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Condolences pour in to Gomora actress

According to NONHLANHLA MODISE, the news of their mother’s passing came as a surprise to them.

“But it didn’t come as a shock to my mother at all. “She was aware that she was about to die,” Nonhlanhla stated.

“First, she chose her casket, and then she pointed to the headstone that she had decided upon!

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Molly Mahlangu, age 59, was driving her H100 Hyundai bakkie when it was involved in an accident on Thursday, September 22, close to Akasia in Tshwane. It was as if she had seen the accident coming. She was pronounced dead at the spot.

Molly, who was from Strydfontein, was described by Nonhlanhla as someone who was not afraid of facing challenges. She even faced her own death without fear.

According to what she shared with us, “the way she acted in the days leading up to her passing was her way of saying goodbye to us.”

At the beginning of this month, Molly took her to the Royal Funeral Parlour and demonstrated how to use a coffin.

“She stated that it was the coffin she wished to be laid to rest in when she passed away. Then she showed me a tombstone that was going to be put up in order to memorialize her.

Nonhlanhla reported that their mother had instructed them to maintain their composure in all circumstances.

“She said we must bury her with dignity, and take care of her business,” she said. “She said we must take care of her business.”

According to Nonhlanhla, they were meant to go to the market the previous Thursday in order to make preparations for a wedding.

“She was on her way to drop off my younger sister at the rank when the accident happened to her on the way back. I came to the realization that I needed to be strong, step into her shoes, and provide for our customers.

On Wednesday night, the daughter Nomsa Mahlangu, who is 26 years old, reported that she and her mother were in their mother’s room.

“I assured her that I would leave first thing in the morning. As I was getting into the taxi, she wished me farewell. “I didn’t realize that would be the last time I spoke to her,” she said. “I didn’t realize that would be the last time.”

According to Nomsa, she was in the central business district of Tshwane when she got a call from Nonhlanhla in the morning.

She informed me that I needed to return home immediately since our mother had been in a horrific accident. Then I learned of her passing through a message that was posted on a WhatsApp events group.

She described seeing notes that stated “rest in peace, Gomora diva,” which was her nickname, as “heartbreaking.”

Nonhlanhla reported that her mother would not shy away from taking chances.

She stated that her company was in the events and catering industry, and that they provided floral arrangements, as well as photography, design, and catering services.

“In 2013, Maphuthi’s Business Enterprise hosted an event in Mamelodi for My Perfect Wedding, and as a result, we were introduced to a wider variety of business possibilities,” she explained.

Molly reportedly told Nonhlanhla and the rest of the family when they relocated to their new plot in February that it was her final location and that she loved it.

Connie Motau, Molly’s youngest sister, said she was spiritual, but Molly never gave her any indication that she was nearing the end of her life. Connie is 52 years old.

A collision involving three vehicles was reported to have occurred at approximately 6.47 a.m., according to the deputy chief spokesman for the Tshwane Emergency Services.

“Emergency responders discovered a woman who had sustained life-threatening injuries inside of one of the light cars. She was pronounced dead at the spot. Other patients were able to escape with very minor injuries, he explained.

According to Mabaso, the reason for the incident is not currently known.

When death is an expensive business: South Africa’s shockingly high funeral costs

Before putting food on their tables at the end of each month, many people in South Africa put money aside for their own funerals.

Others may have been left in a difficult financial situation as a result of the burial of a loved one, while still others may have been emotionally traumatized as a result of seeing a loved one receive a pauper’s burial.

Even the robust, healthy, and physically fit are making plans to ensure that they will not leave their family with a financial burden when they pass from this world by making monthly payments toward the cost of a fitting funeral.

Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that passing away in South Africa is a really pricey endeavor.

In point of fact, according to estimates provided by Metropolitan, South Africans spend anything from R23 500 to R120 000 or more on the expense of a burial. These rates do not cover the costs of catering, flowers, or tombstones; therefore, they are only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s possible that you’re suffering through not only sadness, but also worry and financial stress, if the enormous costs of your loved one’s burial are causing you to feel burdened and overwhelmed.

At Metropolitan, Abulela Gazi serves as the executive head of Client and Business Solutions, therefore we turned to him for assistance in resolving the following two questions:

How much does it cost to hold a funeral? and
How much funeral cover do we need in order to organize a fitting farewell for ourselves or for those we love?

According to Gazi, it can be difficult to determine the typical cost of a funeral in South Africa because the cost is dependent on factors such as the number of people who attend the funeral, the deceased person’s final desires, and the religious and cultural norms of the community.

“The rising cost of living in South Africa means that many people, unfortunately, live from pay cheque to pay cheque, and when the inevitable happens, they are financially unprepared,” when death comes knocking on their door. “The rising cost of living in South Africa”

Gazi is of the opinion that purchasing a suitable amount of funeral cover can guarantee that you will have “a respectable funeral without leaving your loved ones in a tough financial condition, and you are able to send off your loved ones without getting into debt.”

According to Gazi, the majority of people in South Africa do have a funeral policy, but it is essential to evaluate whether or not it will sufficiently cover the requirements of you and your family on a regular basis.

The following are some of the costs that people need to think about when planning a funeral:

The selection of a coffin

The price range that funeral parlours offer for caskets can vary widely. Caskets can cost anywhere from R700 to R25,000, with the price increasing proportionately with the level of personalization featured on the coffin.


You will be charged a maximum of R2 500 to have the body cremated, and it may cost an extra R6 000 to spread the ashes depending on where you or a loved one would like the ashes to be scattered after the cremation.

Funeral parlour fees

The safe storing of the body, funeral preparations, and transportation of the body and the hearse are all included in the funeral parlour expenses, which can range anywhere from R3,000 to R45,000 if the body is to be transferred outside of the nation.

You will still need to factor in the cost of securing a grave, which will be determined by the prices charged by the local municipality and can range anywhere from R2,500 to R4,000. If the deceased individual needs to be repatriated to their country of origin, this could add an additional R25,000 to the total cost.

The expense of livestock

Again, the style of burial that your loved one wishes will determine the costs associated with catering and cattle, but for the typical South African, the price of a cow on its own can reach up to R15,000 (about $2000).

Funeral location

If you are going to rent a tent, you should be prepared to foot a price that could range anywhere from R500 to R5000 if you want to accommodate a large group of people in the tent.

Gazi recommends that individuals seek the assistance of a qualified financial advisor in order to locate an insurance plan that “would provide you and your loved ones peace of mind at an affordable price.”

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