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Big Zulu posted his Picture and Mzansi was left excited

Because today is a day to celebrate his history, South African musician Big Zulu decided to splurge on some nice shoes and a flashy automobile for himself. The Inkabi country has a lot of content on its social media website that is sure to impress its friends and followers.

Recently, Big Zulu took it to his social media page, where he posted a pictures of himself displaying his fresh new Carvella as well as his huge automotive collection. Big Zulu has taken to his social media page, where he has informed his followers that he is also commemorating his history in the same way.

Alongside the caption: “iNkabi Nation Happy Heritage Day, let’s gather in Daggakraal, Witbank, Springs. Swaziland, Foundations Valley, and Pretoria on the Sunday “. It was written.

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Heritage day will be celebrated by Big Zulu by going out tonight. The Inkabi people are going on an adventure in his BMW automobile. After he disclosed to his viewers and admirers that he was going out, his fans, supporters, and followers have been sending their best wishes for safe travel to him.

Big Zulu is never spotted wearing anything except Carvella and Brentwood shoes and clothing. When he is seen in public, he always wears those specific pairs of shoes. Since Big Zulu first entered the entertainment sector, he has been the subject of much discussion. Even in most of his images, he can be seen glancing at his feet, specifically at his footwear. Because of this, a number of individuals have incorrectly assumed that he is g.ay, despite the fact that he is not.

Things you might want to know about Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba, a stunning woman who possesses a wide range of skills, is currently recognized as one of the wealthiest female celebrities in South Africa and has an incredible net worth.

Queen B, also known as Bonang Matheba, has established a prosperous career in the media over the past two decades, which has contributed significantly to the growth of her net worth. She has demonstrated that she is so talented by being able to succeed in all areas of the media industry.

Let’s take a look at Bonang Matheba’s wealth in 2022 and the path that led to her amassing those millions of dollars in assets.

The value of Bonang’s wealth

Forbes projects that Bonang Matheba will have a net worth of approximately $7 million in the year 2022. This amount is roughly equivalent to 100 million South African Rand.

In most cases, one’s net worth is computed by first determining their total liabilities and then subtracting those from their total assets.

How exactly did Bonang Matheba come to be so wealthy?

The majority of Queen B’s riches comes from the successful career she has built for herself in the media sector. In addition to that, the businesses that she owns have brought in a sizeable amount of revenue for her.

The following are the various ways in which she has made money off of her exploits:

TV career

When she was just 15 years old, in the year 2002, Bonang Matheba began her career in television on a children’s show on SABC 2 called Manhattan Fantasy Challenge.

Since the year 2002, she has served as the host of a variety of shows, some of which include the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2016 and Miss South Africa 2018.

These high-profile assignments have not only increased Bonang Matheba’s visibility but also contributed to the expansion of her net worth.

Radio career

Between the years 2009 and 2014, Bonang presided over a weekend program on YFM known as “The B* Hive,” which was an enormously popular program.

After she left YFM, she moved on to Metro FM, where she worked as a radio DJ before being offered a position as the host of “The Front Row.” She was successful in this role until she decided to step down from it.

Film career

In addition to her success in television and radio, Matheba has established a name for herself in the world of movies.

InterSEXions was the name of the television drama she was a part of, and the following year, 2019, she produced and starred in the documentary Public Figure.

Throughout the years 2017–2019, Bonang starred as the lead character in her own reality TV show, titled Being Bonang.


Bonang is one of the most highly valued ambassadors for major businesses since she is widely recognized as one of the most prominent persons in South Africa.

Throughout the years, she has worked as a representative for a number of multinational businesses, some of which include Revlon, Ciroc, Ipanema sandals, Peugeot, Samsung South Africa, and BIC Razors.

Bonang Matheba’s net worth has increased thanks to the millions of dollars she has made thanks to her connection with the aforementioned brands.

The companies owned by Bonang Matheba

In addition to being a remarkable person, Bonang is also a successful entrepreneur. She is the owner of a number of businesses that have brought her millions of dollars.

She is the owner of a clothing line that goes by the name Just B and was released in 2008 in collaboration with Legit.

Being Bonang is a reality show that was produced by her own production company, which she launched in 2017. The company’s name is Bonang Matheba Entertainment.

Her most recent foray into the business world was in the high-end beverage industry, where she launched her company, House of BNG, in 2019. There is no doubt in our minds that Bonang Matheba’s impressive commercial acumen has contributed to the growth of her personal fortune.

The vehicles owned by Bonang Matheba

Photo credit goes to for this image of Bonang Matheba stepping out of her Maybach.

Bonang Matheba has a net worth of $7 million, which enables her to purchase some of the most expensive and extravagant toys money can buy, and she does. The following is a list of some of Bonang’s automobiles:

Mercedes Benz Maybach

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

Mercedes Benz G Wagon

BMW i8

The residence of Bonang Matheba

Even though Bonang’s primary residence is in New York City, New York, United States, she also has a home in South Africa.

Her magnificent home in Waterfall Country Estate in Midrand is comprised of three bedrooms. A swimming pool, a garden, and a patio are some of the wonderful additions to the property that come with the house.

In the year 2020, the home was estimated to be worth R6 million; nevertheless, this figure represents only a minute portion of Bonang Matheba’s total wealth.

Is Bonang Matheba currently the most financially successful celebrity in South Africa?

Even if she is not the wealthiest celebrity in South Africa, Bonang Matheba is still one of the top ten wealthiest South African celebs.

She is also one of the wealthiest female superstars in Mzansi, and the prospects for her career in the country’s entertainment industry are very promising.

Because of all the investments that Bonang Matheba has made, it is anticipated that her net worth will continue to increase over the course of the next years.

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