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Cheating Master KG begs Makhadzi to give him another chance

Makhadzi and Master KG

“Please Talk To Makhadzi On My Behalf” – Master KG Sends Mixed Signals As He Appealed To Fans “Please Talk To Makhadzi On My Behalf”

After asking his followers to have a conversation with the Magear songstress, Master KG has left South Africans with a muddled understanding of the condition of his relationship with Makhadzi.

South Africans were taken aback when Master KG revealed, earlier this month, that he and Makhadzi were no longer dating in a post that has since been removed from his official Facebook account. The news came as quite a surprise to the people of South Africa.

He emphasized that even though they were no longer romantically involved, their professional relationship will not be adversely affected in any way.

“It breaks my heart to tell this, but my queen makhazi and I are no longer romantically involved. However, we will continue to collaborate in the future to provide entertainment for all of our devoted followers. “please accept my gratitude,” the Master KG wrote.

In response, Makhadzi denigrated Master KG’s message and emphasized that the Wanitwa Mos head had typographical error in his article.

Ever since the producer of Jerusalema made the statement that the couple had ended their relationship, the two have been tight-lipped about the status of their relationship, refusing to comment on whether or not they had parted ways.

On Wednesday, Master KG announced that he will be celebrating his birthday in Pretoria on the third of the following month. The occasion will be his birthday. Makhadzi was not included on the guest list, despite the fact that he invited the majority of his other pals, such as Focalistic, King Monada, Nkosazana Daughter, Zanda Zakuza, Prince Benza, Nokwazi, and DJ Tira, to mention a few.

Fans were quick to note the omission of Makhadzi, and they voiced their displeasure with the multi-award winning producer for not including the Milandu Bhe vocalist. In order to justify his actions, Master KG stated that he did not book Makhadzi because she will be out of the country on that particular day.

He made an appeal to his audience, pleading with them to petition Makhadzi to delay her journey abroad on his behalf.

“On that particular day, Her Majesty Queen Makhadzi is not in the kingdom. I would appreciate it if everyone could go to Makhadzi’s page and encourage her to delay her travel to another country so that she can join in the celebration with me. I have faith that you all are able to,” Master KG stated in the box for user comments.

Fans were left perplexed as to whether or not Master KG and Makhadzi are still dating, and they made their confusion known in the comments area of the article. The following is a selection of the feedback received:

Your Majesty, Princess Qiniso Moyo:

Therefore, she is the Queen now, and not you, is she? Respond to my inquiry, since if you don’t, there won’t be a party without Makhadz.

Neoza Pertunia Mudau:

Master KG SA Music Please refer to her as my queen rather than the queen. Dress her appropriately, as you always have, and remember that you will always be our Mukwasha.

Carolyn Zizo:

Master KG SA Music l love how you confuse your enemies..

To quote Mncube Ashely:

Master KG SA Music It is for the best that you notified us, as I was about to become irate; you and Khadzi need to hurry up and tie the knot for the sake of everyone else.

George Francis Chilenga, Georgina

This life is beyond my comprehension, Master KG SA Music; she is now known as Queen Makhadzi, not Babes Mhu.

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