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Babes Wodumo slams husband Mapintsha, calling him a “liar.”

During one of the episodes of their reality show titled “Uthando Lodumo,” Babes Wodumo called Mampintsha out for being a liar.

During the most recent episode of their reality show, Uthando Lodumo, the Gqom Queen Bongekile Simelane, also known as Babes Wodumo, and her husband Mampintsha sought the advice of Pastor Dube regarding their marriage.


During the most recent episode of their reality show, Uthando Lodumo, Mampintsha’s wife, Babes Wodumo, and her husband, Mandla Maphumulo, also known as Mampintsha, sat down with Pastor Dube to address the challenges they have been facing in their marriage.

Babes provided an explanation, saying, “We’ve contacted pastor Dube to have a sit down with us and discuss all of the concerns produced by my husband.”

After the struggles that both of their families had been going through, Mampintsha disclosed that they ended up calling his mother.

“Thanks to the fact that we were able to get on the same page afterward, things are going very well. Do you remember when our families had a spat about something? Finally, we gave Ma a call,” he explained.

Babes disclosed that they are, in fact, thriving as a married couple. She continued by saying that a lot has changed for them ever since they became parents to their son “Sponge” in June of 2021. The month of April 2021 marked the couple’s wedding.

“As a married couple, we are progressing well. Since the invention of sponge, a lot of things have changed. Mandla, too, spends more time at home these days; he doesn’t go out nearly as much as he used to. As an example, this morning he woke up in a foul mood, which was very perplexing. We attempted to have a conversation, but he kept brushing me off. It was clear to me that he was not in the mood for this,” she stated.


On the other hand, it appears that Babes has some trust issues. She referred to her husband as a “liar.” This followed his disclosure that he withdraws his voice and has dreams whenever he is anxious about the state of his company’s finances.

Because I’m anxious about work, I choose to keep to myself. He continued, “What’s even worse is that I even told her about my nightmare because it was so horrible.”

Mampintsha divulged the information, but Babes is under the impression that it is a lie.

“He is exactly like this in this regard. She declared that Mampintsha was a liar.

Sometime last year, after a stunt, Makhadzi responded to Babes Wodumo claiming that Mampintsha cannot satisfy her

Makhadzi, the Venda queen, has addressed allegations that she slept with Mampintsha in his mansion.

While broadcasting live on Instagram on Sunday, Babes Wodumo accused Makhadzi of having an affair with her husband, Mampintsha.

Inebriated Qgom Queen stated Makhadzi and Mampintsha slept together at her Durban home.

Babes Wodumo has vowed to track out Makhadzi and beat him up for this;

You’ll be found and defeated by me. You paid me a visit at my place, and I treated you with due respect, unaware that you were having an affair with my husband. I know you’re playing me because you’re a Venda, right? It was her contention, which she made indignantly.

After the video went viral, Makhadzi responded to Babes Wodumo’s accusations on her Venda Twitter page.

She claims the whole thing is an act by Babes Wodumo. And she says Mampintsha “wouldn’t even be able to satisfy her in bed,” so she’s not guilty of what she’s accused of.

A native of Durban said, “Munna wahoula nwana wa Durban athivhoni atshinga mpfusha, ndikhoamba ndotomusedza nga mato. According to her, “khamusi ndi stunt.”

Her response can be roughly translated as follows: “When I look at this man from Durban, I doubt he can satisfy me in bed.” Frankly, I think this is all an elaborate hoax.

Somizi, from ‘Idols South Africa,’ Pays a Visit to a Fan Who Is Struggling With a Life-Threatening Illness

A person who is terminally sick and who is a fan of Somizi, one of the judges on Idols South Africa, has recounted how the visit of SomG changed her life. South African internet users are flocking to the peep’s comments section to hail praises to Somizi for being kind and considerate to all of his supporters. The devoted supporter took to social media to share the adorable snaps she took with Somgaga, and she praised Somizi for taking care of her.

After paying a visit to one of his most ardent fans, Somizi, a judge on Idols South Africa, has suddenly found himself on the right side of Mzansi social media. Cystic fibrosis is a condition that will ultimately prove fatal for the supporter. According to healthline, cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that causes significant damage to the respiratory and digestive systems, including damage to the lungs and the accumulation of thick mucus and sweat.

On Twitter, under the handle @Nkhosila, a fan named Somizi’s admirer published images with Somizi in which the two of them appeared to be having a good time. In the caption, the committed supporter of SomG’s work expressed their gratitude for having SomG as a guest at their establishment. Most importantly, the fan complimented Somizi for taking care of her by writing the following on Twitter:

“It turned out to be a wonderful day.

It didn’t make any difference that he was just a guest; he made sure I was taken care of. @somizi, you are a complete skeleton.” Twitter user @NkhosiLa shared the following magnetic post with their followers:

@siphekisheni said: “I am grateful to you, my brother, for the love you have shown us; the world needs more individuals with hearts like yours. God bless you! I pray that you, too, my dear sister, find happiness and success.” Tweeted @teemuvengw1, “I’m pleased to hear you had a good time; you deserve it, baby girl.”

In a tweet, “Thank you, Somizi for the visit,” @mtya anele expressed gratitude. When one angel meets another angel, it creates wonderful vibes, wrote Twitter user @GodfreyArogelan. The response from @lekhanya was, “We most definitely need more guys like somgaga.”

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