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Babes Wodumo worries Mzansi as she performs again

The self-proclaimed gqom queen Babes Wodumo is now riding high on the popularity charts. A video of her playing at the club Views Twenty 5 in Durban has caused some people to raise their eyebrows.

The controversial diva can be heard singing in the video about her grief following the unexpected death of her husband, Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo. It is common knowledge that in the wake of Mampintsha’s burial, Babes has been extremely busy with gigs and bookings.

The hitmaker of the song Wololo has made the decision to take back her position as queen, in response to the numerous people who have urged her to do so. At a New Year’s Eve celebration where there was a large crowd, she was lauded by users of social media for her performance.

The star gave a performance of the summer song “Ngeke” by Big Nuz. During her performance, the stage was on fire, and those who followed her on social media couldn’t stop gushing about how well she performed. On the other hand, it looks like a lot of people are altering their minds.

A video of Babs singing a cringeworthy lyric about grief and drinking is going around on social media, and it can be seen and heard in the video. She sings, “Mina ngzilile, kodwa ngyay’phuzela,” while the crowd applauds her performance.

Tem N. Shongwe is the author “According to the song’s lyrics, the purpose of the song is most likely to encourage the listener to “milk this excitement now mama” so that she can return to the market while she is still trendy.

We public relations professionals will never go to paradise. She did not require these lyrics in order to revive her career as people were already going to assist her in her endeavor.”

The comment was made by Nthabiseng Bembe “She is trying to mask her suffering. I am speaking from personal experience here. The next thing I knew, I was unable to move, immobilized, and suffering from a sore back. because I did not permit myself to experience the anguish of having a parent pass away. I understand that people grieve in their own unique ways, and if she feels that doing this will help her recover, then she should feel free to do so.”

“It’s not a joking matter,” Siboniso TooNice Latha commented on the blog, “I hope people who are close to her are watching her situation attentively and finding the help that she needs.”

Pitso Matlala stated “I’ll say it again: putting up a brave face during a season of grieving has been responsible for the deaths of countless people.

It is no longer about how Shimora would like to see her, and the aftermath of this will be that people will say things like, “u Shimora is ghosting her.” The next thing you know, she will be more depressed than she is right now. This is no longer about how Shimora would like to see her. When depression begins, it does not come with it written on someone’s face.”

There is still activity aboard the Babes Wodumo Trolling Train. Following the appearance of the Gqom Queen on a Clientele Life poster, this follows as a result.

Gqom Queen Babes Wodumo is still the topic of conversation in the community even after the burial of her husband and the baby’s father just a few days ago. Whether it was appearing at a New Year’s Eve concert just one day after Mampintsha’s funeral or having her picture put on a Clientele Life poster, both of these things happened.

The people of Mzansi have gone out in full force to support Babes Wodumo against the trolls who have already begun making fun of her on social media. The film in question was shown at Mampintsha’s memorial rites, and since then, a large number of trolls have created their own parodies of it in order to poke fun of the Gqom Queen.

The image of Babes Wodumo on a Clientele Life billboard next to Clientele Life Ambassador Lilian Dube is the subject of a recent post that is making the rounds on social media. There is even speculation that online trolls are already predicting that Babes Wodumo would follow in the footsteps of Ayanda Ncwane, who became a Clientele Life Ambassador shortly after the death of her husband.

Ayanda Ncwane joined Clientele Life not long after the death of her gospel singer husband, Sfiso Ncwane, in a manner that is almost identical to that of Babes Wodumo. Ncwane passed suddenly in 2016, not long after first exhibiting symptoms of kidney failure. After that, his wife, Ayanda Ncwane, also became a member of Clientele Life.

Babes Wodumo is currently generating news as a result of the fact that she returned to the stage not too long after the death of her spouse. Even though Pastor Dube cautioned people not to be too harsh on Babes Wodumo during the burial, he said that it was pointless because she would be making her way back on stage in a short amount of time to make ends meet.

Already, there are some people who get the impression that her performances were too hurried and too abrupt. Another video that is becoming viral on social media is one in which Babes Wodumo sings about how she is still in grief despite the fact that she is currently playing on stages throughout the world.

A few individuals have the opinion that the Gqom Queen has gone a little bit too far with things. In the similar vein, some individuals have already begun to celebrate Babes Wodumo for the role she played in cleaning up the pieces.

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