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Connie Ferguson Discusses Her Grief Over the Loss of Her Husband Shona

Since the passing of her late husband and business partner Shona Ferguson, Connie Ferguson has opened up about her life and shared her experiences. Following the passing of Shona a month ago, the Queen actress has expressed gratitude to Mzansi for her support.

When it became public knowledge that the well-known actor and producer had passed away as a result of complications associated with Covid-19, a great number of individuals around the nation were stunned by the information.

On social media, Connie Ferguson opened out about her life after the loss of Shona Ferguson, both as a spouse and as a business partner. Since the media mogul’s best friend and boyfriend passed away from complications related to Covid-19 one month ago, her life has never been the same.

According to Intarez , the actress was quoted as saying, “I feel your support” when asked about the fact that she is aware that a large number of people are mourning alongside her.

The photograph that Connie posted for #CarpetSunday received a lot of attention from Instagram users, many of whom commented on the post that she made. Take a look at the following responses that we received:

Connie Ferguson

According to Intarez News, Mzansi celebs and other users of social media expressed their condolences to Connie Ferguson after she shared a touching tribute on social media to her late husband, Shona. On Friday, July 30, complications related to the coronavirus led to the death of the well-known TV producer and actor.

The Queen actress took to social media in order to convey her sorrow at the passing of her husband and business partner. In addition to that, she uploaded photographs of Shona and herself in happy settings.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Connie Ferguson discussed the ways in which she felt her life had changed for the worst since the death of her partner. According to Intarez, she continued by saying the following:

I’m having a hard time keeping track of all that’s going on! Everything seems to be unfolding like a dreadful nightmare from which I am unable to wake up! I feel like I’m living in a twilight zone! I keep asking God WHY? What gives, Lord?

There was not an after-party’ — Makhadzi is defended by Open Mic


After attempting to con Makhadzi’s out of additional funds for a performance that never happened, event organizers have come under fire for their actions.

Makhadzi, a singer and performer who has won multiple awards, has been caught up in yet another scandal. This time, the event organizers were attempting to take her fans for a ride.

As a result of the popularity of her performance as a one-woman show on Saturday, October 1st, posters promoting a “false event” that featured the performer on the poster were already being put up.

It is requested that Makhadzi’s name not be used in any event promotion.

The confusion was straightened up after a representative from Makhadzi’s production business, Open Mic, spoke to Daily Sun.

“There was no after-party, and nobody talked to us about it when they saw us. The fact that there are negative reports circulating about Makhadzi not pitching to events compelled us to issue the warning, and we wanted to make sure that people knew that Makhadzi was not a part of this after-party.

Open Mic has expressed their displeasure with the fact that her picture was used without their permission.

“They intended to deceive the general public, and we felt obligated to alert people about it.”

Some people on Twitter have pointed the finger at Open Mic, claiming that the fact that they do not allow the person responsible for the hit “Ghanama” to take a rest after her performances is what forces her to miss out on shows.

The introduction of Open Mic will lead to the demise of Makhadzi. They will bring Makhadzi’s reign to an end if she does not bring them to order first. One day, despite the fact that she takes gigs but does not honor her obligations, we will donate to her in the same manner that we have donated to others.

remarked a tweep.
According to a report that was published by Sunday World on September 20th, Makhadzi and Open Mic are being sued for a total of R8.2 million because they failed to promote the sneaker brand known as Kicks Kokovha.

According to Sunday World, the agreement reportedly said that the singer was required to promote the company on all of her social media platforms and wear the sneakers whenever she performed.

According to Sunday World, the court documents read as follows: “The plaintiff, therefore, claims damages for the following: The units of shoes in the warehouse being 6 900 pairs, less 20 pairs, sold in Limpopo, thus being 6 880 shoes at the retail price they would have sold, for if first and second defendants did not breach the partnership agreement, thus amounting to R8 249 120.”

In response to the claims, Makhadzi and Open Mic have remained silent.

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