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Chesley Jaftha, the goalie for Chippa United, was killed by a shot.

Chesley Jaftha

A tragic death has been reported in the Premier Soccer League (PSL) after a player was shot during what appeared to be a tackle.

The passing of Chippa United goalkeeper Chesley Jaftha, who played for the club’s Dstv Diski challenge side, was announced late last night by the organization. Jaftha’s passing is a tragic loss. They were shocked and upset by the information, and they extended their sincere condolences to his family.

Chippa United wrote on their official Twitter account, “Everyone at the club is profoundly grieved to learn of the demise of our MultiChoice Diski Challenge and feeder team goalie Chesley Jaftha, at the youthful age of 23,” in response to the news that Jaftha had passed away.

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During this terribly difficult time, we want the Jaftha family, as well as all of their friends and colleagues, to know that our thoughts are with them. May God grant his soul eternal rest in peace. RIP Chesley “Bhulu” Jaftha,” the club went on to say.
It is believed that he was brutally murdered in broad daylight in PE on Friday after he went to repair the tyre on his VW Polo. While he was seated in his car unaware of the impending attack, an assailant who emerged from a Chevrolet approached his car and fired multiple shots at close range.

The young man, 23, was taken to a hospital in the area, but he had sustained terrible gunshot wounds and ultimately passed away.

Since then, the police have verified that they have sent out a search team in an effort to find the people responsible for the crime, and they are hoping to bring them to justice as soon as possible.

The killing of Jaftha has once more brought up concerns about the safety of individuals in this country, particularly in townships, where the number of violent crimes has drastically increased over the course of the previous several years.

Phumzile Khumalo was quoted as saying, “This is a dreadful way to die” when members of the village discovered a lifeless body.

” This is an awful way to go to your grave ” After the finding of a lifeless body that was found hanging, Phumzile Khumalo made the comments after the investigation was completed. She was contributing to the fact that it would be difficult for the man’s family to recognize their loved one, which was already a difficult situation for them. Phumzile was one of the residents of Diepkloof who observed a man’s lifeless body hanging from a tree in the neighborhood.

On the morning of the 10th of October 2022, it was observed that the lifeless body of a man was discovered tied to a tree in Zone 2, in an open veld. The location of the discovery was noted.

The unknown male was last seen wearing a pair of black pants, black takkies, and a maroon T-shirt. On Monday morning, members of the Community Policing Forum were the ones who came across the lifeless body and made the discovery.

Following the discovery of the horrible crime scene, the Community Policing Forum got in touch with the authorities, who then headed to the location.

A number of the locals made their way to the location to take a look at what had been discovered there. It was said by one of the locals that the man had been murdered in another location and then tied to the tree to give the appearance that he had committed himself.

The forensic team went through and recovered the remains first thing on Tuesday morning.

It was confirmed by Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Sondo that an inquest docket had been filed to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the individual who has not been identified. When the paramedics got at the scene, they determined that the man had passed away prior to their arrival.

A community suffers a setback whenever one of its members passes away. It is impossible to dispute the fact that the man is a member of a family, despite the fact that the man’s identity is still unknown. Because they were closer to him, his loved ones will be more devastated by his passing than anyone else.

After being reported missing for a day, Bokgabo’s body was located and she has now passed away.

When Bokgabo Poo was last seen, she was at Wattville Masoleng Park in Benoni with her friends on the 10th of October 2022 at approximately 16:00. At that time, an unknown man had stopped where she and her friend were playing and lured Bokgabo to his direction.

It is said that the footage was obtained; nevertheless, the individual who seems to be luring Bokgabo is not seen very clearly on the footage since it is ambiguous.

It is reported that her mother started to become suspicious when the child did not return home, and the father was alerted in the hope that Bokgabo was with him. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a purple vest with orange shorts, and she has natural afro hair.

A case of a missing child has since been opened with the Benoni SAPS, which has begun, a follow-up on all information received. Additionally, a task team comprised of members of the community has been established in order to search for the missing child.

The investigating officer requests that anyone who has information that could potentially lead to the location of Bokgabo Poo or the suspected offender get in touch with them as soon as possible.

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