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BREAKING: Pearl Shongwe has died

Pearl Shongwe, who presented on both television and radio, has sadly passed away.

On Tuesday afternoon, the body of Shongwe, a newsreader for Metro FM who was currently appearing on the show Touchdown with Tbo Touch, was discovered at her house in Polofields, which is located north of Johannesburg.

Shongwe, who was 35 years old, was reportedly discovered dead by neighbors, who then called the police to report the incident, according to a source who did not want to be named for fear of retribution.

BREAKING: Pearl Shongwe has died
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“The authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding her passing,” remarked the person with the deep throat.

According to another source, the former news reader for SABC was discovered laying dead in her house by herself.

“At this time, all I can say is that there were no injuries discovered,” the spokesperson said. It would indicate that she may have passed away as a result of natural causes. The informant reported that she was located “laying on her bed with her face down.”

BREAKING: Pearl Shongwe has died

Colonel Noxolo Kweza, the spokesperson for the Gauteng Police Department, requested that the Sunday World submit her written inquiries. However, as of the time of publication, she had not provided a response.

Her remarks will be included in the post as soon as we have them in hand.

Shongwe is a native of Soweto who competed for the title of Miss Soweto in 2011. Her career began in 2010 when she began working as an entertainment reporter for the youth radio station YFM, where she worked alongside Mo Flava. In addition, she began working in 2010 for SABC Sport as a reporter and voice artist for their flagship programs, which included a children’s sport show called “Sports Buzz.”

As a sports host on SABC 24hr News’s Sports Live, Shongwe was also featured on the SABC 24hr News channel. She then moved on to become a co-host on Morning Live alongside Simphiwe Ncongwane on the weekends.

RECENTLY SOUTH AFRICA LOST ANOTHER veteran TV and radio personality Jeremy Mansfield has passed away.

Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA – August 28: Jeremy Mansfield during Miss Universe Farewell In South Africa on August 28, 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo by Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape)

“When I woke up this morning, there was no longer any light in the world. Just a few hours before daybreak, Jeremy Mansfield passed away. He passed away tranquilly at home, surrounded by his family, friends, and an infinite amount of love.

“Jeremy lived huge. He was unable of acting in a subordinate role. He loved fiercely, laughed out loud, and was able to successfully merge heart and soul with fun and mayhem. When he was on the airwaves, the city seemed cheerier and happier than usual. Every day, he impacted countless people’s lives. When he wasn’t soliciting millions of dollars for charitable organisations, he was stirring up trouble.

“Jeremy hid a large and sensitive heart underneath his mischievous façade. That was broadcast on the radio, so it was seen and seen by a large number of people; but, he chose to reserve his vulnerability for a restricted group of people. He was resolute that the world should be a better, shinier, and funnier place, and he drove the road to that destination at a speed of one thousand miles per hour while simultaneously removing the rearview mirror from his vehicle. All of the rest of us were clutching on for dear life.

“We will miss him. The family is in disbelief and asks that they be given privacy during this difficult time.”

Following her prior treatment for leukaemia, the month of January brought the news that Mansfield had liver cancer. The cancer was verified to be in the stage 4 by the medical staff, and he began treatment right away.

“Haven’t posted for ages. Because I wasn’t feeling quite myself, doctors admitted me to the hospital and subjected me to a battery of tests. It seems that I have a sort of liver cancer,” the celebrity remarked after the diagnosis.

After receiving the news, Mansfield took it in stride, became even more determined, and vowed to live each day to the fullest.

On the other hand, in August of 2022, the beloved media celebrity took to Facebook to reveal that his cancer was terminal and that he would only be receiving palliative care from that point on.

“Have had it confirmed by the specialist surgeon who is leading everyone in the team that is looking after me that my cancer is confirmed stage 4, terminal, and is now only subject to palliative care,” she said. “Have had it confirmed by the specialist surgeon who is leading everyone in the team that is looking after me.””

Mansfield stated that all he desired to do in the time that he had left was to focus on having as much pleasure as humanly possible.

“This dream squad, as I’m going to refer to them from now on, will show me how to pack as much fun into the remaining time that I have and fulfil as many of the goals, both big and small, that are on my bucket list as I possibly can. Today marks the beginning of a brand new adventure for Kari and the rest of our family,” he added.

Samantha shared that right up until the very end, they read well-wishes and notes from admirers to him.

“He was aware that he was adored, and he realised its significance. He mattered. Tonight, there will be a brand-new star visible in the night sky.

“As he would have said: good night, bunnies.”

Through his broadcasts on Radio 702, Highveld Stereo, and Hot 91.9, Mansfield won over the attention and affection of the people of Mzansi.

The Rude Awakening, his morning programme on Highveld Stereo, helped him achieve cult-like notoriety in the world of South African radio. In addition to that, he hosted the shows A Word or 2 on SABC2, Front Row on M-Net, and Supersport.

He also co-authored a cuisine titled Zhoozsh with his ex-wife, Jacqui, and the book Vrot Jokes, which became an instant best-seller.

After he parted ways with Hot 91.9 in February 2021, he began hosting his Mansfield2day show on YouTube, where he continued to do so until the time of his passing.

The passing of Mansfield has left Mzansi with sad hearts, as evidenced by the outpouring of tributes to the star on social media.

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