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BREAKING: Mampintsha’s mother passed out

According to reports, Mampintsha’s mother passed out after being prevented from attending the memorial services for her son following his untimely passing.

Wonders never fail to take my breath away. It would appear that the tensions that existed between the families of the late Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo and Babes Wodumo have not been resolved and will likely continue for some time.

According to the reports, Mampintsha’s mother was rushed to the hospital in an emergency. She was prevented from viewed the body of her son in Westville, and as a result, she passed out.

The drama involving Mampintsha’s mother and Babes Wodumo

There is no question that the feud between the two families existed before it became public. And it doesn’t appear that the fight is anywhere near over yet.

On the other hand, it seemed as though their families had put the past in the past in the most recent episode of the couple’s reality show, which is called Uthando Lodumo. Despite this, reports indicate that the tension is ramping up once more after Mampintsha’s passing.

After hearing that Mampintsha was recovering from a stroke, the family of Babes reportedly made Mampintsha’s family feel like they had been put in the background.

Zama Gumede excluded from Mampintsha’s funeral arrangements

According to the urban legend, Mampintsha’s mother, Zama Gumede, passed out after learning that she would not be included in the funeral arrangements for her son.

“According to reports, Mampintsha’s mother passed out after she discovered that the funeral arrangements had been finalized even though she had not been informed. Zama, Mampintsha’s mother, suffered a sudden fall and was taken to the KwaMashu Community Health Center by ambulance. It is said that she suddenly collapsed after seeing on TV that the arrangements for her son’s funeral had been completed, and that this caused her heart to start hurting. She inquired as to the reason why she was not included.

Zandile Maphumulo, who serves as the family spokesperson for the Mampintsha family, provided an update to the media during a joint family press briefing on how Babes Wodumo is coping with the loss of Mampintsha following the singer’s passing.

“In regard to Babes, as I have mentioned in the past, when you lose a loved one, it is not an easy thing to go through. She has not been doing well for the past two days, but our family is one that believes in God, and we pray for everything. The prayers of both families, the Simelane’s and the Maphumulo’s, have helped and sustained her.

“They were very close to one another; in addition to being lovers and friends, they were also husband and wife.”

Mampintsha’s funeral arrangements

In the meantime, Mampintsha’s family has announced that a celebration of his life will take place in Durban Central on Thursday, and that his funeral will take place on Friday. Both events are scheduled to take place after his passing. The family promised that more specific information would be provided at the appropriate time.

“The funeral will be on Friday, and we are still in the process of locating a suitable venue with the assistance of the government. As is well known, this person was a KwaZulu-Natal institution, so the government has agreed to lend a helping hand to the family.

We are going to hold the memorial service on Thursday at the ECC church, which is Pastor Vusi Dube’s church. The service will begin at 11 in the morning. The public is also invited to attend the memorial service because we will be celebrating Mampintsha’s life, said Babes Wodumo’s father. “Everyone is welcome to come to that memorial service,” said Babes Wodumo’s father.

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