saw what had been discovered in these churches, they could not believe their eyes. They had a sneaking suspicion that the items in question were such that were utilized in witchcraft.

Even though this church has been accused of practicing witchcraft so frequently, a surprising number of people in South Africa have begun attending services there. It would appear that Zimbabweans are attempting to convert South Africans to their religious practice.

Ngizwe Mchunu sobs in court: “Hang me”

According to the Daily Sun, Ngizwe Mchunu, who is accused of inciting violence with his famous “ayikhale” slogan during the unrest that occurred in July of last year, broke down in tears during his appearance at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, October 12. Mchunu is charged with inciting violence with his slogan during the unrest that occurred in July.

The radio personality and sangoma, who was born in Nkandla, turned himself in to authorities in July 2021, and he was released a few days later after posting an R2,000 bail bond.

The incident that led to the arrest of Ngizwe Mchunu was the rioting and looting that occurred in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and some parts of Gauteng after former President Jacob Zuma turned himself in at the Estcourt Correctional Centre, KZN, for contempt of court. Ngizwe Mchunu was arrested as a result of these occurrences.


The man, who was dressed in traditional isiZulu regalia, broke down in tears as he described to Magistrate RG Sadiki the effect the case has had on his finances. He was wearing the traditional regalia of the isiZulu people.

“Although I have to spend a significant amount of money on my attorneys, I am required to travel. I am from Nkandla, KZN, and it seems like every time I come here, there is yet another postponement. “In the end, I will be accused of disrespecting the court,” he claimed, adding that he had to sell his calves in order to cover expenditures.

According to News24, a dissatisfied Mchunu also stated that he did not commit any crime in defending Zuma, who finished his 15-month sentence on the Friday before last. Zuma was released from prison last week.

“I was merely expressing [myself after] the arrest of a freedom fighter, [former president] Jacob Zuma,” she said. The only thing I was doing was exercising my right to freedom of expression.

“I am unable to determine who was responsible for the catastrophe that occurred in July of 2021. They (the police) decided to focus their attention on me when they were unable to identify the other person. According to a comment that has been attributed to Ngizwe Mchunu, he once said, “I am a noble South African citizen who has never fought nor been detained before.”

In addition, he instructed the court to deal with him in whatever manner it deemed appropriate.

“I’m doing my best to show respect for the court. Please place me under arrest if that is what you intend to do. “I don’t care what happens to me,” he continued after saying that.

Mchunu, who calls himself “The President of the Bhinca Nation,” showed up at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court with his supporters, who were also dressed in traditional garb.

According to News24, they also reportedly showered each other with intelezi while singing traditional songs, lighting traditional incense called impepho, and lighting traditional candles (a herb for protection). When it came time to begin the proceedings, his supporters left their sticks and shields outside of the courthouse.

On December 5 of this year, Ngizwe Mchunu is expected to once again appear before the court.

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