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After MaCele revealed this in #Uthandonesthembu, many people in South Africa were disappointed

After MaCele revealed this in #Uthandonesthembu, many people in South Africa were dissatisfied.

Mzansi is disheartened after learning that Musa’s daughter Sne is expecting again, this time with a kid from a different man and her third pregnancy overall. Viewers have voiced their opinion that there is no compelling reason for him to marry wife number 5, given that Sne is doing a good job of expanding the Mseleku heritage.

When Sne’s connection with her father gets better, she has a tendency to become overly joyful and end up pregnant as a result. MaCele has already taken Sne’s first child, and now she has given her old house, where she is currently staying with her second child. MaCele took Sne’s first child when she was pregnant with her first child.

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When MaCele heard the news, she was taken aback and extremely disheartened. It has been brought to the attention of those who watch the show that Sne is impolite, disrespectful, juvenile, and ungrateful.

There is no guarantee that other stepmothers will love their stepdaughters the way that MaCele does for Sne. MaCele has an incredible amount of patience with Sne, yet the latter continues to let her down. She is taking advantage of MaCele’s generosity.

The general public believes that everyone is being too nice to Sne, and they want Musa Mseleku to sit down with her and act as a father. She is having so many children that she simply cannot support them all financially.

After the death of Sne’s mother, many people believe that Musa had a responsibility to safeguard Sne. People have the misconception that this is the outcome of a youngster being neglected.

People have taken notice of the manner in which Musa has been treating Mpumelelo and Sne in recent interactions. Mzansi have been accusing Musa Mseleku of living a double standard lifestyle, specifically in regard to how he treats Sne and Mpumelelo.

While Sne is being made fun of for being pregnant for the third time, Musa has applauded and backed Mpumelelo for impregnating his partner. Both of the children are in the wrong, thus they should receive the same consequence.

A toast to Musa Mseleku and MaCele on their 20 years of marriage!

Macele and Mseleku

Musa Mseleku and his first wife, Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku, are the stars of Uthando Nesthembu, and they have accomplished a new goal.

They are commemorating the 20th anniversary of their wedding today.

In a message full of emotion, Musa expressed his gratitude to his late mother for the role she played in guiding MaCele.

He penned the following in his letter: “Full 20 years anniversary. Never in my life did I consider it, but God has been gracious. Ngiyabonga ku Flo, my cherished grandmother, and Joyce Nomathemba, the love of my life, thank you very much for directing her in such an admirable manner.

According to the words of Nomvuselelo Nozisali, “20 years is a fantastic milestone.” I hope you have a wonderful year, Duma ka Lwandle Mthombeni.

The words “Happy anniversary my son, this is fantastic” were spoken by Sthembiso Ngcamu. Ngiyaziqhenya ngawe.”

Musa currently has four wives, but he is seeking for a fifth one to complete his family.

On his reality show, he admitted without hesitation that he has more than one partner at a time.

Nokukhanya “MaYeni” Mseleku, Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku, and Mbali “MaNgwabe” Mseleku are the names of the other three wives of Mbali Mseleku.

MaCele says one of Musa Mseleku’s wives died

MaCele, Musa Mseleku’s eldest wife, has spoken up about the challenges of living in a polygamous marriage and the passing of one of her husband’s other wives not long after the couple tied the knot.

In an interview with Drum Magazine, the reality star revealed that she had been dating Musa Mseleku for around two years before he proposed to her.

MaCele also mentions that after they got married, Musa joked about the possibility of having a second wife, something MaCele did not approve of at the time.

She explains to the magazine that she reconsidered her decision after he told her that he planned to have 20 children in the future.

“Listen, I have nothing but love for children, but raising even four of them would be a challenge, and this other man was just talking about having 20 kids.”

According to MaCele, she told him that she would understand if he wanted to have children with other women because there was no possibility that she could have so many children.

She eventually gave in and agreed to take a second wife since she did not want the fact that she did not want a large family to result in other women having to raise their children alone.

“If it happened, it would indicate that he would get them pregnant and then abandon them.”

In addition to this, she disclosed that the second wife of the businessman was killed in a car accident. This indicates that Musa Mseleku has been married to a total of five different women.

In addition, Musa’s current wife mentioned that after he married his late wife MaSaule, she did not want him to touch her at all.

“I am fine now, but when he first came to my house, I did not want him to touch me at all,” she said. “Now, I am okay.”

Even while it was challenging for her at first, she has come to totally accept the circumstances in which they find themselves.

She informed him that she would not be living in the same yard as his other wives, and then she left the family home after making her announcement.

Before they got married, I moved out of the house. I was aware that the knowledge that my husband was just next door at another wife’s house and that I could not be with him would make it impossible for me to function normally.

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