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Big Zulu posted a picture of himself but Mzansi noticed something

Big Zulu, a musician, provided a sneak peek for his fans and followers of the incredible experiences he had during his journey to Italy by using his timeline.

After Nkabi shared a photo of himself posing in an unnamed street in the foreign nation, a large number of followers went to his post to check it out.

A great number of people who use the internet have made fun of the rapper by stating that the images look like they have been photo-shopped, while others have questioned his sense of style.

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Big Zulu has earned the right to take some time off and enjoy himself after reviving the South African hip-hop culture with his diss track 150 Bars, which was directed at a few Mzansi celebrities, most notably Cassper Nyovest.

Nkabi is currently relaxing in Italy, where he is taking advantage of all that the country has to offer in terms of tourist destinations.

When he recently posted a picture of himself posing in an ordinary street in Italy on Twitter, his admirers immediately began flooding the comments area with their responses. Big Zulu gave his followers an update on his safe arrival in Italy as he was communicating with them.

The rapper known as Imali Eningi was ridiculed in a series of posts that were made in good fun by Big Zulu’s followers. Despite his love of Carvela and real South African food, many people argued that until he returned, he would have to make do with Italian food till he could get back home.

What you need to know about Big Zulu’s Wife

Mzansi was awestruck by the way in which Lebogang Makenete held a welcome feast for Big Zulu’s family by offering cuisine prepared in the traditional manner, just as our mothers had done in the past.

A few days ago, Imali Eningi was all over the Internet because he had just released his hit song “350 Bars,” but unfortunately, it was not enough to put him at the top of the charts. After a few days had passed, he made headlines when he married the woman he cherished, Lebogang, and the wedding was extensively reported in the media.

We are overjoyed to announce that our dearly loved Big Zulu man has just recently tied the knot and is now qualified to take his place among the elders on the council. Congratulations!

After a long day of difficult discussions in Soweto, Big Zulu eventually took his wife home, and the two of them celebrated their reunion once they were together again. The introduction of a Makhoti into the home denotes that the rules of the game have been adjusted to account for the new situation.

In accordance with the tradition, as the celebrations continue, the old play in which the groom’s sisters would teasingly taunt the wedded bride will commence. Traditionally, this play was put on during the banquet following the wedding.

As a part of the festivities to welcome the guests, the bride would cook breakfast for the entire family and then serve it to them before they spread out their blankets and pillows. This was done as part of the ritual of preparing for the arrival of the guests.

Mzansi was impressed by the way in which Big Zulu’s family took advantage of the opportunity to tease the new daughter in a humorous manner and to push her to serve food in the traditional manner. Mzansi was also impressed by the way in which the family encouraged her to serve food in the traditional manner.

Big Zulu’s wife, Lebogang Makenete, finds herself at the mercy of her in-laws when it comes to preparing the meal in the customary fashion.

After the playful nagging escalated into violent and aggressive behavior, it brought several of the brides to tears, and the festivities came to a stop. This is the traditional way of extending a greeting, and Big Zulu’s family is well-versed in the art of doing so in an appropriate manner.

Even though Lebo had prepared delectable food that was a sight to behold, this was not adequate, and she almost served it while standing on her toes. The other women who were surrounding her saw it almost immediately, and as soon as they did, they forced her to serve the dinner while bowing down and laughing at her while she did it.

The request appeared to worry her, but she was aware that she needed to carry it out nevertheless. During the period in which she finally caved to the strain and began to serve her husband while kneeling, several members of her family participated in the performance.

As Big Zulu pulled on his jacket and sat down to be served, he did so with a broad grin plastered over his face throughout the entire process. Big Zulu praised the efforts that his wife had made to satisfy the needs of their family by catering to Big Zulu’s preferences and delivering what he had asked for.

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