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Cassper Nyovest reacts to DJ Sumbody’s death

When people woke up, they were shocked to hear that DJ Sumbody had died. The DJ’s company wouldn’t say much about how he was killed in a statement they sent out, but several reports say that he was killed by about 40 or so bullets.

The DJ was probably on his way to play at the Woodmead News Cafe when shots were fired and his driver was also hit.

Cassper Nyovest reacts to DJ Sumbody’s death

People on Twitter say that when they heard the news, the first person that came to mind was his good friend Cassper Nyovest.

Cassper Nyovest reacts to DJ Sumbody’s death
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Even he was shocked when he heard about Sumbody’s death.


Sadly some fans have accused Cassper to have a hand in all these deaths, from Killer Kau to now this recent passing of DJ Sumbody. But we vehemently don’t think Cassper has anything to do with this, for we have all lost someone close to us at some point. Were we responsible for their deaths? Absolutely no, unless ofcourse you are a murderer then we urge you to turn yourself to the police.

DJ Sumbody’s life story

DJ Sumbody, whose real name is Oupa John Sefoka and who is from South Africa, was born a long time ago. He found his true calling early on and went straight into the world of music.

Even though his parents would have liked him to finish college, DJ Sumbody has other plans and a strong belief that music is his calling. He gave up on school and threw himself into music. The musician from Pretoria has already had a lot of success because of this.

Right now, you can’t miss his name on a list of successful Mzansi musicians and businesspeople.

Has DJ Sumbody worked in radio before? Sure. In addition to making music, the singer was also a radio host. He even had a show called “Expresso Show” at one point.

Also, among the many songs he has put out, you can be sure to find a few that have been changed for radio. “Tonight (Radio Edit)” and “Suk’emabhozeni” are two ready-made examples (Radio edit).


He or she was born on June 9. The year he was born in is something he is very secretive about. From what I can tell, the musician would rather have his fans and anyone else interested in him talk about his music instead of the year he was born.

Funny thing is, if you really got into his music, his age would be the last thing on your mind. Yup. You would be so busy that you wouldn’t have time to think about when he was born.


It seems like the trend in show business is to make a lot of noise and show off. From what I can see, DJ Sumbody is not one to go with the flow. The champion doesn’t say much about the bag, but it’s clear that he’s really making sure it’s safe.

Even though we don’t know his exact net worth, we can say that he is one of the most successful DJs in Mzansi, has business interests outside of the entertainment industry, and is rumoured to be one of the millionaires in the game.

Given how good he is as an artist and how much he cares about his work, the muso can only make more rand leaps.


The DJ was born in Pretoria, and he and his business partner, Kagiso Setsetse, own the Ayepyep Lifestyle brand together.


People don’t know if DJ Sumbody was married or if he had a girlfriend before he died.

Career in Music

DJ Sumbody could be called one of those “musos” who are crazy about music. He could have gone to Tshwane University of Technology, but he left halfway through to become a DJ.

Looking back, it’s not a choice he wishes he hadn’t made. The singer has become a well-known DJ in South Africa who is in high demand. He has also written some great songs, like the hits “Monate Mpolaye” (with Cassper Nyovest, Thebe, and Vettis) and “Ayepyep,” with DJ Tira, Thebe, and Emza.

The muso also runs a restaurant and lounge called “Ayepyep.” The title was also used as a counterpoint to Wololo of gqom, which is an interesting fact. In a recent interview, DJ Sumbody, a well-known amapiano voice, said the same thing.

We don’t know why the singer chose the stage name Sumbody, which sounds so much like “somebody,” but we can’t blame him for it now that he is a well-known figure in South African and African music, a “big voice,” if you will.

Are there important things we forgot about him?

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