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Cassper Nyovest’s fans make fun of his diminutive size (4-5) and wonder if it’s the smallest in South Africa.

Cassper Nyovest has been putting in a substantial amount of work at the gym as of late in order to get in fighting shape for the highly anticipated boxing match he will be having with fellow rapper Priddy Ugly.

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However, his most recent picture, in which he appears to be flaunting off the size of his manhood, has tweeps scratching their heads.

The most recent picture of rapper Cassper Nyovest taken while he was working out has caused many people on Twitter to speculate about the dimensions of his 4-5. The much-anticipated boxing match between Cassper Nyovest and Priddy Ugly is scheduled to take place in October. In preparation for the bout, Cassper Nyovest posted a picture of himself working out.

Cassper Nyovest has become the target of criticism on Twitter, with some focusing their attention on the size of his manhood. His gym biker shorts exposed every part of his body, which led tweeps to notice his manh00d size. If the truth be told, tweeps are not exactly ecstatic about what they have seen, but they are also not jumping for joy because of what they have seen.

However, when gossip writer Musa Khawula asked his fans and followers about the size of Cassper Nyovest’s manhood, the responses were mixed. It escalated into a frenzy, and then a free-for-all, as people took to Twitter to comment on Cassper Nyovest’s size and express how dissatisfied they were with what they were seeing.

inkulu noma incane?!

xo xo,
gossip girl,

— Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) September 16, 2022

People on Twitter did not waste any more of their time and went straight to the comments section to insult the size of Cassper Nyovest’s manhood. They also made remarks about how little it was and how few options there were for it, similar to jobs.

While everything was going on, a number of people on Twitter were unconcerned by Cassper Nyovest’s criticism of his manh00d and instead posted comments defending him. While others even went so far as to suggest that he could be a grower and not a shower, which would explain why his manh00d appears to be on the thin side when he is wearing his motorcycle shorts.

One of Cassper Nyovest’s major sponsors has pulled out of the fight because of the match’s low quality.

There is a possibility that individuals who had hoped to be able to watch the boxing battle between Cassper Nyovest and Priddy Ugly from the convenience of their own homes would no longer be able to do so.

As a result of SuperSport’s decision to withdraw as a partner in the event, the celebrity boxing battle will no longer be broadcast live on television.

This information was disclosed by Cassper Nyovest on Tuesday morning, when he confessed that he had been suffering from insomnia as a direct result of the match.

According to the musician Tito Mboweni, a number of the event’s sponsors and broadcast partners have decided to withdraw their support. Cassper Nyovest has stated that he does not intend to give up hope despite the fact that the odds are stacked against him.

The Gusheshe hitmaker posted a message on Instagram in which he stated that he was concentrating on getting in shape rather than stressing out about the event. Cassper Nyovest penned the following:

During one of those evenings, anxiousness was keeping me awake, and I was unable to fall or stay asleep. I have a lot going through my head. It’s going to take a miracle to turn this situation around, what with sponsors and television partners bailing out of this fight, but I ain’t giving up just yet. I made the decision to go for a run rather than tossing and turning in bed for several hours. You can watch me on the morning show on television at 7:30 in the morning. Always be prepared!!!

On the other hand, there is positive news in that tickets are still being sold and the boxing match is still scheduled to take place on October 1. Another factor contributes to the likelihood that the highly anticipated boxing match will never take place.
It is possible that the boxing battle will not take place due to the fact that Cassper Nyovest is heavier than Priddy Ugly. When the two rappers met for their most recent weigh-in, Cassper was 32 kilograms (kg) heavier than Priddy Ugly. Cassper Nyovest has set a goal for himself to lose an additional bit of weight and be 16 kilograms lighter.

Priddy Ugly has stated that the boxing battle may have to be postponed or canceled if Cassper Nyovest is unable to shed sufficient amounts of weight. Tlee Moiloa, Cassper’s manager, has refuted the notion that there is a weight issue related to the next fight.

As Cassper Nyovest puts it to South African hip hop musicians, “You’re too preoccupied about amapiano.”

SA hip hop’s popularity has decreased with the rise of amapiano, despite the fact that artists like Kwesta, Cassper Nyovest, and Nasty C were once responsible for dominating the radio with success after hit.

Because of this decline, several of hip hop’s most gifted performers have switched to amapiano or gone on indefinite vacation. One of the earliest rap artists to embrace amapiano, Nyovest, has been quite outspoken about this.

Before the movement began last year, he gave local rappers the advice to ride the amapiano wave while it lasted.

It appears that he has altered his tune now.

A hip hop n* is too concerned about amapiano, he tweeted late on a Sunday.

In the same vein, N** is overly concerned with her stats and her popularity. The music can wait; just drop it, n*. Amapiano, amapiano!! Haha. Not a single thing is changing!!! Now is the moment to think beyond the box!!! Get to work!!! My mind is blown!!!

Nyovest also mentioned a new single is on the way, which could account for his about-face. This is a sample of my future single: “STUPID!!!!! A SHOOTER OF HYPE WILLIAMS IS REQUIRED FOR SUCH CRAP AS THIS!!!”

I want some images to go along with all that fervor!!!! I think I have stumbled across a masterpiece!!! We’re about to ramp up the excitement!! You get results like these if you take your time and allow the music inspire you while you work on your skill.”

After a long hiatus from recording new hip hop music, he made his return in July by appearing on Fakaloice’s new single “Ooh Aah” alongside Riky Rick.

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