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Babes Wodumo banned from attending mother-in-law’s funeral

Babes Wodumo banned from attending mother-in-law’s funeral. It was obvious that Mampintsha’s death in December had an effect on his mother; anyone who knew her could tell that she struggled after the loss of her son. Her health declined precipitously in the months leading up to her passing.

On January 15th, a Sunday, she passed away. After a protracted bout with illness, she passed away at the age of 64. Pinky, who is Mampintsha’s sister, has verified the information that MaGumede has passed away.

Babes Wodumo banned from attending mother-in-law’s funeral

She stated, “I’m absolutely not dealing,” and I agreed with her.

“It’s like a double tragedy for me,” the person said. Within a span of three weeks, I was bereft of two significant individuals.

Babes Wodumo banned from attending mother-in-law’s funeral

She mentioned that things were made more challenging for them as a result of their lack of financial preparation.

“In terms of the policies, Mampintsha has taken care of everything that needs to be done. “I believe time was not on our favor, because we were still trying to get things in place, but it was getting too late,” she added.

On the other hand, Mampintsha’s mother will be laid to rest with respect.

Icebolethu Funeral Service has pledged to handle everything for the family in this difficult time.

On Monday, the bodyof Zamanguni were transferred from Wentworth Hospital to the ICebolethu mortuary.

Babes Wodumo banned from attending mother-in-law’s funeral

Pinky said that “this has lessened the stress because we didn’t know what to do,” and she was absolutely correct.

Mampintsha frequently brought to our attention the fact that he had joined funeral policies. It is almost as if he was aware of what was going to take place.

Pinky reported that Mampintsha did not want his mother to be someone else’s responsibility.

Pinky expressed her disappointment by stating, “Unfortunately, we do not have access to those materials any longer, therefore we were frustrated.”

She mentioned that they are still in need of donations in order to cover other expenses that are associated with the funeral.

She stated that after Mampintsha’s funeral, they had not been in communication with Babes Wodumo.

“She has not gotten in touch with us, and we have not reached out to her. The films that she kept publishing on social media, sometimes even disparaging the family, were what compounded things, as Pinky explained.

“After seeing all of that, my mother’s condition became even more serious.”

She stated that she would want to see her grandson, Sponge, whenever they went to visit the mother in the hospital.

“I had the impression that she passed away from a broken heart. “But I know that she’s content now,” Pinky replied.

“Despite making peace with MaGumede during Mampintsha’s funeral, she never visited her in hospital and she never phoned her,” the sentence reads.

A spokesperson for the family named Bongekile Gumede indicated that the funeral service will most likely take place on Saturday.

It is against the backdrop of all that information, which details Babes Wodumo’s uncalled for behavior that the family has decided to ban her forthwith from attending the funeral.

Nkosenhle Hlophe, who is in charge of marketing and communications at Icebolethu Funeral Service, said, “We’ve begun engaging with the family, but we haven’t finalized anything.” They still have to select a package and settle on a number of other matters before moving forward. It is too soon for us to confirm anything at this point.

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