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“Akuy’ntombi Lay’khaya'”- Babes Finally Unlocks Mampintsha’s Phone. Goes through his messages.

Bongekile “Babes Wodumo” Simelane, a South African musician, is in a celebratory mood after she successfully unlocked the phone that belonged to her late husband, Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo.

“Akuy’ntombi Lay’khaya'”- Babes Finally Unlocks Mampintsha’s Phone. Goes through his messages.

After explaining to those in attendance at the funeral service for the late musician on the 30th of December 2022 that she was unable to access his cell phone due to the fact that Mampintsha had passed away without telling her his phone’s pin number, the singer is releasing a huge sigh of relief.

Babes was quoted as saying, “What has left confused me is that he has departed on earth without giving me his cellphone pin, ay because man.” It appeared as though sis was unconcerned by Mampintsha’s side chicks who surfaced on social media after he passed away, and Babes told the mourners that “all men cheat.” Babes also told the mourners that “all men cheat.”

“Now I will be just looking at as people call because I can not open it, but a man is a man, there’s no man that does not cheat, there isn’t,” she said. “Now I will be just looking at as people call because I can not open it.”

“Akuy’ntombi Lay’khaya'”- Babes Finally Unlocks Mampintsha’s Phone. Goes through his messages.

Following this, Babes was finally successful in unlocking the cellular phone, and she is overjoyed about it. The hitmaker behind “Wololo” can be seen browsing through Mampintsha’s iPhone while sitting at home in a video that is currently making the rounds on social media.

Babes Wodumo could be seen laughing and appearing excited throughout the clip as he went through his conversations with fans.

“Akuy’ntombi Lay’khaya'”- Babes Finally Unlocks Mampintsha’s Phone. Goes through his messages.

“I have finally discovered the pin code for my baby. “Thank you so much, sweetie,” she said.

She continued, “It’s a shame, because my husband loved me right up until the end.” I am still very busy going through all of your recent conversations. Don’t be concerned; I won’t hold any grudges against anyone.

“Akuy’ntombi Lay’khaya'”- Babes Finally Unlocks Mampintsha’s Phone. Goes through his messages.

Ke Tshego wrote, “Regardless of whether you agree with the way that she is handling things or not, wena ungenaphi?? Everyone needs to stay in their own lane at all times. The callousness displayed in some of these comments; some of you need to get some compassion.

An uzihlekisa ngalezo ntombi ozibonayo is an observation made by Kennie Thokozani Kunene, who said, “I think better focus on healing cause in all honesty what you are doing is damaging yourself more, an uzihlekisa ngalezo ozibonayo.”

Since he is no longer alive to defend himself, you have no chance of winning the fight against Lezo Ntombi. Put the phone in the trash and concentrate on the well-being of the child and yourself. This is going to make you feel even worse. Consider the well-being of the spirit that relies on you.

“Akuy’ntombi Lay’khaya'”- Babes Finally Unlocks Mampintsha’s Phone. Goes through his messages.

According to what Kennie Thokozani Kunene wrote, “And this is not the appropriate way to mourn a person you claim to love no matter what.” Observe, you are very busy providing the public and the media with topics of conversation.

During the course of one of the episodes of the couple’s reality show on Showmax, titled Uthando Lodumo. Babes Mampintsha was accused of committing sexual misconduct with a number of female dancers, in addition to pursuing romantic relationships with a number of other well-known women in the entertainment industry, by Wodumo.

I even have the sneaking suspicion that he may have spent that money on his new girlfriend or something else. Thirdly, he is persistently pursuing relationships with other women, even going as far as to flirt with famous people I know. Everything that he does is making me look terrible in front of other people.

Another thing, I had both male and female dancers, and he was hitting on all of the female dancers, even sleeping with a few of them. I had male dancers as well. Even after I had found new dancers, he would continue to hit on them after I had found them. According to Babes Wodumo, the fact that he was dating one of her friends was the final straw for her.

There are some concerns regarding Babes Wodumo’s use of Mampintsha’s Facebook account. This occurs after she has at long last been successful in breaking the password.

Gqom Queen Babes After successfully breaking the password to her late husband’s phone, Wodumo is in a celebratory mood. Concerns have been raised as a result of the singer’s ongoing activity on Mampintsha’s Facebook account, which includes the posting of videos and pictures.

During Mampintsha’s funeral, Babes Wodumo told all of Mzansi that she does not know the password to Mampintsha’s phone. This caused a great deal of laughter among the mourners. After Babes Wodumo made that statement, people were talking about it all over social media, and everyone in the audience at the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC) started laughing.

Babes Wodumo has recently posted on Mampintsha’s Facebook account pictures of herself with Mampintsha with the caption “Till Death,” followed by a series of hearts and an emoji depicting a face with a heart.

Babes Wodumo wrote on Mampintsha’s Facebook account, “Till death,” during their fight.

However, a large number of people have already expressed their disapproval of Babes Wodumo for continuing to make Facebook posts while using Mampintsha’s phone. Yesterday, Babes Wodumo made the announcement that she has finally cracked Mampintsha’s phone password by posting on Facebook using Mampintsha’s Facebook account. The sudden maneuvering that Babes Wodumo is engaging in, on the other hand, is not sitting well with a good number of people.

According to what Phakama Ulwe wrote, “Many people do this with their spouses phones once they have departed to the afterlife. It’s just that they don’t share these things on social media or post on their spouses social media pages on their behalf since they can’t post for themselves anymore.” [Citation needed]

Syabonga Gumede wrote “Kazi why usebenzise ifoni ka Mapitsha ngoba phela fanele izinto zakhe zizile till inhlambuluko awusenayo yini eyakho ifoni wena yabona labantu abayeka isikole ka 5 kwathiwa abayodansa”

About Babes Wodumo having this kind of access on Mampintsha’s phone, users of Facebook are currently going head to head with each other, which has sparked a robust debate on the social networking site. In the meantime, many people, particularly women, are rejoicing over the fact that Babes Wodumo has finally cracked the code.

Ayanda Ndumo wrote “Usuvele waynika ama Nigeria baykhenikha I pin kaMngani wami , I wonder wa delete yini imfihlo zethu”

Thobile Mpangazitha wrote “Haw waydlisa ekugcinen I team mampintsha washo I pin syawina bafazi u babes seyayaz ipin so asiyaz nath I pin yabafan”

Babes has come under fire from a multitude of people for her dishonesty in claiming that she did not know the password to the general public. People are also reminded that shortly after Mampintsha passed away, someone was already using his phone to make Facebook posts. This information is shared with the public. As a result, users of Facebook are suspicious that Babes Wodumo was aware of Mampintsha’s password the whole time and that she pretended to be a victim during his funeral.

According to what Stheh A. Mtshali wrote, “Babes wasn’t serious when she says she doesn’t know the pin, remember that Mampintsha’s page was online after his death until his funeral.”

Other people who use Facebook are under the impression that it is only a matter of time before Babes Wodumo reveals all of Mampintsha’s dirty laundry that was found on his phone. Included are the conversations that allegedly took place between the various ladies that he was entertaining, as well as pictures and even people’s nudities.

Pamela Nomvula wrote “Sicela usibonile ama nudes besendwa iyintombi zakhe… Ngifuna ukubona losisi lowa ngasekhaya ukuthi uyavela yin”

Malum Yaya Tshabalala wrote “Bheshingo sengilinde nje udedele ama chick khona bezohlukana nabantu abashadile”

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