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Black Motion has a new replacement for Murdah Bongz.

Murdah Bongz

Black Motion, a South African musical duo, has been revealed to have broken up, despite the fact that they spent months denying rumors to the contrary regarding their breakup.

It has been reported that Murdah Bongz and Thabo Smallz have parted ways as a duo, and that Murdah Bongz will be succeeded by a new member known only as Kabelo Koma.

Fans of the group claimed a few months ago that there was a disagreement between the two of them, and that as a result, Black Motion had disbanded. However, the two of them pulled a public relations stunt and denied all of those allegations, citing the fact that they were still together.

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Black Motion has dropped hints that they are working on a new album that will not feature Murdah Bongz, who only a few short weeks ago released a solo album that he named after his daughter Asante.

Fans have been given hints about a possible new project that will be launched in the near future by the new Black Motion, which consists of Kabelo and Thabo.

The music producer and DJ Prince Kaybee was the first person to announce the breakup of the group. Later, in April of this year, Musa Khawula spread the word further about the dissolution of the band.

A few of followers have suggested that DJ Zinhle, who is married to Murdah Bongz, is to blame for the breakup.

Zinhle has been accused of being a control freak and of treating Murdah ‘like a puppy.’ This accusation has been leveled against her.

Chris Excel, a well-known Twitter influencer, broke the story almost immediately and pointed the finger of blame towards Zinhle.

The band Black Motion has officially broken up. The gratitude is extended to DJ Zinhle.

Women prevailed once more. 😭

— Chris Excel, via his Twitter account (@ChrisExcel102), on November 5, 2022

Lasizwe Dambuza, according to DJ Zinhle, is a “underage drinker.”

Lasizwe and DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle, a successful entrepreneur, DJ, and author, referred to media celebrity and content producer Lasizwe as a “underage drinker.” Zinhle and Thulasizwe Dambuza, better known to us all as Lasizwe, were spotted in the same place at the same time during a Telkom event. LaSizwe went over to sit with Zinhle while holding a glass, and the DJ claimed that this behavior constituted underage drinking. Bear in mind, and the person who created the content will turn 24 years old this year.

Zinhle was the one who delivered the humorous lines. When we do get a glimpse of her humorous side, it’s always hilarious, but normally it’s not very often. During the event, she questioned LaSizwe about the percentage of alcohol in his champagne. Because of all of this humor, we are transported back in time to when the music show Club 808 was still airing on eTV. Zinhle was awarded a trophy, and her acceptance speech was hilarious.

The troll gains Zizo Tshwete as a member.

Zizo Tshwete, a radio broadcaster who formerly held the title of Miss South Africa Teen, is also in attendance at the occasion. Zizo was referring to the champagne brand owned by Dj Zinhle, who serves as the company’s CEO. The radio personality responded negatively when asked by DJ Zinhle whether or not she approved of minors drinking alcohol. In addition, Zizo advised Zinhle that people should drink in moderation and that when they do drink, they should consume Boulevard.

Lasizwe’s defence

This year, as was previously reported, Lasizwe will be turning 24 years old. Laizwe is just one of those people who is naturally very small. He told Zinhle, “One thing about me, you’ll find me at the bar.” Laizwe is one of those people who is naturally very tiny. Even at the age of 24, he is still quite short, and his frame is quite delicate. Because he truly does have the appearance of an adolescent, Zinhle made the joke.

Looks worn by the three celebrities attending the event

Dj Zinhle

Dj Zinhle has a one-of-a-kind style, although her aesthetic may be described as both girly and tough. At the event, she was sporting a bright yellow two-piece ensemble consisting of a jacket and a little skirt. In addition to that, she was wearing white boots and a white top.


Surprisingly enough, Lasizwe also has a design aesthetic that incorporates elements of both sexes. On this particular day, he was dressed in male attire, which consisted of khaki slacks, a sleeveless top, and a white t-shirt worn underneath.

Zizo Tshwete

Zizo is one of the Mzansi celebs that is known for having the simplest fashion sense. She favors particular pieces of clothing that are both sophisticated and uncomplicated, and are also comfortable. She was dressed in a black dress that fit her loosely and had buttons down the front of it. Her tresses were frizzling out.

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