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After much silence, Mampintsha’s family has now broken their silence following his passing.

Not only has the tragic news of huge Big Nuz member Mampintsha’s passing left his family, friends, and fans inconsolable, but it has also caused his name, the name of his group, and the name of his wife to chart on the Twitter trends list as Mzansi responds to his loss.

The celebrity, who was 40 years old, passed away early on Saturday morning. The publishing was confirmed by Sbu Ncube, who is the manager of West Ink Records.

The artist’s management said in a statement that the details of his death cannot be disclosed to the general public, and that announcements regarding the ceremonial occasion and memorial services will be made in due course. The statement also said that the details of the funeral will be made public.

A press announcement issued by the record company Afrotainment on Wednesday confirmed the rumors that the musician, whose true name was Mandla Maphumulo and who was 40 years old, had been brought to King Edward Hospital in Durban.

This time the celebrity, who became famous as a member of organization gigantic Nuz, endured a little stroke at one point. It was determined that the musician was subordinate to the physicians’ administration.

Fans refer to Mampintsha and Babes, whose actual name is Bongekile Simelane, as the parents of a young child known as Sponge. A year ago, the couple tied the marriage, and their wedding was covered in an episode of Showmax’s special, in addition to being featured on the reality television show Uthando Lodumo.

The death of the musician, who made a significant impact on the South African music industry, has prompted an outpouring of condolences and tributes across a variety of social media sites, including Twitter.

Many people are heartbroken for Babes as a result of the volatile relationship that the pair shared for many years, beginning as girlfriend and beau and progressing to husband and better half.

“Askies cake Ka Sponge! Rest in peace, Shimora; you were such a lively and animated figure, always scoring the big hits! My deepest condolences go out to you and your loved ones, as well as all of your devoted followers!” tweets one of the fans.

For more than fifteen years, Big Nuz has been responsible for making the United States dance and enjoy the best of Durban kwaito. They gave it their absolute best effort. And Mampintsha was smack in the middle of all of that action. RIP Shimora. “What a legend!” wrote one additional mournful fan on Twitter.

Mandla ‘Mampintsha’ Maphumulo Biography

Mampintsha is a music artist and producer hailing from Umlazi in South Africa. In addition to that, he is the creator of the musical ensemble Big Nuz.

Mampinstha has become well-known throughout the nation as a result of the numerous Kwaito hits that he has generated over the course of his career.

Because of the people he is associated with, Mampintsha is almost always mentioned in the media for all the wrong reasons. This is the case the majority of the time.

The following is a biography of Mampintsha.

Mampintsha Age

Mampintsha’s birthday is July 18th, and she was born in 1982. He will be 37 years old this year.

Relationship with the Mampintha

Babes Wodumo, whose given name is Bongekile Selimane, is Mampintsha’s wife. Her real name is Bongekile Selimane. The two did not go public with their marriage until the public was taken aback by an image posted on Instagram that showed the couple proudly displaying their wedding rings to one other.

There have been allegations of abuse that have been circulating since the year 2018, and their marriage received a lot of backlash as a result of these allegations and the widespread belief that their relationship was unhealthy. Despite this, the couple shared an extremely cringeworthy video on social media in which they declared their love for one another while they were sitting in a hot tub together.

There was a time in the couple’s lives when many had the mistaken impression that the woman was pregnant with the couple’s first child. Babes have been teasing a’special announcement’ through various forms of media. Given that Babes was spotted at the time wearing loose attire, a lot of people assumed that it was a statement that she was pregnant. On the other hand, we later found out that it was for a music video.

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Mampintsha’s Professional Path

Mampintsha is well-known for his time spent with Big Nuz as well as his work since the group’s dissolution in 2015, when he launched a solo career.

Big Nuz

Big Nuz is a musical trio that was established in 2002 by Mandla Maphumulo, also known by his stage name Mampintsha, Mzi, also known as Danger, and Sbu, also known as Mashesha. They were brothers and grew up together in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal, which is where the band got its name, which comes from the prefix of the license plates on all vehicles that are registered in Umlazi.

They relocated to Johannesburg shortly after starting the band in the expectation of landing a record deal there. They had the opportunity to sing a jingle on a television programme called Backstage on e.Tv during the same year. A recording contract was offered to them as a result of their performance.

Problems arose for them with their record company as a result of their collaboration with Koli Lebone and Beatmaker on the recording of music that was never released.

Ishmael, a Kwaito great at the time, collaborated with them in 2004 to create the song Boom Boom, which featured the artist’s participation.

Big Nuz continued their journey by signing a recording contract with Gallo Records in 2006. That same year, they released their debut album, Zozo, on which they collaborated with artists such as Kid Mokoena of Why Not Entertainment. Gallo Records was criticized for their poor management after the album’s sales failed to reach expectations, and the label was blamed for the album’s dismal performance.

When they realized that things weren’t going the way they expected in Johannesburg, they headed back to Durban to collaborate with the brilliant DJ Tira.

They put in some effort on their debut song, which was called “Uyoysholo Wena.” They joined the Afrotainment recording label in 2008 and inked a contract with the company. The record company 2nd Round Knockout was responsible for the release of the band’s second album.

After selling more than 20,000 copies of the album in South Africa, the band switched management, and their sales have since improved to meet their expectations. They had by this point built up a fan following all over the country, and word was starting to spread that they were on their way to become the new kings of Kwaito.

They started getting invited to perform at award shows and eventually had the opportunity to perform at the South African Music Awards in 2008, where they did so during the opening ceremony performance. They also started getting invited to perform at other award shows. During the course of the awards event, they were also presented with an award for song of the year.

Big Nuz went back into the studio to record their third album, Undisputed, with the help of DJ Fisherman and DJ Tira after a year filled with performing and winning awards in 2008. On this album, Big Nuz also featured collaborations with other DJs.

The song “Umlilo” from the album was recognized as the South African Music Awards’ Song of the Year, and the band’s album, “Undisputed,” was awarded the prestigious platinum certification for sales exceeding a million copies.

Pound for Pound was their fourth album to be recorded in a studio and was released in 2011. The album was comprised of a total of 25 tracks and was distributed across two discs. They kept up their success as one of the most prominent Kwaito groups in the country, and they were able to sell more than 40,000 copies of their record, earning it the status of Platinum certification.

Singles from the album that became hits include “Sting Ray,” “Ntombenhle,” “Serious,” and “Emahlayeni.”

Made in Africa, which was their fifth studio album, was released by them in 2013. Songs such as “Hawaii,” “Inazo,” and “Incwadi Yothando” can be found on this album. They collaborated with notable individuals such as Khaya Mthethwa.

In 2015, they issued their final album as a band, which was named For the Fans and was distributed to the public. The announcement that the founding member R. Mashesha had passed away at the age of 34 came shortly after the release of the album, which was accompanied by other unfortunate news.

Big Nuz didn’t hold back when it came to releasing the record, but this time around, it was done so in Mashesha’s honor. The group won the title for Best Duo or Group of the Year because to the success of the record, which also won the award for Best Kwaito album of the year. Both honors were presented to Mashesha by the organization.

Solo Artist

As a result of the death of one of their members, they decided to disband Big Nuz, and Mamnpitsha embarked on a career as a solo artist. In the course of his career, he focused on expanding his reputation by means of his record company, which was known as West Ink record label. Throughout his career as a solo artist, he has collaborated with a variety of musicians and signed them to his record company.

Babes Wodumo was the most successful of the artists he signed from KwaZulu-Natal. However, he signed the majority of the artists from the province. In 2016, the two of them collaborated on the smash hit song “Wololo,” which helped propel Babes’ career to the top of the charts.

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