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A man is accused of shooting his girlfriend five times because she was cheating on him.

Mukhethwa Makatu, a young woman, was killed by her boyfriend after he fired five shots at her. Since then, the boyfriend’s name, Santora Makhavuli, has become increasingly popular, and people are making it clear that they want justice for the Venda woman.

According to the comments on the Tiktok post and the news that is circulating on Facebook, Mukhethwa was killed after reportedly cheating on Santora, and this led to his death.

Whatever the case may be, I think it’s strange that guys expect the world to come to a halt when they are cheated on, especially considering the fact that they cheat on women all the time without worrying about being killed for it.

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To think that someone could easily shoot and kill such a beautiful young woman is a terrible pill to swallow, especially considering how stunning she was.

The member of the family that posted still hasn’t received the chance to participate with the comments, so the information regarding whether or not the suspect has been arrested is a little bit vague.

May the soul of Mukhethwa rest in peace, and may her passing not have been in vain.

Being in a relationship in this day and age may be incredibly nerve-wracking.Following events also saw the death of another woman at the hands of her boyfriend.

Being in a relationship in this day and age can be nerve-wracking since so many individuals appear to have the view that physical force is the only appropriate response to a disagreement.

Denial of the breakup or when one partner begins having extramarital affairs is typically the root cause of the problem in the majority of cases involving gender-based violence or people killing each other. This is also true in the majority of cases involving people killing themselves.

Even though we were raising awareness about gender-based violence and celebrating women’s month last month, we are still waking up to hear tales of individuals killing each other, with men most commonly being the perpetrators of these violent acts against women.

Picture of the boyfriend who killed his girlfriend

A few days ago, there was a tale that was going viral about a woman whose name was Palesa Mahlamela. Palesa got ready and then she and her lover left the house to go to the party. It was quite terrible that Palesa did not go back home on that particular day. The next day, Palesa’s mother got a phone call informing her that her daughter was taken to the hospital but that she had passed away there.

The family discovered their daughter lying in a pool of blood when they arrived at the scene. Her spouse was the one who drove them to the hospital. Because they are aware that she was in a violent relationship, they believe that her husband must have been the one who killed her because he had been assaulting her for an excessive amount of time, and she had continued to deny it while he continued to abuse her.

After all of that, there was allegedly a voice note with the husband confessing that he killed Palesa, but that it was a mistake because they were all inebriated. According to the statement released by the family, he was allegedly in the process of sending the voice note to one of his pals, and later on Wednesday, he turned himself in to the authorities.

The family has stated that they want justice for their daughter, but they are unsure whether or not they will be able to attend the court hearing because they believe that looking at their daughter’s killer will be one of the most difficult things to do ever since they allegedly heard the killer’s voicemail confessing to killing their daughter.

The family has also stated that they want justice for their daughter. Please women, Stay away from violent and abusive men. It may be challenging to end a relationship, but it will be even more challenging for your loved ones to see you lying motionless in a pool of blood. Rest in Peace was the command given by Mah’s soul.

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