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Bujy Bikwa talks losing TV shows and struggling following fight with Boity Thulo.

In 2021, Bujy Bikwa made news after getting into a heated argument with Boity Thulo, during which he threw a bottle of wine at her face.

Because the fight was so intense, Boity needed to be treated in a medical facility after it. After Bikwa’s arrest, he was sent to the Johannesburg Correctional Centre, where he remained until his bail was set at R2000.

Even though he did not end up in jail as a result of his fight with heavyweight entertainer Boity Thulo, Bujy Bikwa’s life has not been the same since the match.

Even though I have my deejaying residency, they have put me on hold and told me that before they will let me go back to work, they want to first understand what is currently happening. There were a great number of folks who did not want to touch me. Some individuals believed that it was too soon for me to start making reservations for jobs.

Bathong and Bujy came very close to taking the life of Boity.

Just take a look at Boity’s shirt, would you?

— Daniel Marven (@danielmarven) October 7, 2021

A year after the confrontation with Boity Thulo, the life of presenter Bujy Bikwa
Bujy has been very open about the fact that the conflict he had with Boity resulted in him losing a lot of stuff. When questioned by News24, Bujy admitted that the most recent few months have been challenging for him.

His altercation with Boity damaged his reputation, and as a result, he has not been scoring any television shows.
Not only does Bujy not have a place to live, but he also cannot afford to replace the home he recently lost and is having trouble making ends meet.

The former Metro FM star says that he has regrets over getting into a battle with Boity, and he encourages Mzansi to keep oneself away from fights of any kind.

In our nation, gender-based violence (GBV) is an extremely touchy subject. My close friend was brutally beaten up by a lover just a week ago, and I’m still reeling from it.

Therefore, if someone suggests that (the altercation) was a case of sexual assault or domestic violence, I will simply respond by saying that all of us here are adults, and we are aware of what occurred at that hotel. Allow us stand back and let the process of the law play out. Personally, I intend to put this time into getting better.

The presenter of awards also expressed gratitude to his family and the devoted fans who stood by him throughout his struggles and offered their support.

Mzansi responds to the tale written by Bujy Bikwa.

Mzansi is divided on how it should respond to the tragic story of Bujy. The vast majority of people have compassion for him, but some do not feel sorry for him because they believe he should be held accountable for his actions.

Mzansi also cautioned other young celebrities that getting into a confrontation with influential artists like Boity Thulo would be detrimental to their careers and should be avoided at all costs.

It was one of the most important observations that Boity employed her sangoma talents in order to cope with Bujy Bikwa. Despite the fact that Boity Thulo is a sangoma who hasn’t been physically practicing, Mzansi believes that she used Bujy as a training ground for her skills in order to get revenge on him.

Sometime last year Boity Thulo filed an assault charge against Bujy Bikwa, the alleged bottle thrower.

Boity Thulo has confirmed in a public statement that she was physically hurt during a disagreement. According to a statement released by the rapper, she has reported the incident to the police and plans to let the legal system take care of the situation.

It was reported by City Press that media figure Bujy Bikwa was responsible. The ex-radio presenter allegedly threw a bottle at Boity’s face, causing serious enough damage to warrant medical attention.

Boity didn’t speak out until she issued a statement on her social media accounts.

According to TimesLive, the Ba Kae singer has filed accusations against her attacker. Boity is certain that the legal system will resolve her case fairly. Boity had requested Mzansi for quiet and space to process the horrible event she had just had.

On this episode of “Drink or Tell the Truth” with Lasizwe, Boity reveals the South African rapper she would be least comfortable working with.

According to Intarez News, Boity Thulo is among the celebs who spilled the beans on Lasizwe’s Drink or Tell the Truth in order to avoid having to down a shot of a horrible concoction. This time around, the Ba Kae hitmaker specifically named Nomuzi, or Moozlie, as the industry member she most desires to avoid.

The content producer at Lasizwe decided to ask the star of the reality show Own Your Throne some probing questions. Boity tried everything in her power to give honest answers and avoid the predetermined punishment. The most controversial question was reportedly, “Which female artist or rapper would you never want to work with, between Gigi Lamayne, Nadia Nakai, Nomuzi, and Rouge?” After some internal debate, Boity answered the question honestly, as reported by SA Hip Hop Mag. After listing her top three choices, she replied, “I’ll have to pick Nomuzi, it’s alright, I’m cool with it; I adore Rouge, I love Gigi, uhm Nadia is my girl.”

A lot of people were not surprised by the response, since it has been widely speculated that Boity and Moozlie are at odds with each other. According to ZALebs, in her song “Fourways Freestyle,” Nomuzi is rumored to have dissed Boity for not authoring her own bars.

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