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BREAKING: Mampintsha’s mother ZamaNguni Gumede has died

Mampintsha’s mother ZamaNguni Gumede passed away after a brief battle with illness just over a month after the passing of her famous son.

On Sunday night, she passed away at the age of 64 years old at Wentworth hospital.

Pinki Gumede, Mampintsha’s sister, was the one who confirmed the news of her unexpected passing to the Daily Sun.

It was stated by her that she had gone to see her during the day.

“When I left her, it seemed as though she was doing well. Even at that point, we were all laughing at her jokes that she was telling us. So when I left her, she was in a good mood, and I honestly believed that she was making progress in her recovery “said Pinki.

However, this was not the case because a few hours later she was recalled to the hospital for further evaluation.

“When I was just about to close my eyes for the night, I got a call from the hospital. I was instructed to hurry to her side because she wanted to see us as soon as possible. When I arrived, she was already hooked up to various IV drips, and she was surrounded by medical professionals who were attempting to help her “It was explained by her.

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“After she has left, I can see that she wanted to say goodbye to us before she left. She informed me that she was getting old and that she was going to leave. I responded in the affirmative when she asked if everyone was present. She expressed interest in meeting Sponge, Mampintsha’s son, but I informed her that he was not currently available. Although I could see the sadness in her eyes, she did not say anything to me about it. In addition to receiving her blessings, we were able to spend some quality time with her. After that, we left. I received a call around ten o’clock at night informing me that she had passed away, “continued Pinki.

She stated that this causes her twice as much suffering. “It’s a double-edged sword for me, and I’m not coping well at all with it. Within a span of a month, I said goodbye to two significant people in my life. However, the fact that we were not adequately prepared financially for this makes things even more difficult. Mampintsha made sure that everything was in order with regard to the policies that were in place. Even though we were still working on getting everything in order, it became clear that time was not on our side “said Pinki.

Mampintsha’s mother had been ill for some time prior to their conversation. After Mampintsha passed away, she deteriorated physically and mentally. Because she was unable to walk on her own, she had to be physically carried wherever she went.

She was admitted to Wentworth hospital a few days after Mampintsha’s funeral services were held.


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