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Big Zulu has made a pact with AKA to punch him when they finally meet. 

Big Zulu has made a pact with AKA to punch him when they finally meet.

Big Zulu, another rapper, has responded in a major way to AKA’s criticism of his diss track, “150 Bars,” which was released earlier.

Big Zulu made fun of the careers of Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, Slik Talk, and Stogie T in the song. He also took aim at K.O. and other artists in the industry who believe they are untouchable. Declaring that he is not intimidated by any of them.

Big Zulu has made a pact with AKA to punch him when they finally meet.
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AKA stated that he would not be interested in the song and that he believed it to be more of an Ubuntu Diss Track rather than a doss track.

When it was finally released, he made this statement several months ago, but Big Zulu has only just responded to him now.

A clapback was given by the rapper known as Imali Eningi to AKA, who was told to stay in his own lane.

“Simply because I stated that “I’m not fighting with you guys,” this boy who goes by the alias AKA referred to it as a “Ubuntu Diss Track.” No, I am not fighting with them, and nothing that I said on 150 bars was intended to start a fight in any way, shape, or form.

“When I first released 150 [Bars], it was just rap; I had no intention of competing with these boys at the time. This is nothing more than Hip Hop. AKA is not allowed to get ahead of the pack; he must remain in his lane at all times. Here he is explaining to me about Ubuntu Diss Track, and he is wondering why I defended the other side at the end. If you are looking for a fight, you should come up to me directly and say all of that nonsense to my face. I will bring to his attention the things he says on Twitter, and I will give him exactly what he asks for “remarked the rap artist.

Big Zulu once discussed the reasons behind his decision to not diss A Reece on the track.

He began by saying, “I noticed that a lot of people questioned why I did not include A-Reece in the track.” “I did not include A-Reece in the track because…” After that, he continued to add, somewhat apprehensively, that he does not really know A-Reece that well to be able to speak about him. He claimed that the individuals whose lyrics he used on the diss track were people about whom he had some knowledge, and that as a result, he spoke about things that are both known and true.

“Perhaps I should let go of the first 200 bars. There are some individuals whom I do not know very well. The things that I talked about on 150 bars are things that are happening in the real world. Therefore, I won’t simply lie about a certain person. To tell you the truth, I do not know A-Reece very well at all; yes, I am aware that he is popular on social media, but I do not know him personally.

“I am not suggesting that what he does is wrong, and despite the fact that I know English fairly well, I am unable to rap in the language. In addition, the last time I heard his songs on the radio was during his tenure with the record label that engages in human exploitation “He said this while continuing to take potshots at Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Cassper is the opponent Big Zulu is interested in facing in the boxing ring. This occurred after his fight with Priddy Ugly, which lasted for two minutes and was a complete and utter embarrassment.

Cassper and AKA Discuss the Alleged Fight Between Cassper and AKA

The beef between Cassper Nyovest and AKA is definitely one for the record books. This is because their adversarial relationship has existed for as long as Nyovest has been successful in his career as a musician. However, there are times when the general public gets fed up with them just using words on the blue app to make snide remarks about one another. When it does get physical or include a new level of violence, the public is always ready to invest their energies into their still ongoing beef. When it does get physical or include a new level of violence. In a manner comparable to that of their most recent encounter, which took place at Spring Fiesta on the eighteenth of October 2022.

What exactly took place between Cassper and AKA at this point?

It would appear that AKA is well aware of the fact and the matter of Cassper constantly using his name for traction in terms of his celebrity boxing matches, while also continually coming for AKA’s girlfriend, Nadia Nakai. Well, it would appear that AKA is well aware of the fact and the matter of Cassper constantly using his name for traction in terms of his celebrity boxing matches. As a consequence of this, AKA, who had previously made it clear that the only time he releases diss tracks is if the beef is real, would sub Cassper when they were in the same vicinity as one another.

AKA appears to cut the music in the now-viral video to signal to his DJ, Don Design, that he is looking to perform his lauded diss track, which is dedicated to Cassper and is titled “Composure.” The video demonstrates very clearly Nyovest in the crowd holding his Billiato, standing as commanded by the Mega, and looking at AKA while wearing his shades.

It would appear that Cassper experienced feelings as a result of the performance and the teasing from AKA. This is due to the fact that it is now claimed that after AKA’s performance, Cassper gathered his entourage and planned to confront AKA. This is the reason for this. However, security appeared to calm the situation, and both camps dispersed in opposite directions rather than engaging in a full-scale brawl, which was what most people wanted to see happen.

Cassper and AKA talk about the alleged fight that took place.

It was out of character for Cassper to keep quiet about what happened on the social media platforms after the altercation, particularly if he was the one who was treated unfairly in the scenario. A fact that led many people on social media to believe that he chose to remain silent in order to fabricate some version of the story that would, first, not make him look like the loser, and second, not make AKA seem like the goat that he is now considered to be on social media.

In keeping with his customary behavior, Cassper would later post a tweet implying that the interaction between them was nothing like what the media had made it out to be. Instead, he gave the impression that AKA was the one who invited him in for a “conversation” behind closed doors… He further denied that he had pulled up with his entourage while AKA was having their “conversation.”

It should come as no surprise that the majority of the comments on the post suggested that Cassper might be choosing to not tell the truth because of how the entire situation makes him look. This is because Nyovest is the same man who was enthusiastic about challenging AKA to a boxing match but was unable to compete with him when they faced each other in person.

On the other hand, it appears that AKA has firmly planted his designer sneaker on Cassper’s neck. This is due to the fact that, after performing at Spring Fiesta, he would perform Composure once more when he arrived at the subsequent performance. Additionally, he said that this time he would include Cassper’s “whoo haa” in his introduction, which is a reference to Nyovest’s song “Put Your Hands Up.” Talk about savage!

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